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Red Hot + Rio 2

Red Hot + Rio 2


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Red Hot + Rio 2 follows a full 15 years after its predecessor, and 21 after the Red Hot Organization initiated its series of AIDS research-funding compilations with the million-selling Red Hot + Blue. Rather than concentrating on the nation's standards and contributions to world pop, this second volume in Red Hot + Rio focuses instead on the songs


Red Hot + Rio 2 follows a full 15 years after its predecessor, and 21 after the Red Hot Organization initiated its series of AIDS research-funding compilations with the million-selling Red Hot + Blue. Rather than concentrating on the nation's standards and contributions to world pop, this second volume in Red Hot + Rio focuses instead on the songs of the Tropicalia movement of the late 1960s and '70s, where Brazilian bossa, samba, forro, and other musics were wedded to innovations in international pop, rock, soul, and even funk. While many of its songs -- and some of its artists (on either end of the historical spectrum) -- may not be as canonical as those found on its predecessor, but as a musical document, this is a far more interesting listening exercise. One of the founding fathers of Tropicalia, Caetano Veloso (who is all over this thing) and David Byrne appear on the co-written "Dreamworld: Marco de Canvases," with backing by Carlinhos Brown, Melvin Gibbs, Erik Friedlander, Mark Feldman, and others is as provocative as it is a seemingly natural pairing. Likewise, Alice Smith and Aloe Blacc on Veloso's "Baby," is as natural as his union with Clara Moreno on "Nascimento (Rebirth II)." The knock-out psych jam between Os Mutantes and Of Montreal on "Bat Macumba," and Mia Doi Todd's on "Canto de Iemanjá," are clear highlights of each disc. John Legend's "Dreams of Love" is a straight-up samba, albeit a slick, soulful one, where the collabo between Marisa Monte, Devendra Banhart, and Rodrigo Amarante on Veloso's "Nu Com a Minha Musica" is a sheer delight. Javelin collaborates with Tom Zé on the latter's acid-drenched "Ogodo and 2000." Gilberto Gil's "Aquele Abraço" is one of the wildest, futuristic, and beat-driven works here; its reading combines the talents of Forró in the Dark, Brazilian Girls, and Angélique Kidjo and highlights the African/Brazilian connection. Likewise, Prefuse 73 and Veloso work together on his "Terra" for a bit of real mind stretching. Speaking of beats, Joyce Moreno's "Banana" is performed by her with Madlib and members of Build an Ark. The 33 cuts on this sprawling collection offer so many fine and unusual moments, Red Hot + Rio 2 is every bit as unique and groundbreaking, puzzling and dazzling, as its predecessor; only more so.

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Kela - Krossover


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Caetano Veloso   Vocals,Voices
David Byrne   Dobro,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Voices
Marisa Monte   Percussion,Ukulele,Background Vocals,Voices
João Parahyba   Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Timba
Ivan Conti   Drums
Tom Zé   Kazoo,Vocals,Background Vocals
Kevin Barnes   Bass,Percussion,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Voices
Joe Bonadio   Percussion
Carlinhos Brown   Percussion,Chimes,Cymbals,Vocals,Voices
Sergio Dias   Guitar,Sitar,12-string Guitar
Mark Feldman   Violin
Erik Friedlander   Cello
Melvin Gibbs   Bass
Bebel Gilberto   Vocals,Voices
Angélique Kidjo   Vocals,Voices
Andres Levin   Acoustic Guitar,Wurlitzer
Stuart Matthewman   Bass,Guitar,Saxophone
Hugo Morejon   Trombone
Money Mark   Organ,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Tres
David Ralicke   Flute,Trombone
Phil Ranelin   Trombone
Marcos Valle   Electric Piano,Vocals
Smokey Hormel   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Cuica
Reuben Rogers   Bass
Joey Waronker   Percussion,Drums,Synthesizer Drums
Coco   Vocals,Voices
Michael Leonhart   Flugelhorn
Didi Gutman   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Moreno Veloso   Vocals,Voices,Pandeiro
Gustavo Di Dalva   Caixa,Repique,Djembe,Agogo
Victor Axelrod   Organ,Piano,Glockenspiel,Clavinet
Justin Meldal-Johnsen   Percussion,Acoustic Bass
Mauro Refosco   Percussion,Vocals,Zabumba
Tracy Wannomae   Clarinet,Flute,Soprano Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Roger Manning   Organ,Synthesizer,Percussion
Rita Lee   Percussion,Vocals,Voices
Mia Doi Todd   Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Voices,Tamboura,Guitar (Nylon String)
Lúcio Maia   Guitar
Boris Luna   Keyboards
Davi Vieira   Triangle,Vocals,Timbaus
Jonathan Wilson   Piano,Electric Guitar
Om'Mas Keith   Synthesizer,Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Aaron Johnston   Drums
Sabina Sciubba   Vocals,Voices
Todd M. Simon   Trumpet,Euphonium,Flugelhorn,French Horn
Dadi   Bass,Mandolin,Xylophone
George Langford   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Percussion,Pedal Steel Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Raymond Angry   Organ
Otto   Vocals
Mario C.   Marimbas
Thomas Bartlett   fender rhodes
Otis Jackson   Synthesizer,Piano
Paul Collins   Cavaquinho,Ampeg Baby Bass
Giba Pinto   Bass
Daniel Collas   Synthesizer,cowbell
Stuart Bogie   Percussion,Saxophone
DJ Dolores   Synthesizer
CéU   Vocals,Voice Bag
Clara Moreno   Vocals,Voices
Devendra Banhart   Guitar,Vocals
Kelly Pratt   Flute
Seu Jorge   Vocals,Voices
Jesse Murphy   Bass
Skowa   Guitar,Vocals
Eugene Hütz   Vocals
Ahmad Miller   Vibes
Aloe Blacc   Trumpet,Vocals,Voices,Synthesizer Bass
Berna Ceppas   Electric Piano
Adam MacDougall   Hammond B3
José Roque DaSilva Neto   Trumpet
Léo Bit Bit   Pandeiro
Rebekah Raff   Harp
José González   Vocals,Voices
Nereu   Tambourine,Vocals
Guilherme Monteiro   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Andres Renteria   Bongos,Conga,Vocals,Pandeiro,Shaker
Samuel Formell   Drums,Timbales
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson   Viola
Cucu Diamantes   Background Vocals
Mayra Andrade   Vocals,Voices
Ryan Ferreira   Guitar
John Legend   Piano,Vocals
Pupillo   Drums
Jorge Continentino   Vocals,Pifano
Stephen Bruner   Electric Bass
Monk Hughes   Electric Bass
Vanessa da Mata   Vocals,Voices
Rodrigo Amarante   Guitar,Drums,Vocals
Thalma de Freitas   Vocals,Voices
Davi Moraes   Acoustic Guitar,Steel Guitar
Pedro Baby   Acoustic Guitar
Betão Aguiar   Bass,Guitar
Madeline McKenna   Vocals
Curumin   Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Fred 04   Vocals
Apollo Nove   Synthesizer,Harmonium,Vocals,Voices
Alice Smith   Vocals,Background Vocals,Voices
Dave Gouveia   Percussion
Isaar   Vocals
Gaby Hernandez   Vocals
Zach Condon   Vocals
Eric Biondo   Trumpet
Ben Lanz   Percussion
Jared Samuel   Keyboards
Marina Ribatski   Vocals
Perrin Cloutier   Percussion,Accordion,Cello
Chelsea Baratz   Flute
Fernanda Takai   Vocals,Voices
Vanessa Bley   Guitar,Vocals
Robin Hannibal   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards
Patrick Wood   Drums
Laura Marin   Vocals
Joan Tick   Vocals
Pier Pappalardo   Bass
Leandro Motta   Bass
Joyce Moreno   Vocals,Voices
DJ Zegon   scratching
Walter Sear   Theremin
Luke O'Malley   Guitar,Sitar
Mike Lavalle   Electric Bass
Alex Santana   Tuba
Kassin   Synthesizer,Bass
Lejin   Percussion
Beck Hansen   Vocals,Voices
Tom Van Buskirk   Percussion,Kazoo,Keyboards,Background Vocals,Sampling
Lena Hamilton   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Fabiano Do Nascimento   Acoustic Guitar
Juliano Holanda   Guitar
Hugo Gila   Bass
Roberto "Roberton" Hernàndez   Conga
Emicida   Rap
Yuri Queiroga   Bass
Umbillycal   Percussion
Tyler Lott   Guitar
Tha Boogie   Vocals,Background Vocals
Taro Sukegawa   Guitar
Steve Capecci   Bass
Ryan Matton   Vocals
Roberto Carlos "Cucuricho" Rodriguez Valdes   Piano
Renato Léllis   Background Vocals
Norihide Daj   Drums
Nino Suiza   Percussion
Nikhil Yerawadekar   Bass
Nic Johnson   Bass
Monsieur Parrot   Clarinet
Miles Arntzen   Percussion,Drums
Mike Bergen   Keyboards,fender rhodes
Maya Nayak   Background Vocals
Marcos Romera   Piano
Maciel Salústiano Soares   Vocals
Lucas Dos Prazeres   Percussion
Laurinha Da Nenê   Background Vocals
Julio Norono   Guiro
João Carlos Dos Santos   Cello
Janja Gomes   Acoustic Guitar
Irving Frontera   Violin
Irene Da Nenê   Background Vocals
Ichiro Fujiya   Electric Bass
Ibrahin Genuino   Trombone
Fernanda Terepins   Background Vocals
Eddie Ocamopo   Drums
Clara Da Nenê   Background Vocals
Brett Tubin   Guitar
Bingt Jin Ling   Vocals
Alan Borger   Background Vocals
Jorge Laliebre   Flute
Jonathan Tolman   Drums
Ivan Do Espírito Santo   Flute,Piccolo,Tenor Saxophone
Corey Coverston   Bass
Christian Toscano   Background Vocals
Doc McKinney   Guitar

Technical Credits

Caetano Veloso   Composer
David Byrne   Composer
Vinícius de Moraes   Composer
Gilberto Gil   Composer
João Parahyba   Producer,Engineer
Tom Zé   Composer
Ben Cohen   Engineer
Beck   Composer
Baden Powell   Composer
Stephen Barber   Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Kevin Barnes   Producer,Engineer
Mario Caldato   Composer,Producer,Engineer
John Carlin   Producer,Executive Producer
Roy Cicala   Engineer
Greg Cohen   String Arrangements
Dave Darlington   Engineer
Sergio Dias   Producer,Engineer
Bebel Gilberto   Producer
Jean Hébrail   Engineer
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Composer
Andres Levin   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Mauricio Maestro   Composer
Stuart Matthewman   Composer,Producer,Engineer
John Stephens   Composer
Marcos Valle   Composer
Joao Augusto   Composer
Chris Franck   Additional Production
Chico Science   Composer
Borges   Composer
Moraes Moreira   Composer
Didi Gutman   Programming,Producer
Moreno Veloso   Composer
Helene Silverman   Logo
Márcio Borges   Composer
Luis Galvão   Composer
Paul Heck   Producer
Atom   Programming,Producer
Rita Lee   Arranger,Composer
Mia Doi Todd   Producer,Engineer
Sohrab Habibion   Engineer
Paulo Sérgio Valle   Composer
Jonathan Wilson   Producer,Engineer
Om'Mas Keith   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,drum programming
Ticklah   Producer
Dadi   Engineer
George Langford   Arranger,drum programming
Daniel Carvalho   Engineer
Be Hussey   Engineer
Daniel Collas   Arranger,Producer
Stuart Bogie   Arranger,Producer
DJ Dolores   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Lyricist,Producer,Engineer
Prefuse 73   Engineer
Clara Moreno   Composer,Lyricist
Eugene Hütz   Composer,Lyricist
Gabriel Pinheiro   Engineer
Maciel Salu   Arranger
Aloe Blacc   Producer
Quincas Moreira   Engineer
José González   Engineer
Brazilian Girls   Arranger
Ryan Ferreira   Engineer
Brian Bender   Engineer
Vanessa da Mata   Composer
Guillermo Scott Herren   Instrumentation,Additional Production
Matt Boynton   Engineer
Mykel   Engineer
Curumin   Producer
Apollo Nove   Producer,Engineer
José Nigro   Producer
Zach Condon   Producer
Forro in the Dark   Arranger
Jeff Bailey   String Arrangements
Dave Robbins   Engineer
Etienne Tron   Composer,Producer
Vanessa Bley   Composer,Producer
Robin Hannibal   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Horn Arrangements
Adam Tilzer   Engineer
Toshiyuki Yasuda   Programming,Producer
Sean Marquand   Arranger,Producer
Scott King   Engineer
Lucas Martins   Producer
Orquestra Contemporanea de Olinda   Producer
Joyce Moreno   Composer
M. Nishita   Composer
Luke O'Malley   Arranger,Producer
Capinam   Composer
Kassin   Producer,Engineer
Lejin   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Ray Aldaco   Engineer
Javelin   Engineer
Béco Dranoff   Producer
Tom Van Buskirk   Arranger
Juliano Holanda   Arranger
Hugo Gila   Arranger
Wladimir Gasper   Programming,beats
Tha Boogie   Arranger
Sid Melo   drum programming
Otávio Carvalho   Engineer
Mauricio Ruiz   Engineer
Marlon Mercel   Engineer
Marcílio Moura   Engineer
Marcelo Blank   Engineer
José Igro   Engineer
Janja Gomes   Producer,Engineer
J.C. Gomes   Composer
Mykelito Barzagas   Engineer
Felicity Chamberlin   Event Coordinator
Erica Krumpl   Producer
Eduardo Aram   Engineer
DJ Squeke E.   Beat Programming,Tape Delays
Didiê Cinha   Producer,Engineer
Dan Rosato   Engineer
Santiago "Sam" Malnati   Composer
Ivan Do Espírito Santo   Arranger
Doc McKinney   Programming,Producer,Engineer,String Arrangements,Instrumentation
Egbert Nathaniel Dawkins   Composer

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