Remembering the Greats

Remembering the Greats


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Daywind Records


Disc 1

  1. Welcome and Intro
  2. I've Read the Back of the Book
  3. Master Builder
  4. Champion of Love
  5. Roger Bennett Remembers the Cathedrals
  6. Gerald Wolfe Intro
  7. Judy Nelon Remembers the Goodmans
  8. Look for Me
  9. God Walks the Dark Hills
  10. I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now
  11. Joyce Martin Remembers the Goodmans
  12. Gerald Wolfe Intro
  13. My God Is Real
  14. Old Country Church
  15. Terry Blackwood Remembers the Blackwood Brothers
  16. Gerald Wolfe Intro
  17. I Was There When It Happened
  18. Ben Speer Remembers the Speer Family
  19. I'm Standing on the Solid Rock

Disc 2

  1. Roger Bennett Intro
  2. I Call Him Lord
  3. I've Never Been This Homesick Before
  4. Reba Rambo McGuire Remembers the Rambos
  5. Because of Whose I Am
  6. Roger Bennett Intro
  7. First Day in Heaven
  8. Terrible Time Down There
  9. Climbing Up the Mountain
  10. Ed Hill Remembers the Stamps
  11. Roger Bennett Trio
  12. Seawalker
  13. Gerald Crabb Remembers the Hinsons
  14. The Lighthouse
  15. Chris Freeman Remembers the Hinsons
  16. Roger Bennett Intro
  17. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  18. Joe Moscheo Remembers the Imperials

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Roger Bennett   Piano
Joe Freeman   Piano
Dennis Murphy   Drums
Scott Fowler   Bass Guitar
Mark Trammell   Bass Guitar
Gerald Wolfe   Piano
Garry Jones   Piano
Jeff Stice   Piano
Stan Whitmire   Piano
Beasley   Bass Guitar
Wayne Haun   Keyboards
Justin Kropf   Bass Guitar
Darrell Freeman   Bass Guitar
Misty Freeman   Guitar
Justin Ellis   Piano
Jason Crabb   Guitar
Aaron Crabb   Guitar
Adam Crabb   Harmonica
Matthew Holt   Piano
Jon Michael Brady   Drums

Technical Credits

Jimmie Davis   Composer
Dottie Rambo   Composer
Stuart Hamblen   Composer
Rusty Goodman   Composer
Roger Bennett   Composer,Contributor
Leroy Abernathy   Composer
Eddie Leonard   Producer
Kenneth S. Morris   Composer
J.D. Sumner   Composer
Carolyn Cross   Composer
Phil Cross   Composer
Harold Lane   Composer
Tim Spencer   Composer
Gerald Wolfe   Contributor
Norman Holland   Producer
Ronnie Henson   Composer
Dony McGuire   Composer
Mosie Lister   Composer
Andra Czarnikow   Composer
Wesley Pritchard   House Sound
Justin Kropf   Engineer
Dottie Leonard Miller   Executive Producer
Charles Goodman   Composer
Susan Puckett   Art Direction
Crystal Burchette   Producer
Fern Jones   Composer

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