Reinventing Christianity: Nineteenth Century Contexts

Reinventing Christianity: Nineteenth Century Contexts

by Linda Woodhead

ISBN-10: 0754616509

ISBN-13: 9780754616504

Pub. Date: 06/01/2001

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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Table of Contents

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List of Contributorsix
Part 1Varieties
ITranscendent Christianity
1.Evangelical Certainties: Charles Spurgeon and the Sermon as Crisis Literature27
2.Fortress Catholicism: The Art of Ultramontanism at Notre Dame de Fourviere37
3.Anglican Controversies: Debating Private Confession67
IILiberal Christianity and Alternative Spiritualities
4.The World's Parliament of Religions and the Rise of Alternative Spirituality81
5.The Swedenborgian Church in England97
6.Transcendentalists and Catholic Converts in Emerson's America105
Part 2Negotiations
IIIChristianity and Literature
7.Rewriting Genesis: The Nineteenth-Century Roots of D.H. Lawrence's Religion119
8.Wordsworth and the Sacralization of Place127
9.Reactionary and Romantic: Joseph de Maistre and Shelley139
10.The Religion of Thomas Carlyle149
IVChristianity and Gender
11.The Feminization of Piety in Nineteenth-Century Art165
12.Women's Theology and the British Periodical Press191
13.The Feminist Theology of Florence Nightingale199
14.Elizabeth Gaskell, Gender and the Apocalypse211
VChristianity and Science
15.Science and Secularization229
16.Contextualising the 'War' between Science and Religion239
17.Philip Gosse and the Varieties of Natural Theology251

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