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Reflections of the Christ Mind

Reflections of the Christ Mind

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by Paul Ferrini

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For Paul Ferrini, there was a time when the very thought of Jesus left him cold. Instead of embodying the truth of Jesus' teaching, Christianity seemed to harbor the fearful thoughts and actions of people who were more committed to self-interest than to unconditional love. So when Ferrini felt Jesus' voice inside him saying, "I want you to acknowledge me," he resisted


For Paul Ferrini, there was a time when the very thought of Jesus left him cold. Instead of embodying the truth of Jesus' teaching, Christianity seemed to harbor the fearful thoughts and actions of people who were more committed to self-interest than to unconditional love. So when Ferrini felt Jesus' voice inside him saying, "I want you to acknowledge me," he resisted. In time, however, he came to realize that it was not Jesus he was rejecting but the untruths that had become attached to Christian teaching. Responding to the inner voice did not mean merely acknowledging Jesus as some great teacher who lived in the past, but also meant that he was opening himself up to a living presence within his own awareness. Once Ferrini reached this reconciliation, powerful words of spiritual truth began to flow through him.

Reflections of the Christ Mind presents the most important teachings the author has received through his spiritual awakening. Here at last is a gospel devoted solely to Jesus' teachings of love, healing, and forgiveness. The teacher readers meet in these pages is both compassionate and open-minded-he is the Jesus Christians know in their hearts. Repudiating religious hypocrisy, intolerance, and spiritual pride, Ferrini rejects the dogmatic position of the Church, offering instead words of hope and healing that form the new gospel for today.

From the Hardcover edition.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This perplexed collection offers expanded selections from four of Ferrini's previous books: Love Without Conditions, The Silence of the Heart, Miracle of Love and Return to the Garden. Ferrini, the founder and editor of Miracles magazine, follows a stock New Age agenda here in emphasizing that God is a God of love, not judgment or anger, and that human beings need to strive to awaken our own God within. Ferrini is emphatic in noting that this book was not written through the usual New Age method of channeling--but through Jesus actually talking to him. Despite such auspicious origins, the book is a disappointment, often sounding more like trendy psychobabble than a divinely inspired voice. According to Ferrini, we are here to overcome our "victimhood" and help others do the same. Some passages are self-contradictory; Ferrini asserts on the one hand that close relationships are essential to personal happiness, then claims that such relationships are intrinsically damaging ("When you live with other people, you are likely to trigger their unhealed wounds and they are likely to trigger yours"). Readers may have a hard time distinguishing between Ferrini's own voice and agenda and that of "the Christ mind." (June) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|
Kirkus Reviews
A New Age take on Jesus. Ferrini, founder and editor of Miracles magazine, had already been disenchanted with Christianity for a long time when he claims he heard Christ say to him, "I want you to acknowledge me." Quite naturally, he balked. But gradually he realized that it wasn't Christ he found distasteful—it was the claptrap of the churches that seemed to subvert his message of love and inclusion. Here Ferrini compiles many of the teachings that he claims Christ has since revealed to him. Most of the material in this book has been published before in one of Ferrini's four prior works (Love Without Conditions, The Silence of the Heart, Miracle of Love, and Return to the Garden—none reviewed). Although most orthodox Christians will find Ferrini's doctrines beyond credence (especially as they directly contradict the words of the Gospels), other readers may be inspired and challenged by some of the teachings of Ferrini's Christ (who says of himself, "I am not one to condemn adultery, or divorce"). In this Gospel according to Ferrini, you cannot find your soul-mate until all of your other relationships are characterized by complete honesty, and once you do find that soul-mate your earlier isolated existence will be completely transformed. Ferrini's Christ knows that it is easy to fall in love, but he maintains that many relationships fail because people are not willing to forgive their partner's mistakes. Although earnest, many of these teachings are quite banal (if you expect good things to happen, they probably will; we are entering a time when tolerance and diversity will reign). Ferrini's Christ often speaks in thepoppsychologist's lingo: the true spiritual community is "safe" and "non-judging." And the discussion of self-esteem seems straight from Oprah: if someone calls you "stupid" and you feel upset, blame your own lack of self-esteem (and not the jerk who taunted you). A mixed grab-bag of aphorisms that tells us more about contemporary society than eternal truth.

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The Source of This Information

With all of the fanfare about channeling, it seems important to be clear that this is not a channeled book. The information in this book does not come from some entity or personality apart from the mind of the listener. Indeed, this book is the result of one listener's joining with the Christ Mind, of which he and you are essential parts.

To think of me as being outside of and independent of your mind is to miss the point. For it is in your mind that I address you. I am your most intimate friend speaking to you, sometimes in words, often beyond words. Your communication and communion with me are essential to your practice of my teaching. (LWOC)

The Second Coming

A teaching lives only to the extent that people understand it and live it. It is like a musical composition. It doesn't come alive until someone performs it.

When you understand my teaching and practice it in your daily life, you become a beacon for others. Through you, my teaching comes alive. Through your life, I live.

This is my Second Coming. I will not come again in a physical body. I will come through your heart/mind and your life as you attune to me, just as I have always done.

There was a time when I had twelve apostles. Now I have thousands.

Every time a person turns to me in complete surrender, he becomes my instrument. Through his hands and heart I work to spread love in the world. (MOL)

I Am Not the Only Child of God

It is nearly 2,000 years since my birth and my teaching--which was once like a raging stream--has shrunk to barely a trickle of water. You have rationalized me and put me in my place: an exalted place perhaps, but a distant one. You have placed me above you where I will not challenge you. By making me a deity, an only Son of God, you excuse yourself from having to live up to my example. Yet my example is the heart of my teaching. If you do not try to emulate me, what is the meaning of your belief in me? (RTG)

Crucifixion and Resurrection (1)

You think I am special because I was crucified. Yet you are nailed to the cross every day. And when you are not being nailed, you are doing the nailing. There is nothing special about being crucified.

Some of you believe that I alone was resurrected. Yet you are raised from death by the power of love every time you remember who you are or who your brother is. Every time love is given or received, death is vanquished. For everything dies, except love. Only the love you have given or received lives forever.

You may think that by believing in me you are guaranteed some special place in the afterlife. That is not true, unless your belief in me has inspired you to give love or receive it. If you have not opened to love in your life, your belief in me or in anyone else means very little. (MOL)

Crucifixion and Resurrection (2)

You think your hurtful actions condemn you for all time. You think that God is vengeful and will punish you for your mistakes. But that is not the God I know. That is the God created out of human fear and guilt.

You think that I died for your sins. That is a misunderstanding of my life and my teaching. I came to teach that no sin is unforgivable, that every being deserves love, including those who strike out against others in their fear and their pain.

I did not die to save you from your sins, nor did I die to condemn you for crucifying me. I died, quite simply, because you could not recognize me in yourself.

You think you are attending my crucifixion when in truth you are attending your own. But remember, like me, you too will be resurrected from the prison of pain. My Passion play is just a metaphor for your own. (RTG)

Do Not Think That I Alone Am Christ

Do not think that I alone am Christ or you will miss the entire point of my teaching. Every one of you is the anointed one. Every one of you is chosen.

But to be chosen is not enough. Some of my Jewish brothers and sisters were chosen, yet they chose to worship idols nonetheless. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters were chosen, yet they chose to make idols of me and mother Mary. You see, it is not enough to be chosen. You too must choose.

I made my choice and so must you. Choosing to put God first does not mean that you are perfect or mistake free. I was not perfect, although you believe me to be. That, of course, is the problem.

If you believe that I was perfect, then how can you measure up to me? My friends, you are not talking about Jesus here. You are talking about some abstract idol, an intellectual concept to which you will nail yourself as though it were a cross. The story of the crucifixion is not over. You keep it alive through your perfectionism and relentless self-judgment.

Knowing that I was an imperfect human being like you, you can muster a bit of hope for yourself. Salvation is not for those who are mistake free, but for those who make mistakes and desire to atone for them. (MOL)

I Did Not Die for Your Sins

If I died for your sins, then there is nothing left for you to do. Why then not ascend to heaven on the strength of your belief in me?

I will tell you why. Because, in spite of your belief, you are not happy. You are not at peace.

Take me down from the pedestal, my brother or sister, and place me at your side, where I belong. I am your absolute, unconditional equal. What I have done, you too will do. You will not be saved by my thoughts and actions, but by your own. Except you become the Christ, peace will not come to the world. If you would see me as king, then king must you yourself be.

Do not put distance between us, for I am no different from you. Whatever you are--a beggar or thief, a holy man or a king--that I am too.

There is no pedestal I have not been lifted upon, nor any gutter I have not lain in. It is only because I have touched the heart of both joy and pain that I can walk through the doors of compassion. (MOL)

From the Hardcover edition.

Meet the Author

Paul Ferrini is the author of several books, including the bestselling Love Without Conditions, and is the founder and editor of Miracles magazine. Through his publications, lectures, and workshops, thousands have deepened their practice of forgiveness and opened their hearts to the divine presence in themselves and others.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Reflections of the Christ Mind: The Present-Day Teachings of Jesus 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is not even worthy to line my bird cage with. Don't waste your time on this heretical drivel.