Red Hot Sizzle (14 All-New Delicious Romance Books by Best-Selling Authors about Alpha Males, Billionaires, Cowboys, and More for Your Summer Reading)

Red Hot Sizzle (14 All-New Delicious Romance Books by Best-Selling Authors about Alpha Males, Billionaires, Cowboys, and More for Your Summer Reading)

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by Lacey Silks

ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Over 2000 pages! 14 Books! ALL BRAND-NEW!

Stock up for your summer reading with this one great box set! 14 ALL-NEW, sizzling romance books about love, passion, and the best things in life!

These books are all brand new and are only available in this box set!

Fourteen new book


ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Over 2000 pages! 14 Books! ALL BRAND-NEW!

Stock up for your summer reading with this one great box set! 14 ALL-NEW, sizzling romance books about love, passion, and the best things in life!

These books are all brand new and are only available in this box set!

Fourteen new book boyfriends are here to woo you in this big box! Sit back, send the kids outside to play, and indulge in this sinfully delicious sampler of NYT, USA Today, and best-selling authors. Dive into these decadent stories about hit men, tech moguls, shifters, new neighbors, bosses, lumberjacks, military men, motorcycle guys, and rock stars!

These great books are just the thing for those long, lazy summer days sunning at the beach, hanging out beside the pool, or lounging around on vacation. Some are sweet, some are just for fun, and some are Red Hot!

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Chloe by Lacey Silks ~ Axel Wagner saved me in more than one way, and then I ruined it by letting him touch me. He's no longer just an employer--he’s my everything.

Dream On by Blair Babylon ~ A new story about Alexandre and Georgie, the Duke and Duchess of Valentinois and rock stars, attend a very special wedding in the Southwestern US.

Bumpy Ride by Olivia Rigal ~ You’d think I’d know better. Better than to fall for a biker, and one from a different MC. Better than to get knocked up by a Nomad who vanished without a trace. Better than to try and hide it from my family.

Banshee by Sarah M. Cradit ~ I was eighteen when I died. But then, at eighteen, I was reborn.

Picked by the Billionaire by Daizie Draper ~ The fiery rebound-sex arrangement a dumped and already broken florist dives into with a tech mogul puts her heart in peril again.

Two Much for You by Sky Corgan ~ Two hot men just moved in across the street. I never thought they would show up on my doorstep. And what they want is far from conventional.

Two Wingmen and a Baby by Daisy Prescott ~ Hold onto your ovaries because this short features John, Tom Cat, and sweet Baby Day. Surely two alpha men can take care of one baby, right?

Witch In the Window (Bend-Bite-Shift Next Gen-1 by ~ Olivia Hardin ~ As if college finals aren't bad enough, Chelsea's witch radar tells her the delivery man who frequents her front door is more than he seems to be.

Right: A Hitman Romance by V. J. Chambers ~ Giovanni Gallo meant to kill Sable Clarke, not fall for her. What seems wrong actually turns out to be something so right.

Tutoring the Wolf by Jacqueline Sweet & Devon March ~ When she's forced to tutor to a bad boy shifter, Cassie has no idea how much she'll learn about herself, or how much fun she'll have doing it.

Yours by Kim Linwood ~ Bianca met the man of her dreams in paradise, but their real lives are an ocean apart. Can he convince her that their love is worth the risk after the fairy tale ends?

Blooming Hearts by Felicia Tatum ~ First love blooms as Francesca and Cade slowly begin their descent into the depths of true love.

Taking Charge by Shannon Macallan ~ Miranda expects Charleston to be hot, humid and boring as hell. What she finds instead is an entirely different heat with a cadet from a South Carolina military academy.

Chasing Shadows by Sophia Barron ~ When Delilah’s witchy ways threaten to pierce Joe’s shadows; the jaguar shifter must choose between darkness and light for eternity. Will bonds of love save their world or destroy it?

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Red Hot Sizzle (14 All-New Delicious Romance Books by Best-Selling Authors about Alpha Males, Billionaires, Cowboys, and More for Your Summer Reading) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Lexee9 5 months ago
I have just had a chance to read Yours by Kim Linwood so far....I was really excited to get my hands on this one as I had met the characters in Mine. This was such a good story! Bianca and Danny are great characters. I love how we get to focus on their relationship this time around. Bianca is drawn to Danny, and she wants there to be more than just a holiday romance to it but she isn't sure if it's there. She wants to build that so that they can see if they can make it work. Danny is very drawn to Bianca, he just doesn't know how to explain his financial situation. This story is really cute and enjoyable. The sex is explicit and filled with a lot of sexual tension which fits the situation that they end up in. The story flowed really well and I didn't want to put it down once I started. The story was a quick read for me and I totally would have enjoyed more of the characters it fit the story. Very excited to check out the rest of the books in the set.
YGrimes 5 months ago
So far I've read DREAM ON by Blair Babyon. I truly enjoyed reading more about Xan and Georgie! I could feel the tension that Georgie was feeling and the way Xan took care of her...totally sigh worthy! I'm looking forward to reading the other stories in this collection!
ButtonsMom2003 5 months ago
I received an ARC of Blair Babylon’s story Dream On but purchased the boxed set because I can’t wait to read the rest of these books by such a diverse group of wonderful authors! Even if you haven’t read any of Blair Babylon’s Billionaire’s in Disguise or Rock Stars in Disguise I think you will enjoy this short story. I loved getting a glimpse of some of my favorite characters again as they attend Lizzy and Theo’s wedding. Blair Babylon’s writing never disappoints me. I just wish she could clone herself so she could write more books and publish them faster. LOL
Anonymous 5 months ago
Dream On by Blair Babylon was wonderful! I can't get enough of this group of characters. I love the way they are in and out of each other's stories. It's like checking in with good friends.
ledLD 5 months ago
ARC provided by publisher for honest review. Dream On is short but sweet, Georgie and Xan are my favorites, so far of all Ms. Babylon's characters, this story was no exception. Waiting for the next!
mommy_to_zoe 5 months ago
I was riveted right from the get go. I am a fairly new Blair Babylon fan, but my appreciation for this author’s writing is growing with each and every book that I read. We get into the lives of Xan and Georgie as they attend the wedding of Lizzy and Theo. Arriving late, with a plan for some special “alone time” once the nuptials are done, I got to see a side of Xan which was very touching. The sizzle between Xan and Georgie is very evident as well. The unconditional love Xan has for his wife is moving. While I am not a big fan of short stories, I found Dream On well-rounded and complete enough to leave me satisfied yet at the same time, not wanting the story to end. All in a good way . I will certainly pick up and read this whole series. AND continue on with the other books in this collection. I received an ARC of Dream On, a part of the Red Hot Sizzle boxed set, from Blair Babylon in exchange for an honest review.
booknooknuts 5 months ago
My review is for: Dream On by Blair Babylon Xan and Georgie are going to be late for a wedding. Xan is still healing from his hand injury. It's Lizzy' wedding and many things transpire in this short read. Rae and Wolfe have to make a quick exit. Georgie longs to get pregnant and Xan tries to take her pain away. Of course, he finds time to take her mind off things if only for a few moments. Super hot and sexy although short. I love this series. I was gifted this book for my honest review.
dshutters 3 months ago
Worth every penny & more! I loved each of the author's stories in this and recommend this set and tha authors!
badkat17us 4 months ago
This boxset has 14 stories by 14 different authors. Each story is hot and steamy in its own way. It contains paranormal, witches, shifters, insta love, more. I love this boxset. Each story had me hooked and wanting more. I found lots of great new authors in this set. Read some fantastic story by authors I already like in the process as well. Picked by the Billionaire was my favorite followed up by Two Much for You. I highly recommend this boxset. I was given this boxset in return for an honest review.
moma2n2 4 months ago
I have only read Yours by Kim Linwood and I enjoyed it. I loved that this story was about characters Bianca and Danny who we met in her book Mine. It was a nice sweet love story with some hot sex mixed in for excitement. I liked how the characters were committed to building a relationship and were so supportive of each other. I don’t think I have read a book yet by Kim Linwood that I didn’t like.
Anonymous 4 months ago
AnyTime_ReaderSF 5 months ago
Doc came back and his first thought was for Bunny but she wasn't there. When he finds out where she is he sets off to claim the woman he loves. Bunny goes back home to be with what family she has left but he heart wanted Doc. Now they are in the same town but outside interference tries to keep them apart. Can Doc and Bunny fight for what they want or will they be torn apart for good. I received an advanced copy of the book Bumpy Ride for an honest review and this is a review of that book only. I loved the characters and the author created a great story line plot.
TheBookFairyReviews 5 months ago
Surviving a brutal attack, homeless and pregnant, Chloe finds herself needing help. Axel trying to avoid the party crowd hides out on his balcony and sees Chloe. This is a story of love finding the one that your heart wants, and what your heart wants sit will get no matter the circumstances. Axel hires Chloe falling for her and her unborn child. I love reading Lacey's books, her writing of the tragic with a silver lining brings warmth to my heart. She never fails to get me where it counts the most. My heart was filled with sadness and joy when reading this, perfection!!!
mary8808 5 months ago
Awesome boxed set that will set your summer reading on fire. With a great list of authors that you can't go wrong with. Sit back and enjoy the ride with Lacey Silks, Blair Babylon, V.J. Chambers, Olivia Rigal and so many more. With over 700 pages you can pick a story or start from the beginning and read them all. Looking forward to reading them all.
S_Leca 5 months ago
Addendum: I did not read the whole box set. I only read Two Much For You short story by Sky Corgan. As such this review and the rating are based solely on that one story. Okay so here we go. Two Much for you is a short menage romance that is a teaser for all intents and purposes. When Rose see's that she has two new neighbors she knows right away that she is not even close to the same league as them. And she thinks that she may not be who they bat for anyway. That is of course until they pop up on her dating app. The only question? Which of the guys is the dating application for? Devlin is the practical joker of the two and is never far away from a witty response or making someone laugh. Whereas Gareth is the more serious of the two, some may say he is the brooder. But these two men together are great when it comes to being the perfect mate for a women. They are in the market for a women willing to be shared by two men. So when they see the women they both admire on the dating app they are on they take it as a chance to get to know her better. Maybe a lot better depending on if she is willing. This was a great story and I would have loved to have had more to read about these three characters but it was still a great short read.
janice1231 5 months ago
A Review of Dream On (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie, Epilogue #1) by Blair Babylon A Sweet little follow up - 5 +++++ stars Catching up with Georgie and Xan after Cadell's wedding was sooo good. It definitely broke my heart in places, but it tied up some of those loose ends that were left hanging around. I know there are people that will say we are crazy, but I feel like I know all of these characters in real life and that they are part of my family that I enjoy catching up with every so often. Since there were several years skipped at the end of Cadell's story, there are things that I wish we could have been a part of, like the loss of a child, the birth of another, etc. So, while it made me a little sad in some spots, it was really good to get to 'see' these wonderful characters again. A must for anyone that loves the characters from the BID/RSID collection. **Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**
cookie614 5 months ago
Chloe has a past that she feels will always follow her but she takes a chance in leaving her family and friends to get away from a situation she thinks will correct its self if she was gone. But little did she know that it was all the actions of one man that caused all of her fears. But after she leaves she finds friends that try and help her put her life back together even thought they don't know her dark secret. Axel is the one man she feels she can trust and give her the life she always wanted. But she knows she still needs to expose her past secret..... You don't always get what you want in life and sometime you will loose a life in the mean time. What Chloe went through to get to peace had you grabbing for your tissues !
AFOX0 5 months ago
Yours: Danny and Bianca’s story 4 stars So happy to see that Danny and Bianca got their story. Remember Danny is Hunter Campbell’s best friend who pretended to be his personal butler on the reality TV show, “I’d Marry That Billionaire”, from Kim Linwood’s book, Mine. And Bianca was one of the contestants vying for the most prized position of girlfriend to Hunter. Well, instead, things got a little steamy between Danny and Bianca on the island, and they really hit it off. So this story picks up a month later on a cruise ship whereby Bianca invited Danny so they could learn more about each other, take things a bit slower. But mishaps seem to happen at every turn with this new couple, along with a secret Danny is desperate to tell Bianca. Sporting a British accent, soft red curls, and green eyes to die for, Danny is everything Bianca wants in a man. But can she protect her heart from a long distance romance? Yours is a cute, sweet novella-length story that had a very lovely HEA ending. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.
MMSchmidt01 5 months ago
Blair Babylon takes us to visit some of our favorite characters. Georgie and Xan are heading to Lizzie's wedding along with Wulf and Rae. Happily ever after is forever even when things get hard. Watching Xan love Georgie through this difficult spot in their relationship will break your heart and heal it again.
MaryJoMI 5 months ago
I haven't had time to read all the stories in the collection yet but I love picking up a collection with some of my favorite authors while introducing me to new ones. Chloe by Lacey Silks: Oh my! The Wagner men strike again. This time we get to know Axel, the older brother and learn about his journey with love. Chloe has been hurt in the worst way possible and finds herself alone, facing a daunting challenge so she makes the craziest decision … can anyone stop her? Axel is captivated by this vibrant woman that has a lost look to her eyes. He does what any gentleman would, he rescues her. From there it’s a fabulous cat and mouse game as they deny their attraction as Chloe comes to terms with her life as Axel shows her she doesn’t have to “live” broken. Throw in the fabulous drama that Lacey Silks always delivers to keep us guessing and you have a fabulously sexy, sultry and captivating romance to devour.
pughtwins 5 months ago
Two Much For You by Sky Corgan. Sexy, quick read. I would actually have like this to be longer and see the relationship develop.
DebsIN 5 months ago
I am reviewing "Yours", a short sweet story by Kim Linwood. It is a story of what happened to another couple after they left the island in "Mine". Bianca and Danny are such a cute couple, and nothing goes as it is supposed to for their cruise. Danny is a dream guy for every gal that is falling in love and will work to make things alright. A short sweet fast paced story with a HEA. I received a copy of "Yours" as a gift from the author. The review is my own. 4 Stars!
cyprus 5 months ago
I bought this box set because a lot of my favourite authors have been included in it. Not only that there is a good cross section of genres and they are all new stories, so the box set definitely offers variety and value for money. Below are the two stories I have read so far, and for which I also received an ARC in exchange for an honest review, and I am hoping these alone are enough to tempt readers into buying this exceptional box set: Review for: Too Much For You by Sky Corgan Devlin and Gareth have known each other since middle school. Devlin is the practical joker, while Gareth is the serious one; perhaps this is why they balance each other out so well. Together they make the ultimate person, but finding a girl who wants to date two men who are into polyamory is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Jumping into the dating game after five years of being single is so much harder than Rose thought it would be; all the guys she meets are either players or losers. What she is looking for is someone to settle down with – surely there is someone else out there looking for love. Meanwhile, Rose’s new neighbours have been fulfilling her fantasies ever since they moved in, but she is embarrassed when she is caught spying on them. Realistically, Rose believes they are too perfect for her and doubts she is the type of girl they would go for - but she is so wrong! Devlin and Gareth are forthright when they approach Rose after seeing her profile on a dating app. and invite her for dinner, with no strings attached. 8.00 p.m. comes and goes and when there is no sign of Rose the two men become despondent. Then at 8.13 p.m. the doorbell rings; may be they have not been stood up after all and the night is just about to begin. Is there a worthwhile relationship in the offing after all? Review for: Yours by Kim Linwood Bianca didn’t win the reality show, the one where she was vying to marry a billionaire; she doesn’t regret it for a second, after all if she hadn’t been there she wouldn’t have met Danny. But it isn’t until they are apart that Bianca realises how little they know about each other; now she has agreed to share a luxury suite with him on a two-week cruise. Danny is living in London and she lives in New York – how can they possible make this work? Danny knows that he and Bianca connected physically, but this cruise was about something more; no camera crews, sleazy hosts, meddling best friends or ridiculous drama – just the two of them. Bianca wants to talk and for them to get to know each other, but Danny is hiding a secret, and it is only when Bianca’s grandmother becomes ill that matters start to unravel. Bianca realises that Danny has given her the Danny he thought she wanted, not the real Danny. Can he now trust her to do the same; to love him for him, not what he can do for her?
katsindiebookblog 5 months ago
*** Gifted in exchange for my honest review*** So far I have read the BOOK 2 - Dream On by Blair Babylon, this quick peak into my favourite Rock star pair from Killer Valentine, Alexandre and Georgie, are late for a very important date, the story was short and sweet and made me want more. I have read all of Xan and Georgies books and I have to say I have not read one of Blair's books that I did not like, Blair has a great way of making a story great but also weaving the passion of music into the fabric of the story. I am currently reading Book 8 - Witch In the Window (Bend-Bite-Shift Next Gen-1 by ~ Olivia Hardin - which I am loving so far and I will update this review when I have finished this story. I would grab these books while they are on special as I am happy just after reading 1.5 books - they make great Lunch time reads. I am going to add the rest as I read through.
CChimni 5 months ago
Yours-Bianca and Danny are set to enjoy a holiday on a cruise to get to know each other after their explosive introductions. Life intervenes in more way than one and has them evaluating their relationship. A story story full of passion, love, humor, and following your heart.