Relaxation Body, Mind & Spirit [Box]

Relaxation Body, Mind & Spirit [Box]

by Silvia Nakkach

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Release Date:
Peter Pan

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Disc 1

  1. Alma
  2. Dhyana
  3. Mulher Do AR
  4. Sound Forest
  5. The Nature of Change: Introduction
  6. The Nature of Change: Tango
  7. The Nature of Change: Raga Duet
  8. Hasa

Disc 2

  1. Relaxation for Massage

Disc 3

  1. Rose Water Moon
  2. Into the Heartland
  3. A Space Without Clouds
  4. Valley of the White Horse
  5. The Watercourse Way
  6. Pink Rose of Autumn
  7. Splashing in Waterfalls
  8. Midnight Tree
  9. 1000 Faces of a Diamond
  10. Full Moon Dance
  11. Ecstatic Meeting

Disc 4

  1. To Every Heart Alive
  2. Waltz for a Blissful Goddess
  3. Aspects of Time
  4. Mystery of the Moon
  5. Mirror of the Sun
  6. And Yet... And Yet...
  7. Miracle Before Breakfast
  8. Kalimba Flight
  9. Zen, Light and Silence
  10. The Flower
  11. A Sudden Dance

Disc 5

  1. Timeless Light
  2. Sunlight Rain River
  3. Circle Within
  4. The Dance of Rain Declares the Sun
  5. Place of Power
  6. Dance at Dawn
  7. The Ancient Ones
  8. One Ocean of Witnessing
  9. Hermitage
  10. Pebbles on a Sea Beach
  11. Carry Me on Your Morning Wings
  12. The Heart Insight

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Silvia Nakkach   Primary Artist,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals,Wood Flute
Zeno   Drums,Rainstick
Mike Knapp   Cello,String Bass
Paul McCandless   French Horn,Oboe
Mike Trim   Percussion
David Miles   Drums,Bells,Hurdy-Gurdy
Prem Joshua   Bamboo Flute
Sambodhi Prem   Synthesizer,Bass,Guitar,Keyboards,Water Drums
Richard Adams   Violin
David Bowater   Soprano Saxophone
Ravi   Kora
Devakant   Flute,Bamboo Flute
Sandipa   Tamboura
Sidhamo   Keyboards
Swagato   Flute
Jack Gates   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar

Technical Credits

Neil Young   Engineer
Pat Metheny   Arranger,Producer
Mike Knapp   Producer
David Miles   Melody Arrangement
Sambodhi Prem   Arranger,Producer,Sequencers
Silvia Nakkach   Producer,Drum Samples
Waduda Paradiso   Art Direction
Anni Wildung   Graphic Design
Devakant   Arranger,Producer
Eiko Akiyama   Drum Samples

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