Reconsidering Science Learning / Edition 1

Reconsidering Science Learning / Edition 1

by Patricia Murphy

ISBN-10: 0415328314

ISBN-13: 9780415328319

Pub. Date: 12/10/2003

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

This informative book looks at science learning in a wide range of contexts.  See more details below


This informative book looks at science learning in a wide range of contexts.

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Taylor & Francis
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Table of Contents

Part 1: What is Science? 1. What is Science? Teaching Science in Secondary Schools 2. School Science, Citizenship and the Public Understanding of Science 3. School Science and its Problems with Scientific Literacy Part 2: Learning Science 4. The Child 5. Constructing Scientific Knowledge in the Classroom 6. Transforming Schools into Communities of Thinking and Learning About Serious Matters 7. Narratives of Science 8. Deinstitutionalising School Science 9. Where's the Science? Understanding the Form and Function of Workplace Science 10. Laboratories Part 3: Opportunities for Developing Inclusive Science Teaching 11. Transcending Cultural Borders: Implications for Science Teaching 12. Cultural Perspectives on the Teaching and Learning of Science 13. Defining 'Science' in a Multicultural World: Implications for Science Education 14. Marginalization of Socioscientific Material in Science-Technology- Society Science Curricula: Some Implications for Gender Inclusivity and Curriculum Reform Part 4: Researching Science Education 15. Science Education: Research, Practice and Policy 16. Science Education and Environment Education

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