Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 3

Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 3

4.6 26
by Katie Reus
The USA Today bestselling Red Stone Security Series Box Set (Volume 3) includes the following three romantic suspense titles by Katie Reus:

Protecting His Witness

Seven years ago she broke his heart... Former SEAL Vincent Hansen never got over Jordan and the way she left him without a trace. When she reappears he's furious at her deception. But after


The USA Today bestselling Red Stone Security Series Box Set (Volume 3) includes the following three romantic suspense titles by Katie Reus:

Protecting His Witness

Seven years ago she broke his heart... Former SEAL Vincent Hansen never got over Jordan and the way she left him without a trace. When she reappears he's furious at her deception. But after she's targeted in a series of deadly attacks, he realizes he's never stopped loving her. Now he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and convince her that she was always meant to be his.

Sinful Seduction

As an heiress from a prominent family, Mina knows the pain of living under a microscope. Which is why she loves her sleepy Key West home where nobody knows her name. She's determined to make her way without being coddled--and no mugging is going to change that.

Former Marine and newest Red Stone Security employee Alexander Blue has seen enough bloodshed to last a lifetime--or ten. He's ready for civilian life, but when he sees a mysterious brunette attacked by a mugger, his need to protect kicks into overdrive. Mina, the sensual artist he saved, brings him home and bandages him up, but her gaze cuts clear to his soul. An intense connection isn't all Blue feels--there was something strange about that mugging. He's convinced Mina is in danger and needs his protection. Just one problem: Mina doesn't want saving.

Under His Protection

Lingerie shop owner Julieta Mederos has worked hard to get her business off the ground. Now she's looking forward to some quality time with her friends and her big, boisterous family. But explicit texts from random phone numbers and vandalism at her shop makes it clear someone dangerous has fixated on her. Without any solid leads, the police can't help her and she's forced to turn to the last man she wants to depend on.

Former Army Ranger and newest Red Stone Security employee Ivan Mitchell has gotten used to being alone in the world. He never even thinks about it anymore--until he meets sexy, independent Julieta. She's everything he could ever want...but she seems determined to keep him at arm's length. Until now. Maybe the cops can't do anything to protect her, but he can. When things escalate faster than even he expected, he finds himself pulling out his most extreme combat skills to protect her. He'll do what it takes to save her life--and prove to her she belongs in his.

Author Note: Each title can be purchased individually or as a box set.
Collection: 119,000 words

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Katie Reus is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Red Stone Security series, the Moon Shifter series and the Deadly Ops series. She fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom's stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn't always know she wanted to be a writer. After changing majors many times, she finally graduated with a degree in psychology. Not long after that she discovered a new love. Writing. She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense.

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Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 3 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
animation More than 1 year ago
You can never go wrong with Red Stone Security. I must say I've become a fan of this series.The action starts probably on page 2 LOL, which I love, and doesn't let up. Even when there's a little downtime, the author makes sure you understand that these characters are in peril. Great suspense, action and of course romance. 
bimmergrlmd More than 1 year ago
Red Stone Security is a must-read romance series! Book #7 - PROTECTING HIS WITNESS I have loved all the books in the Red Stone Security series, and book 7, Protecting His Witness did not disappoint. Seven years ago Jordan had to leave Vincent and go into witness protection. Now that the threat is over, she is back to ask/beg his forgiveness and come clean with the only man she's ever loved. Vincent's heart was broken when Jordan left without saying a word. But now that she's back he must figure out what his feelings are and where she fits in his life. As Vincent and Jordan try to work through their relationship accidents start to happen. Initially Vincent thinks he could be the target, but more information reveals that Jordan's previous threat may not be over after all. Can Vincent protect Jordan and keep her in his life this time around? Ms. Reus gives us super sexy characters, incredibly hot smex, and delicious suspense in her Red Stone Security series. I look forward to the next installment! Book #8 - SINFUL SEDUCTION Another great installment in the Red Stone Security series. Alexander Blue, Red Stone Security employee and former Marine, is in Key West after a job when he witnesses a mugging. As his training and instincts dictate, Blue immediately races to help. Fighting off the muggers, he saves Mina while sustaining a minor injury. Mina doesn't want to deal with police or a hospital, so she takes Blue to her place and bandages his wounds. While Blue finds Mina incredibly attractive, he's also intrigued by what she says, and more importantly, what she doesn't say. What secrets is she hiding? As Blue digs deeper into this mystery, he discovers Mina needs protection; the kind Red Stone Security provides and he's on the case! Blue and Mina are simply adorable together. As they both work through trust issues as a result of their pasts, they find that opening up to each other may be just the medicine they need. This series just gets better with each installment. Highly recommended for romance and romantic suspense fans. Book #9 - UNDER HIS PROTECTION Red Stone Security employee and former Army Ranger Ivan Mitchell meets store owner Julieta Mederos while on bodyguard duty to Julieta's friend. Ivan is instantly taken with her, but keeps his distance until Julieta starts receiving disturbing text messages and her store is vandalized. Julieta has a stalker! Ivan is determined to protect Jules and keep her close to him until her stalker is found, captured or killed. But with few real clues to the stalker's identity, Ivan has to pull out all the stops to do whatever it takes to keep Jules safe and hopefully have her in his life. Under His Protection is another fabulous story in the Red Stone Security series! A definite must-read for lovers of romantic suspense with strong, sexy characters and a solid story line. This is a highly recommended series. I cannot wait for the next installment!
Angelaingham More than 1 year ago
I love this series its a great read highly recommended
Pammi1576 More than 1 year ago
These are amazing stories and every one of them is different. They are all hot and great reads. 
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Katie Reus just keeps getting better! You'll enjoy all the Red Stone Security stories in this bundle. I can't pick a favorite. Though I will admit to being a little partial to Alexander Blue from Sinful Seduction. All the characters are strong-minded, passionate and compelling. The action is non-stop and the plot twist just keep coming. All I can say is I want more! These three stories aren't enough. If you enjoy suspense books that have Alpha males and feisty females who fight for what they want, these books are for you. I love having Red Stone Security on the job. They don't mess around.
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
Protecting His Witness NUMBER OF STARS: 4  REVIEW: I enjoyed Vincent & Jordan’s story. They both were so in love with each other. But when Jordan disappeared over night Vincent was left with a broken heart and no answers. When Jordan reappears out of nowhere Vincent has a hard time keeping his feelings in check. He can’t decide if he is mad and wants to push Jordan away or grab her and hold her tight so she can never leave again.  This was a very quick read, just a few short hours and I read slow. But it was a good read. I have not read the previous Red Stone Security book, but Protecting His Witness was easily read as a stand alone story. There was some cameos of characters from past books and now I want to go back and read the first 6 books. Sinful Seduction NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2 REVIEW:  I would say breaking up an attempted mugging is not the best way to meet a woman, but leave it up to Alexander Blue to do just that. Being in the right place at the right time not only let him save Mina from being mugged, kidnapped or worse, but also gave Blue a chance met a woman that just possible could be it for him. That is if she will let him get close.  Another great Red Stone Security story. My only issue is that I read this story so fast. I wanted more of Blue!! I just loved him and Mina! I hope to get a glimpse of them in a future Red Stone Security story.  If you are a fan of this series you will want to make sure to add this book to your must read list. If you are new to this series not worries this book can easily be read as a stand alone.  Under His Protection NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 REVIEW: Gosh, I don’t want to give much away. Reading the blurb gives you a good idea of what will happen so I won’t recap. I will say that this was a super quick read. But honestly the story never felt rushed or that it was lacking in any way. I loved the story. I loved the tension between Ivan & Julieta. I guess my only complain would be that I wanted more of these two. I want to know how the future goes for them. I hope that Ms. Reus will have them pop up in a future Red Stone Security story.  If you are a fan of Ms. Reus’ Red Stone Security series you will love Ivan & Julieta’s story. If you are new to this series never fear Under His Protection can easily be read as a stand alone. Make sure to add this to your I must read list.  Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from Katie Reus in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Set of three Redstone Security stories. Each story is only about 100 pages (more a novella than full novels). These read better in sequence, as the second and third stories involve characters and settings introduced in the earlier stories. All have ex-military type alpha males working for Redstone protecting in distress females, and it's disappointing that the author didn't add the additional background, character motivations, development and plot twists of a full novel, but if you want a stripped down action romance more focused on detailed sex than its cliche plots, go ahead and enjoy for a light afternoon read.
blaise_zillah More than 1 year ago
Protecting his witness review to come Sinful Seduction A fast paced suspense, with some great intimate moments and action scenes. I enjoyed how Mina handled everything thrown at her and her reactions. Alex(Blue) i loved him, how he supported Mina and protected her. I loved this couple and they seem perfect for each other. Under His Protection This book has a great mixture of action, mystery, love story and great adventure with a interesting twist. This can be read as a stand alone or as part of the series. Ivan is a very protective alpha male and was wanting to know more about this character, he seems like a player but hadn't meet the right women yet. Julieta was a independent person with a overprotective family and moving on from a bad relationship while building her new business leaves her little time for anything else but she has a stalker. This has three points of view in the story Julieta, Ivan and the Stalker, well written and enjoyable read.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series by a great author. Good boxed set. Enjoyed all 3 books. Highly recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GrrrGirl More than 1 year ago
This is the third box set and I enjoyed it just as much as the first two. Good story line, good characters, good sex, good dialogue. Each of these box sets are a very good buy. I he this wasn't the last
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed both volumes and look forward to more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a new author for me and I am so happy to have discovered her. All three of these stories grabbed me from the start. The characters were believable...slightly flawed but fixable. I will now look for her previous books and look forward to future releases. Highly recommended. Diane in JAX
BonniesMom More than 1 year ago
I have fallen in love with Red Stone Security!  I have read the entire series and can't wait to see what Katie has in store for the next installments!  Quick reads, well worth it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is for a friend it is at ecr it is about a boy who losses hi memory ib a great battle and he is working on regaining it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Search 'yar'. Chapters 1-3 are there, along with a prologue.- Meg &spades
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Animal Jam s' res.1
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
Quite an enjoyable romantic suspense series! Protecting His Witness - A love that survived the years… Jordan Alvarado’s actions one evening saved a friend and led her to a decision that impacted the man that she loved. She was in college at the time and four months into a relationship with him. She didn’t know where their future was headed so though it hurt her to do so she made the best choice possible for him without his knowledge. Circumstances have changed after seven years and the one thing that she needs to do to move on with her life is to apologize and hopefully obtain forgiveness from the man that she has never been able to forget. When someone you love deeply leaves your life abruptly with no warning and no explanation your world is turned upside down. There is no closure and there are no answers. You are left with a huge rift in your heart and you always wonder about that person. That is what happened to Vincent Hansen, a former Navy seal who now works for Redstone Security. Seven years have passed and then the woman who he once loved returns looking for forgiveness with an amazing story, perhaps the only story that he could forgive her for once he got over his anger for not having been allowed to be a part of the decision that she made for him all those years ago. This is a second chance romance of two lovers forced apart by a decision resulting from circumstances beyond their control. What they didn’t expect was for the fire that had always burned between them to still be alive after seven years of silence. Neither had found closure or another that could take the others place in their hearts. She not believing there could be more seeks forgiveness and he though angry soon finds that he wants to keep what was always his. But nothing is ever simple and as they dance around each other trying to resolve things they learn that someone with deadly intentions has not forgotten Jordan. This story has action and suspense and two strong and likable main characters. You get both their points of views as well as that of the villain’s. This was quite an enjoyable story. Sinful Seduction - A very sweet and suspenseful read! Mina Hollingsworth is an artist, the daughter of a very wealthy scientist and that makes her a target for those who want something from her father. To have her own life she has distanced herself from her family and is living unpretentiously under an assumed name. She makes a mistake one evening and cuts through an alley on her way home and she is attacked but saved by a stranger with serious martial arts skills. She is very much impressed that a stranger would go to such lengths for someone they don’t know and when she sees he was injured it is the least she can do to take care of him. Alexander Blue is a former marine, a member of the Red Stone Security group. He is still adjusting to civilian life and is out for a walk when he sees a woman being attacked. It is his inherent nature to protect and he steps in and saves her. Blue is very concerned when Mina doesn’t want the police involved and escorts her home; something was not right about the attack. Once she is home the aftereffects of the attack hit her and she doesn’t want to be alone so Blue stays with her and they talk for hours. Though they are from different worlds they have much in common and their attraction to each other is palpable. But they don’t act on it at the beginning though they both think on it. The romance between these two very likable characters was so sweet. Blue, the honorable protective alpha male supports this most interesting and strong woman as he cares for her more and more. It becomes evident that the attack was not random and that someone wants to kidnap Mina, something that Blue is not going to let happen. Mina who is used to keeping her distance from people is so drawn to Blue and she comes to rely on his strength especially when she cannot reach her father or his head of security. There is much suspense and action amidst the romance as the kidnappers continue their attempts while Blue and the Redstone team work to keep Mina safe and figure out who is doing this. There is a nice twist on the resolution that I did not see coming. This series is always enjoyable and Katie Reus finds the perfect complements for her heroes and heroines. Under His Protection - He protects the woman he wants… Ivan Mitchell is alone in the world since his father passed but he’s found a family of friends in Red Stone Security. He has a reputation for being a player since he doesn’t do relationships but then he hasn’t met anyone that tempts him to do otherwise until the day he walks into Julieta’s shop protecting a client. As the months pass he watches this vibrant woman and it’s not just her looks that attract him, she’s the kind of woman a man wants to keep and when someone tries to hurt her he finally makes his move. Julieta Mederos owns a lingerie shop and works hard to be independent of her very protective family. Her last relationship didn’t turn out well and with starting and growing her business she hasn’t had time to date but the tall, blue-eyed, blond man who’s built like a Viking god who walks into her store one day with a customer caught her attention. As she becomes friends with his client he sorely tempts her but she doesn’t think he even likes her for he rarely talks and just stares. Then on a day when she receives a text from a stalker it is Ivan who sees the distress she tries to hide and takes over as her protector. Ivan is one great alpha, protective and willing to try to be more than he knows to be with a woman like Julieta, there is nothing casual about his feelings for her. I liked how he admitted things when asked and then to correct the mistaken impression she’d gotten from the people he associates with. Julieta is a strong willed woman who doesn’t like to rely on others but she does on Ivan and her constantly thanking him had this reader smiling. There is humor in their banter. The behavior of the stalker is escalating and Julieta fights allowing the fear to paralyze her life as Ivan and friends try to track down the man responsible and keep her safe. I quite enjoyed this story, the romance was sweet and sexy, there is mystery and suspense and we are given three points of views, that of Ivan, Julieta, and the stalker. We are actually given a clue as to the stalker’s identity early on but you won’t realize that it was a clue until the end due to the author’s calculated misdirection. Books in this series are always an enjoyable read.