Records Management: Integrated Information Systems / Edition 3

Records Management: Integrated Information Systems / Edition 3

by Patricia E. Wallace, Jo Ann Lee, Dexter R. Schubert

ISBN-10: 0137699360

ISBN-13: 9780137699360

Pub. Date: 01/28/1992

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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Edition description:
3rd ed
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7.46(w) x 9.24(h) x 1.19(d)

Table of Contents

1. The Role of Records Management and Administrative Services.

2. Organization and Staffing of Records Management Systems.

3. Establishing a Records Management Program.

4. Records Inventory and Analysis.

5. Retention and Disposition of Records.

6. Records Storage and Retrieval Systems.

7. Records Classification Systems.

8. Records Maintenance and Control.

9. Electronic Records Storage and Retrieval.

10. Managing Vital Records and Disaster Recovery.

11. Planning and Managing the Records Center.

12. Managing the Archives.

13. Correspondence and Reports Control.

14. Forms Design, Control, and Management.

15. Reprographics Management and Control.

16. Micrographics.

17. Auditing the Records Management Program and Writing Manuals.

18. Records Management Technology and Trends.

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