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Relationship Marketing / Edition 1

Relationship Marketing / Edition 1

by John Egan

ISBN-10: 1412908663

ISBN-13: 9781412908665

Pub. Date: 07/28/2005

Publisher: SAGE Publications

This collection is a long-awaited one-stop resource that draws together all the important readings on the origins, development and future of Relationship Marketing.

With classic and contemporary writings from influential figures in the field, this landmark work explores the theory and practice of Relationship Marketing. Papers map out past and present


This collection is a long-awaited one-stop resource that draws together all the important readings on the origins, development and future of Relationship Marketing.

With classic and contemporary writings from influential figures in the field, this landmark work explores the theory and practice of Relationship Marketing. Papers map out past and present research and pose exciting questions about Relationship Marketing's future.

This definitive collection includes 59 articles and is accompanied by an insightful introduction that draws together key issues. A concise rationale behind the selection of papers is also provided.

The SAGE Library in Business and Management is a first-class series of major works that brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classical and contemporary, in a number of key areas of research and inquiry in Business and Management.

Each multi-volume set represents a collection of the essential published works collated from the foremost publications in the field by an Editor or Editorial Team of renowned international stature. They include a full introduction, presenting a rationale for the selection and mapping out the discipline's past, present and likely future.

This series is designed to be a 'gold standard' for university libraries throughout the world with a programme or interest in Business and Management Studies.

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SAGE Publications
Publication date:
SAGE Library in Business and Management Series
Edition description:
Three-Volume Set
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

A Model of the Distributor's Perspective of Distributor-Manufacturer Working Relationships - J C Anderson and J A Narus
Perspectives for a Theory in Marketing - J Arndt
Internal Networks for Internal Marketing - D Ballantyne
Relationship Marketing - L L Berry
Relationship Marketing - M Christopher, A Payne and D Ballantyne
Developing Buyer-Seller Relationships - F D Dwyer, P H Schurr and S Oh
The Marketing Strategy Continuum - C Gr[um]onroos
Towards a Marketing Concept for the 1990s
The New Marketing - Developing Long-Term Interactive Relationships - E Gummesson
A Model of Industrial Networks - H Hakansson and J Johanson
Build Customer Relationships That Last - B B Jackson
Relationship Marketing Theory - K M[um]oller and A Halinen
Its Roots and Direction
Relationships between Providers and Users of Market Research - K M[um]oller and A Halinen
The Dynamics of Trust within and between Organizations
Vanishing Point - L O'Malley and M Patterson
The Mix Management Paradigm Re-Viewed
The Domain and Conceptual Foundations of Relationship Marketing - J N Sheth and A Parvatiyar
Revisiting Marketing's Lawlike Generalizations - J N Sheth and R S Sisodia
Managing Customer Relationships for Profit - K Storbacka, T Strandvik and C Gr[um]onroos
The Dynamics of Relationship Quality
The Characteristics of a Marketing Relationship - B Thomas
The 4P Classification of the Marketing Mix Revisited - W Waterschoot and Van Den Bulte
The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation - F E Webster
The Theoretical and Philosophical Underpinnings of Relationship Marketing - F E Webster
Environmental Factors behind the Changing Marketing Paradigm
Relationship Marketing of Services - Growing Interest, Emerging Perspectives - L L Berry
Critical Service Encounters - M J Bitner, B H Booms and L A Mohr
The Employee's Viewpoint
Buyer/Supplier Partnering in British Industry - R Brennan
The Automotive and Telecommunications Sectors
Relationship Marketing - F Buttle
Buyer-Seller Relationships in Business Markets - J P Cannon and W D Perreault Jr
Relationship Marketing in Consumer Markets - R Christy, G Oliver and J Penn
Understanding Contemporary Marketing - N E Coviello, R J Brodie and H J Munro
Development of a Classification Scheme
The Dynamics of Long-Term Business-to-Business Exchange Relationships - P A Dabholkar, W J Johnston and A S Cathey
Back to the Future - J Egan
Divergence in Relationship Marketing Research
The Relationship Marketing Process - J R Evans and R L Laskin
From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing - J R Evans and R L Laskin
Towards a Paradigm Shift in Marketing
Marketing Orientation Revisited - E Gummesson
The Crucial Role of the Part-Time Marketer
Relationship Marketing Defined? - M J Harker
Relationship Marketing in the Era of Network Competition - S D Hunt and R M Morgan
Why Satisfied Customers Defect - T O Jones and W E Sasser
The Commitment-Trust Theory of Relationship Marketing - R M Morgan and S D Hunt
Understanding Customer Expectations of Service - A Prasuraman, L L Berry and V A Zeithaml
Commercial Friendships - L L Price and E T Arnould
Service Provider-Client Relationships in Context
Relationship Marketing in Consumer Markets - J N Sheth and A Parvatiyar
Antecedents and Consequences
Review of the Marriage Analogy in Relationship Marketing - C Tynan
An Integrated Model of Buyer-Seller Relationships - D T Wilson
Don't All Firms Have Relationships? - K J Blois
Towards a Paradigm Shift in Marketing? An Examination of Current Marketing Practices - R J Brodie et al
Customer Loyalty - A Dick and K Basu
Towards an Integrated Framework
Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work? - G R Dowling and M Uncles
Marketing in the New Millennium - P Doyle
Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater - J Egan
Preventing the Premature Death of Relationship Marketing - S Fournier, S Dobscha and D G Mick
The Dark Side of Long-Term Relationships in Marketing - K Grayson and T Ambler
The Rise and Fall of Modern Marketing - And Its Rebirth - C Gr[um]onroos
Making Relationship Marketing Operational - E Gummesson
Lingua Franca - M J Harker
Competing through Relationships - S D Hunt
Grounding Relationship Marketing in Resource-Advantage Theory
Concept, Metaphor or Reality? The Prognosis for Relationships in Consumer Markets - L O'Malley and C Tynan
Relationship Marketing - A J Palmer
A Universal Paradigm or Management Fad?
Exchange Relationships in Consumer Markets? - J Pels
Barriers to Relationship Marketing in Consumer Retailing - A D Pressey and B P Matthews
Promoting Relationship Learning - F Selnes and J Sallis
An Alternative View of Relationship Marketing - Tuomo Takala and O Uusitalo
A Framework for Ethical Analysis
Relationship Marketing, What If...? - C Veloutsou, M Saren and N Tzokas

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