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Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising

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by Peter Moore

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A young man, half vampyre, half werewulf, deals with high school, first love, and discrimination.


A young man, half vampyre, half werewulf, deals with high school, first love, and discrimination.

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Children's Literature - Lois Rubin Gross
Dante Gray is passing for vamp in a society where vampires are the superstars; humans looked down upon; and werewolves the subspecies at the bottom of the food chain. Dante is a cross-breed, the product of a vampire mother and a werewolf father and, despite genetic treatments to suppress his werewolf tendencies, it seems he is about to cross over to his lupine side. Pursued by school bully Gunther Hoering (a not even vaguely disguised Nazi vamp), Danny plans to become a "moonrunner," hiding from the monthly concentration camps where wolves are sent to fight it out among themselves during their monthly "change." That's right. Becoming a werewolf is compared to menstruation as there is even a Midol like over-the-counter medication to control the "symptoms" of metamorphosis. Serious vampire and werewolf fans will have many problems with the liberties Moore takes with the mythology. Vampires eat dinner as families, are uniformly blonde and blue-eyed, and treat human blood as an addictive drug. They survive on synth-heme. Thoughtful readers will have greater problems with comparing the vampire-werewolf wars as analogous to Nazi Germany and wolves as Jews hidden in basement chambers, while Civil Rights' era activists fight for the rights of wolves for equal pay. In trying to create a metaphor, author Moore cheapens two very serious historical subjects. Red Moon Rising is really a pedestrian YA problem novel with lots of wulfen and vamp references to sell it to the Twilight crowd. With the summer release of the new Teen Wolf movie, there may be more call for lycanthropic fiction, but recommend Klause's Blood and Chocolate or Jenning's The Wolving Time for good wolf books. Reviewer: Lois Rubin Gross

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Peter Moore has been writing fiction since he was eleven years old, and became an amateur lycanthropologist even earlier. Because he studied hard in high school and ate all his vegetables, he was able to attend Vassar College and Columbia University. Though he briefly considered a career in the FBI, America can rest easy: it didn't work out. Instead, he has worked as a screenwriter, college professor, English teacher, and guidance counselor. He lives with his wife and two kids in Westchester, New York. This is his third book for young adults. He strongly denies all rumors that he is a werewolf. Still, he won't say where he goes every month during the full moon.

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