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by Alex Van Tol

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Jenessa uses the thrill of illegal street racing to deal with the tragic death of her best friend.See more details below


Jenessa uses the thrill of illegal street racing to deal with the tragic death of her best friend.

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"Taut and intense, this offering will appeal to readers who are looking for a fast read with non-stop action. The characters are strong and likeable...The plot never slows, and struggling readers will have no time to lose focus. This title is perfect for school libraries, especially those with a collection of high interest, low level titles."
CM Magazine
"An engaging and exciting read. Jenessa is a realistic and strong character who is likable, despite the poor decisions she makes in the novel...Redline is very well written, and, despite the low reading level, the writing does not feel stilted or simple; rather, the short sentences make the books feel punchy and in tune with its fast-paced content. Redline is a thrilling contemporary novel that deals with serious issues of death and mourning and is an excellent choice for teen readers. The novel is action-packed and suspenseful, making it a quick and engaging read. Since the language is simple, and the reading level is low, Redline is a good choice for teens who read below grade level or for those who are learning English as a second language."
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"Orca has another hit. A street racing book with a female point of view is a rarity which both genders will race to finish."
Tri State YA Book Review Committee
"Well written and discusses greater issues than drag racing...Highly recommended for inclusion in any high school or public library collection."
Children's Literature - Maggie L. Schrock
Janessa is an adrenaline junky. Feeling at fault for the death of her best friend, Janessa joins a street racing gang in search of a new thrill. Quickly earning the interest of the leader, Janessa finds herself in an abusive relationship with him. Being forced to drink and act a certain way, Janessa works hard to keep her new boyfriend happy or suffers the consequences. Cody forces Janessa to race against him after meeting the gang and drinking several beers. Just as things are getting heated, the cops emerge from a camouflaged hideout and chase Janessa through the night. Janessa manages to lose them, but at the cost of damaging her beautiful 2003 mustang. When she goes back to confront Cody, she is surprised to find her former boyfriend there. Things quickly get out of hand between them. As they race each other, Cody ends up racing for his freedom from the same cops who almost caught Janessa the week prior. Janessa learns an important lesson about standing up for herself and making the right decisions, choosing to live her life rather than chase after her death. Van Tol includes details about cars to interest boys, but writes from the point of view of a strong female lead. A captivating read full of action sequences, Redline is a perfect book for reluctant teen readers. Reviewer: Maggie L. Schrock

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I glance in the rearview mirror to check Cody's position. My heart drops into my shoes.

Flashing red and blue.

I watch in horror as the police cruiser tears out of the ditch in a spray of rocks and dirt. Instinctively, I downshift and jam the pedal to the floor.

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