Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective

Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective

by Ted Gerard Jelen

This book examines religion and politics in diverse countries or regions.See more details below


This book examines religion and politics in diverse countries or regions.

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1. Introduction: the one and the many - religion and politics in comparative perspective Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox; 2. The challenge of pluralism: the Catholic church in democratic Poland Timothy A. Byrnes; 3. Catholicism, politics, and culture in the Republic of Ireland Michele Dillon; 4. Religion and politics in Iberia: clericalism, anticlericalism and democratization in Portugal and Spain Paul Christopher Manuel; 5. The religious dimension of Israeli political life Kenneth D. Wald; 6. Between heaven and earth: the dilemma of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sussan Siavoshi; 7. Islamism in contemporary Arab politics: lessons in authoritarianism and democratization Mehran Tamadonfar; 8. Religion and politics in a secular Europe: cutting against the grain J. Christopher Soper and Joel Fetzer; 9. Religion and democracy in South America: challenges and opportunities Anthony Gill; 10. Looking for hope in Central America: the Pentecostal movement Anne Motley Hallum; 11. Religion and politics in India: the emergence of Hindu Nationalism and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sunil K. Sahu; 12. Religion and politics in Japan Maria Toyoda and Aiji Tanaka; 13. Religion and politics in an open market: religious mobilization in the United States Clyde Wilcox and Ted G. Jelen; 14. Conclusion: the political roles of religion Ted G. Jelen and Clyde Wilcox.

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