The Reform of Property Law

The Reform of Property Law

by Paul Jackson

ISBN-10: 1855218844

ISBN-13: 9781855218840

Pub. Date: 05/01/1997

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Table of Contents

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1Reforming the Language of Property Law3
2The Role of the Law Commission27
3Reform and Parliamentary Procedures38
4The Dangers of Reform54
5Variation of Leases and Tenant Liability73
6Termination of Tenancies by Tenants: A Just Cause?91
7The Reform of Agricultural Holdings Law111
8Land Registration: Reform at Last?129
9The Right to Possession: The Need for Substantive Reform150
10The Polluter Pays177
11General Principles of Property Law: A Traditional Continental View197
12Effects of the Hague Convention in a Civil Law Country222
13Identity Matters239
14Land Law Reform: A Comparative Perspective257
15The Mortgagee as Fiduciary: Comparative Perspectives on an Emerging Doctrine264
16700 Years at One Blow: The Abolition of Feudal Land Tenure in Scotland299
17Land Law and Reform and Ireland312
18Land Reform in South Africa334
19Reforming the Priority Rules in Hong Kong: A Comparative Perspective381

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