Recovering from a

Recovering from a "C" Section

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by Margaret Blackstone, Tahira Humayun

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A well-written and much-needed guide for pregnant women who might face a C section. The authors, a Cesarean mother and a gynecologist, address every aspect of this method of delivery, both physical and emotional, pointing out that a successful delivery is defined by a healthy mom and healthy baby, not by how that was achieved. Too many women feel like failures because they didn't have a ``normal'' delivery. This book dispels the myths surrounding C sections giving encouragement, tips for coaches, advice on caring for your body after the surgery, and generally informing readers about a subject that is usually treated peripherally in pregnancy handbooks. It may be news to some that many women who have delivered both vaginally and by C section prefer surgery! Recommended.--Anne Washburn, Smith Helms Mulliss & Moore Lib., Greensboro, N.C.

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