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by Scott Miller

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Guest More than 1 year ago
‘Drunk All Around This Town’ is his self-destructive claim to teach society about drunken stupors. Miller shows his true abusive colors he hides from the world in the bold faced lies of 'Only Everything'. The woman in his heart is actually a REAL person, not fiction. He never even pursued the woman in his heart in the song because he was unhappily married, but for 3 years subtly he came on to the girl in his heart, but he instantaneously pushed her away with songs about his wife any time the girl in his heart was in his presence. she even called his married bluff asked him to meet her before he recorded the song when it was still ‘My Everything’, and later he admitted that he was there, but ‘fled’ – he claims in the song that she gave no thought to ‘down there’ (the words a mother uses to describe privates to a 2 year old) while he gave thought to unrequited fantasies he does not have the courage to confront. It is a good thing the woman in his heart isn't a lawyer.