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The Renewal: A Project Restoration Novel

The Renewal: A Project Restoration Novel

4.8 6
by Terri Kraus

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ISBN-10: 0781448905

ISBN-13: 9780781448901

Pub. Date: 02/01/2009

Publisher: Cook, David C

Leslie Ruskin has just purchased the historic Midlands Building, which-like her life-needs a little renovation. She and her five-year-old daughter are starting over after a devastating divorce but standing on the sidewalk looking up at the seedy downtown brownstone, Leslie wonders if she's done the right thing. It needs work. A lot of work. Jack Kenyon, a master


Leslie Ruskin has just purchased the historic Midlands Building, which-like her life-needs a little renovation. She and her five-year-old daughter are starting over after a devastating divorce but standing on the sidewalk looking up at the seedy downtown brownstone, Leslie wonders if she's done the right thing. It needs work. A lot of work. Jack Kenyon, a master carpenter, is starting over too. Beginning his own construction business, he seems to be the perfect man for the project. But haunted by loneliness, his past failures, and the lost relationship with his own young daughter, Jack finds it difficult to maintain his sobriety. As Jack and Leslie discover a growing attraction, Jack's old demons begin to surface. Will the whole project derail-or will they find the renewal their lives so desperately need?

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Cook, David C
Publication date:
Project Restoration Series
Edition description:
New edition
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5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

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Chapter One,
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Chapter Nine,
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Chapter Eleven,
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Chapter Fifteen,
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Chapter Seventeen,
Chapter Eighteen,
Chapter Nineteen,
Chapter Twenty,
Chapter Twenty-one,
Chapter Twenty-two,
Chapter Twenty-three,
Chapter Twenty-four,
Chapter Twenty-five,
Chapter Twenty-six,
Chapter Twenty-seven,
Chapter Twenty-eight,
Chapter Twenty-nine,
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Other Books by Jim and Terri Kraus,
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The Renewal 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
R_Alexander More than 1 year ago
Real. That¿s the best way to describe The Renewal. This book could have easily been a true story it was so well written. It did not read like a contrived ¿we meet, fall in love, find God, and live happily ever after¿ plot. It was real people with authentic lives. It¿s common that book characters somehow always seem slightly fictitious. Not so here. I half expected Leslie, Ava, Jack, and the rest of the gang to walk straight off the page. Plus, the characters grow over the course of the novel. They learn to trust and put faith in someone bigger than themselves. You can really see the transformation take place. Maybe that¿s why this seemed so realistic.

What I also loved about this book was how many different genres Ms. Kraus blended together¿romance, historical, suspense. It¿s got a little something for everyone. It includes tentative relationships (romantic and otherwise), diary entries from Leslie¿s great-great-great-grandmother¿s diary, and hints about the characters¿ past, all of which keep you reading.

Not only are the main characters extremely fleshed out and realistic, but the secondary characters are as well. All the people are thought out, with quirky traits, life-like thoughts and actions, and identifiable situations. Plus, people from The Renovation, book one in the Project Restoration series, pop up in this book. It was nice to see some old faces and hear how their lives are going.

Ms. Kraus is a master with words and storylines. This is one of the most well-written books I¿ve read (and I read a lot). It¿s sweet, authentic, and God-honoring. If you¿ve read book one in the series, or even if you haven¿t, definitely check this one out. It¿s pretty much perfect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
soldiermom More than 1 year ago
As an avid reader, it is uncommon for me to keep a collection of paperback books hanging around, as I like to share the good ones with friends and family. This one, however, will remain on my shelf beside Terri Krauss's The Renovation. I will simply buy a copy for whomever I want to pass this fabulous read to. Terri's manner of writing is delightful to all of the senses. She delicately weaves her words into a masterpiece of architectural beauty and storyline. I am taken away to the place that she so eloquently describes and fall in love with the characters and the mission she sets forward to portray relationships and biblical views of love and acceptance. By pure incidence, I purchased her first release, The Renovation, and upon completion couldn't wait for The Renewal to hit the stands. She has now become the top name on my list for reading. With a passion to incorporate reviving the past through restoration of old homes, my attention was captured by the cover alone. Great read for anyone and a compelling story to renew your spirit in the comfort of your favorite reading spot.
ChandraLynn More than 1 year ago
The Renewal, book two in the Project Restoration Series, is an even more compelling read than book one. Leslie Ruskin, single mom trying to start over with her five-year-old daughter meets Jack Kenyon, master carpenter trying to recover his life. Both of them struggle with the need to renew not just the old Midlands Building Leslie purchased, but also their hearts. Day by day the building is restored to its old luster while Leslie and Jack both battle their histories and attraction for each other. And, within the pages of the novel, another story emerges. Leslie has the journal of her great-great-great grandmother Amelia Westland's life. As Leslie reads the treasured journal, she finds her own faith and hope and learns to trust her heart. Jack befriends a man named Earl who helps him wrestle his demons and open his heart once more. This book sort of sneaks up and grabs the reader. The romance is sweet and heartwarming, the history intriguing, and the mystery of what is behind the door no one can open keeps you guessing. If you have read The Renovation, this is an excellent sequel. If you have not, this book stands alone and will make you want to go back and pick up the first book also. I am eager to read the next one. Clear your weekend, sit down and enjoy the read. Don't be surprised if it makes you reminisce about falling in love and eager to do some home repairs.
Kristine_Pratt More than 1 year ago
Can something be so broken that even God can¿t restore it?

Leslie Ruskin is starting over. She¿s left a bad situation and only wants to leave the past behind. Her purchase of the historic Midlands Building is what she hopes to be the key to a new life for her and her five-year-old daughter. To do that though, she needs help. And that comes in the form of another stranger in town, Jack Kenyon.

Jack¿s also starting over¿and has just as many demons from his past as Leslie does. Together they work to restore the old building. But the past has a way of rearing it¿s ugly head as Leslie¿s ex-husband suddenly shows up, bringing with him fear and uncertainty. And Jack¿s own struggles with depression and alcoholism threaten to destroy everything he¿s worked to build.

THE RENEWAL is a compelling story of love and forgiveness. The characters are so quirky and fun you can¿t help but wish you could sit down to coffee with them. The storyline is intense and will keep you reading long after you should have gone to bed and leaves you well satisfied when the last page is turned.

But more than that, this book ministered to me in a way I didn¿t expect. Leslie¿s problems with panic attacks mirror my own, as does her difficult past. Here¿s a book that gave me hope and encouragement and strengthened my own walk with God. For those reasons alone, I can¿t recommend this book enough. Well done, Terri!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bantzbooks.com More than 1 year ago
It's a battle tactic as old as Eden, twisting truths into lies in order to control men's minds. THE RENEWAL exposes the enemy who is using a guilt-ridden carpeter, Jack Kenyon, and a fear-stricken home-restorer, Leslie Ruskin, as pawns. Leslie appears to be doing fine settling into her new apartment, hiring Jack to renovate the rental units, and even registering her battle-weary daughter in Kindergarten. Ava befriends the boy in the desk ahead of her, and his dad Mike, also a single parent, befriends Leslie.

When Ava's dad suddenly takes an interest in seeing Ava, Leslie is convinced her ex-husband's motive is to steal Ava away. A debilitating panic attack ensues, making her late to pick Ava up after school, and Ava retreats into her protective shell.

At a local bar & grille, Jack is facing his own demons, Accuser and Excuser: "You killed your wife and daughter," and, "Oh, one sip won't hurt you." It looks as if they might succeed in reclaiming Jack's life until he revisits hes family's grave site and surrender himself back to God.

Despite Leslie's inner struggles dealing with her ex-husband's threats, she feels attracted to Jack. But Mike offers her a comfortable alternative. Leslie's great-great-great grandmother Amelia shares her own story via a diary and a family Bible they discover as they renovate Amelia's historic house, and her advice to the generations to come is to follow your heart.

Great story, skillfully told. God's love prevails, and His enemies are silenced.