Regional models of trade and development / Edition 1

Regional models of trade and development / Edition 1

by B.S.M. Berendsen

ISBN-10: 9020707531

ISBN-13: 9789020707533

Pub. Date: 07/31/1978

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
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Studies in Development and Planning Series, #7
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction.- 1.1. The purpose of this study.- 1.2. The outline of the book.- 1.3. Some concluding remarks.- 2. Economic Development, Foreign Trade and Regional Integration.- 2.1. Theories of international trade and their applicability to foreign trade of developing countries.- 2.2. Economic development and foreign trade.- 2.3. Regional integration of developing countries.- 3. Foreign Trade in One-Country Models of Economic Development.- 3.1. Introduction.- 3.2. Foreign trade in the two-gap model.- 3.3. The import-minimum, export-maximum approach.- 4. A Regional Approach to Foreign Trade in Development Models.- 4.1. The two-gap approach in a regional framework.- 4.2. The import-minimum, export-maximum theory in a regional framework.- 4.3. Conclusion.- 5. A Survey of Multi-Country Models.- 5.1. Introduction.- 5.2. Trade and price variables in multi-country models.- 5.3. Multi-country models.- Appendix A: Prices in multi-country, input-output models.- 6. A Policy Model for Regional Trade and Development.- 6.1. Introduction.- 6.2. The basic model.- 6.3. The foreign trade relations.- 6.4. Relative price variables and the instruments of foreign trade policies.- Appendix B: Definition of variables.- 7. Development Characteristics and the Structure of Intra-Asean Trade.- 7.1. Introduction.- 7.2. Development characteristics of ASEAN countries.- 7.3. Macro-economic parameters.- 7.4. Import demand equations.- 7.5 A numerical exercise.- Appendix C: Composition of final demand in the ASEAN countries.- 8. Regression Analysis of Export Flows of Malaysia.- 8.1. Specification of commodities and demand variables.- 8.2. The results of the regressions.- 8.3. Summary of results and conclusions.- Appendix D: Statistical tables.- Appendix E: Results of regressions.- 9. A Statistical Analysis of Asean Foreign Trade.- 9.1. Discrepancies in ASEAN foreign trade statistics.- 9.2. The structure of ASEAN foreign trade.- 9.3 Revealed comparative advantage.- 10. Summary and Conclusions.- 10.1. The purpose of the study.- 10.2. The structure of the study.- 10.3. Conclusions.- Appendix F: Trade flow matrices, 1962–1968, in current prices according to import price data, million U.S. dollars.- References.

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