Reform in Modern Russian History: Progress or Cycle?

Reform in Modern Russian History: Progress or Cycle?

by Theodore Taranovski

ISBN-10: 0521451779

ISBN-13: 9780521451772

Pub. Date: 04/28/2008

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

An historical introduction to the prospects for reform in Russian state and society.  See more details below


An historical introduction to the prospects for reform in Russian state and society.

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Cambridge University Press
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Woodrow Wilson Center Press Series
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New Edition
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5.98(w) x 8.98(h) x 1.14(d)

Table of Contents

1. The problem of reform in Russian and Soviet history Theodore Taranovski; Part I. Traditions of Reform in Late Imperial Russia: 2. 'Revolution from Above' in Russia: reflections on Natan Eidel'man's last book and related matters Terence Emmons; 3. Russia falls back Russia catches up: three generations of Russian reformers Valentina G. Cherukha and Boris V. Anan'ich; 4. From reforms 'from above' to revolution 'from below' Larisa G. Zakharova; 5. Reforms and political culture in prerevolutionary Russia: Commentary Daniel Field; Part II. Autocracy and the Challenge of Constitutionalism: 6. The social problem in Russia 1906–1914: Stolypin's agrarian reform Avenir P. Korelin; 7. Agricultural reform and political change: the case of Stolypin David A. J. Macey; 8. United government and the crisis of autocracy 1905–1914 David M. McDonald; 9. Russia's parliament of public opinion: association assembly and the autocracy 1906–1914 Joseph Bradley; 10. The reforming tradition in Russian and Soviet history: Commentary Alfred J. Rieber; Part III. The Uncertain Interlude: 11. The evolution of Bolshevik cultural policies during the first years of Soviet power Peter Kenez; 12. Local power in the 1920s: police and administrative reform Neil B. Weissman; 13. The antibureaucratic campaigns of the 1920s Daniel T. Orlovsky; 14. The inconsistency of NEP: Commentary Ben Eklof; 15. Khrushchev and the crisis of the regime of the Marxian prince Carl A. Linden; 16. Khrushchev's reforms in the light of perestroika Vitalii S. Lel'chuk; 17. Perestroika: a revival of Khruschevian reform or a new idea of socialist state Giulietto Chiesa; 18. Khruschev and Gorbachev - similarity and difference: commentary Robert V. Daniels; 19. The reformer's dilemma - damned if it's reform, damned if it's revolution: Commentary William Taubman; Part V. The Past, the Present and the Future: 20. Perestroika and the role of representative institutions in contemporary Soviet politics Sergei B. Stankevich; 21. Glasnost in Russia and the USSR: the 1860s and the 1980s Iurii M. Baturin; 22. Reform and revolution: Commentary Blair Ruble; 23. The fifth Russian revolution: Commentary Robert C. Tucker; 24. The return to normalcy: commentary Theodore Taranovski.

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