Reggae Platinum & Renaissance Mix Tape, Vol. 1

Reggae Platinum & Renaissance Mix Tape, Vol. 1


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J&D Records


Disc 1

  1. Faith
  2. Woman Yu Hot
  3. Under Mi Guiness
  4. Man Shall Not Live
  5. Made It So
  6. Earth A Run Red
  7. Gwaan So
  8. Yu Sure
  9. Nuh Pardon
  10. Doom
  11. Gungu @@Pancho
  12. What More
  13. Leggo Bout Yah
  14. Baby Come Alive

Disc 2

  1. Intro @@Dr.Dre Of Rennaisance
  2. Under Mi Guiness
  3. Bought and Sold
  4. Look So Appealing
  5. Jam One
  6. Name Weh Mi Name
  7. Search Wi Body @@Powerman
  8. Flex Too Hard
  9. Nah Bow to Nuh Gal
  10. Gwaan So
  11. Rennaissance Special @@Mr.Chicken
  12. Rennaissence Special
  13. Sleep With Me
  14. Tonight's the Night
  15. Victoria Secret
  16. Been There & Done
  17. Sexual Anthem @@Dady Screw
  18. Woman Yu Hot
  19. Hot Misses @@Kid Kurrup
  20. Weekend
  21. Say She A Mate
  22. Made It So
  23. Nuh Pardon
  24. Shottas Paradise
  25. Faith
  26. Rennissance Special
  27. Yu Sure
  28. Cinderella @@Pancho
  29. Dainty Body @@Powerman
  30. Bong Bong
  31. Renaissance Special @@Platinum Kirk
  32. Rude Boy
  33. Gungu @@Pancho

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Zebra   Track Performer
Capleton   Track Performer
Beenie Man   Track Performer
Mega Banton   Track Performer
Glen Washington   Track Performer
Tony Curtis   Track Performer
Luciano   Track Performer
Sizzla   Track Performer
Spragga Benz   Track Performer
Daddy Screw   Track Performer
Lady Saw   Track Performer
Bobby Reece   Track Performer
Ras Shiloh   Track Performer
Vegas   Track Performer
Sean Paul   Track Performer
Scare Dem Crew   Track Performer
Elephant Man   Track Performer
Richie Spice   Track Performer
Delly Ranks   Track Performer
Round Head   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Shadowman   Producer
Derrick Moo-Young   Producer,Executive Producer
Shane Richards   Producer
Tek   Producer
Wesley Rami   Producer
P. Smart   Producer
L. James   Producer
E. Hibbert   Executive Producer
O. Ramdeen   Producer,Executive Producer
C. Clarke   Producer

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