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Redemption for the Devil

Redemption for the Devil

4.7 4
by Jillian Chantal

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Mary Margaret Kincade, a young lass from Cork, Ireland faces an uncertain future when her father�s expedition goes missing in the Arctic Circle. Determined to make a new start, she signs on to the Mauretania to work her way to America.

After witnessing his closest friend being murdered by English soldiers, Liam Cormac joins the Irish Brotherhood. He spends


Mary Margaret Kincade, a young lass from Cork, Ireland faces an uncertain future when her father�s expedition goes missing in the Arctic Circle. Determined to make a new start, she signs on to the Mauretania to work her way to America.

After witnessing his closest friend being murdered by English soldiers, Liam Cormac joins the Irish Brotherhood. He spends some time in an Irish prison after the Easter Uprising. A plan of revenge on the English is hatched and Liam takes a position on the Mauretania as a bartender in order to accomplish the mission.

The plan to blow up the ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is uppermost in Liam�s mind. Disowned by his family, he doesn�t care that he�s on a suicide mission. When he meets the lass from Cork, the stakes change and he rethinks his goals, but his co-conspirator pressures him to move forward.

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Meet the Author

Jillian Chantal is the pen name of a lawyer in Pensacola, Florida. She decided she needed to work under a pen name when she was sitting in a room full of staid male lawyers. Jillian has always been a storyteller and written for fun. When she was in the fifth grade, she wrote a story about Mr. Pepper who fell in love with Miss Salt. He went to medical school and became Dr. Pepper. This story got rave reviews and was even copied by the teacher and distributed to the younger kids' classes. The bug to be published someday had bitten Jillian.

Jillian put off her dream to be published as she went to college and law school. She was too busy to dedicate the time to writing due to the interference of the practice of law and raising children. Once her children got older, she started back with the dream of being published.

Jillian has several short stories published. She has a book named "Solo Honeymoon" that will be released in January 2011. She also has her book here at Desert Breeze Publishing coming in July 2011. It's called "Redemption for the Devil."

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Redemption for the Devil 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
DLene More than 1 year ago
Liam and Peg though both Irish come from different worlds. They board a cruise ship for very different reasons. Despite all their differences Peg and Liam are drawn to each other. Jillian Chantal brings us along on their journey as they try to overcome their adversities. Intrigue, suspense and romance carefully woven together with just enough history Redemption for the Devil is a fabulous read.
sandy101 More than 1 year ago
Liam Cormac is a devil in angels' wings--just the kind of bad boy we love to love. The plot's twists and turns tied my stomach in knots and kept me turning those pages! Yet even with life and death hanging in the balance, the attraction between Peg and Liam sizzled.
SallyPinkReviews More than 1 year ago
Chantel fashions a story full of adventure, heartbreak, hope, and love with "Redemption for the Devil." Set in the early 1920's, Peg Kincade's whole life is turned upside down when her father is presumed dead. Wanting to forge a new life for herself, Peg sets out for America, but will an Irish devil, Liam Cormac, ruin any chance she has of starting a new life? The story opens with Liam, a soldier in the Irish Republican Army. He's given a task to blow up a cruise ship, The Mauretania. Liam agrees and takes along an accomplice, Devlin. Liam's heart has been hardened due to losing friends in the war. Peg Kincade is told her father is presumed dead after he took an adventure to the Arctic. Peg's insufferable cousin, Archibald, comes to run her father's business. Miserable, Peg resolves to make her way to America so she can start fresh. She finds herself on the Mauretania where she first works as a cabin maid. Pegs meets Liam and discovers he's a hard man, yet, despite how gruff he is to her, he comes to her rescue time and again. When Peg is hired as a lounge singer in first class, she grows closer to Liam. Liam can't deny the attraction he feels for Peg. Devlin pushes him to complete the mission - blow up the ship - but Liam waivers. Peg has chipped holes into his hardened heart, which is now warming. Liam begins to believe he can find true happiness with Peg. Unfortunately, the road to redemption and love is fraught with danger and Liam will have to work to earn Peg's respect and trust before she gives him her heart. Chantel's novel shines against the vintage backdrop of the 1920's. The story's setting starting at Cork, Ireland then journeying to the Mauretania, and finally ending in Chicago sets a rich authentic tone for the novel. Adding to the authenticity is the believability of the character's dialect, which Chantel does well. She pulls off a difficult challenge and makes it shine as an organic element of the story. For me, this authenticity was the most enjoyable aspect of the novel. I felt like I was right there in Peg's cabin on the boat. Peg and Liam tug on the reader's heartstrings as they embark on an adventure filled with excitement and love. Liam is strong and decent, but going down a road that offers no hope until he meets Peg, and love pricks his soul. Peg's belief in him gives him the will to change his destiny. Peg has a strong moral backbone, but needs to learn that people and situations aren't always black and white and there is a grey middle ground most fall into. Liam dares her to explore this concept. The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love scenes that are sensual and tasteful. "Redemption for the Devil" will allow the reader to experience a gambit of emotions, and will resonate with them long after the last page.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Can an Irish Devil shed his troubled past and find love? Liam Cormac hopes so, but the path to redemption may be too steep. Four years after the 1916 Easter Rising, Liam is released from jail and returns home only to be told he is not welcome. As a Protestant fighting with the Rebels, Liam has disgraced the family. Because he is an expert with explosives, he returns to the men he fought with and accepts an assignment from leader Michael Collins. Mary Margaret Kinkade, Peg to her family and friends, is devoutly Catholic. When her adventurer father sets off on an expedition to the Arctic Circle and is later deemed missing, Peg tries valiantly to hold things together. But the Cork house and her father's business is entailed and must pass to a male heir. Enter Archibald, an odious cousin who wants the house, the business and Peg. After an attempted rape, Peg is protected by a neighbor and the family priest who exacts a second-class passage on a liner sailing to America. Enterprising Peg turns in her ticket and hires on as a cabin maid with plans to use the refunded passage money to get started in the new World. On board, Peg meets Rena, and they become friends as well as cabin mates. She also meets a rude young man, Liam Cormac, who tends bar in the First Class lounge. She is both attracted and repelled by the good-looking Irishman who seems to bait her at every opportunity. When the lounge singer becomes ill, Peg is summoned to take her place. Peg in inexperienced and shy, but she has an amazingly good voice and knows the latest songs; besides, the extra in her pay packet will come in handy when she docks in new York. Liam isn't the only man who finds Peg irresistible. His partner, Devlin does as well. And Liam can't allow himself to fall for a girl who may have only days to live. Liam's and Devlin's mission is to blow up the Mauritania as retribution for the British massacre at Croke Park. The problem is, Liam is having second thoughts about murdering innocent civilians. Fenian he may be, but what is acceptable during hostilities, is hard to justify any other time. Then, as he contemplates his options, fate steps in and forces his hand. Ms. Chantal's novella is compelling and well paced. The troubled period in Irish history is one not generally seen in romantic fiction. I truly enjoyed Chantal's descriptions of the steamship Mauretania and life below decks. Ms. Chantal has created a highly entertaining and emotional read worthy of a few tears. Originally posted at the Long and Short of It Romance Reviews