Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles

Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles

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by Frank B. Arian, Martin S. Jacobs

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The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor compelled American into World War II and also resulted in a flood of items acknowledging this critical and pivotal event. Over the ensuing decades, a collector's market has sprung up based on the wealth of variety of materials from the period. These range from posters and placards to postcards and pins, from banners and stationary, to cigar wrappings and ladies underwear. Highly recommended for both nostalgic reminiscing and collector references, Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles is an impressive, 88-page compendium surveying these special collectibles through a wealth of both black-and-white as well as full-color photographs.

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Pictorial Histories Publishing Company Incorporated
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Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great 88-page book loaded with photos of every type of Pearl Harbor memorabilia. It features more than 300 large, sharp, black and white and over 80 full-color photos. After the brief introduction, each page is full of memories. Major categories include newspapers, decals and patches, postcards, gum cards and matchbooks, post cards, pennants, banners, letters, postal covers, 3-D items, jewelry, movies, books, magazines, plaques and plates, and more. A seperate price guide indentifies each item by page number and description, along with the current value. WWII collectible fans will enjoy seeing the featured items and the memories that go along with them. Add it to your collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is another neat book by Martin Jacobs about World War II collectibles.While not quite up to his larger recent book on WWII 'Homefront' collectibles, this smaller picture book is more than worth the low price of $14.95. This is a photo book with the captions telling the story of the infamous sneak attack, which heralded America's entry into WWII. 'Remember Pearl Harbor' was the greatest rallying point in America's long history. Entering our folklore instantly, it appeared in hundreds of items right up to the end of the War, including stickers, newspapers, toys, trading cards, salt and peppershakers, jewelry (a big collectible) even neckties. Coming up on the 60th anniversary of the attack, Pearl Harbor collectibles, souvenirs, relics, keepsakes and artifacts, once very cheap are now rising in price. ebay has a lengthy search category for them. This book helps all collectors to recognize these really intriguing items as well as to assist hobbyists in aquiring them. This book contains a lengthy price guide. Hight recommended.