Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse / Edition 1

Reconstructing Argumentative Discourse / Edition 1

by Frans H. Van Eemeren, Scott Jacobs, Sally Jackson, Rob Grootendorst

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University of Alabama Press
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Studies in Rhetoric and Communication
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New Edition
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6.23(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.86(d)

Table of Contents

1Reconciling Descriptive and Normative Insights1
Speech Act Rules
Interactional Principles of Cooperation and Alignment
Four Core Commitments in the Study of Argumentation
Speech Acts and the Four Core Commitments
2A Starting Point for Normative Description20
Five Components of the Study of Argumentation
An Ideal Model of Argumentative Discourse
Higher-Order Conditions
Ideal Model and Actual Practice
3Principles and Procedures for Normative Reconstruction37
Normative Reconstruction
Interpretive Problems in Reconstruction
Approaches to Analysis and Reconstruction
4Dialectical Reconstruction60
Reconstruction Transformations
An Extended Example
The Analytic Overview
5The Pragmatic Organization of Conversational Argument91
Normative and Naive Reconstruction
Virtual Standpoints and Disagreement Space
Hierarchical Organization of Standpoints
Felicity Conditions and "Issue Structure" in Argumentation
Case Study: Responses to an Editorial Opinion
6Mediation as Critical Discussion117
Third Party Dispute Mediation
Engineering Solutions in Discourse
7Failures in Higher Order Conditions in the Organization of Witnessing and Heckling Episodes142
Fields of Argumentation
Witnessing and Heckling
Standpoints and Perspectives
Reflexive Structuring of Confrontation
8Directions for Elaboration of the Model170
Implications for Philosophical Concepts of Reasonableness
Implications for Normative Models
Implications for Analytic Methods
Implications for Empirical Description
Implications for Practical Research

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