Regional Development and Planning for the 21st Century: New Priorities, New Philosophies

Regional Development and Planning for the 21st Century: New Priorities, New Philosophies

by Allen G. Noble, Frank J. Costa, Robert B. Kent

ISBN-10: 1840148004

ISBN-13: 9781840148008

Pub. Date: 10/01/1998

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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1Currents of Change: Urban Planning and Regional Development1
2Finnish and American Planning: A Comparative Analysis19
3Regional Planning and Development in Israel as Affected by the Peace Process35
4Regional Planning and Development as Affected by Tamil Insurgency in Sri Lanka57
5Population Dynamics and Planning: China and India81
6Transportation, Regional Development, and Economic Potential in Mexico101
7Shifts in Slum Upgrading Policy in India with Special Reference to Calcutta125
8Health Planning and the Resurgence of Malaria in Urban India151
9Residential Land Development in Highland Ecuador169
10Sustainable Development in China: Reconciling Modernity with Tradition187
11Tourist Facility Development and Coastal Zone Management in Costa Rica207
12Reflections on Cuban Socialism and Planning in the "Special Period"225
13The Promotion of Neoliberal Industrialization in Third World Countries245
14Urban Planning and Development in Calcutta: Local and Global Issues269
15Planning for the City Efficient: The Hong Kong and Macau Experience285
16Singapore, the Planned City State: Government Intervention in Nation Building307
17Seven Decades of New Land Planning: The IJsselmeer Polder Experience333
18Decentralization, Popular Participation, and Changing Patterns of Urban and Regional Development in Bolivia351
19Future Trends: Globalism and Regionalism365

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