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Repair For Toddlers

Repair For Toddlers

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by Mckinnon Marjorie

R.E.P.A.I.R is Recognition, Entry, Process, Awareness, Insight, and Rhythm

Enter a Six-Stage Program with your 2- to 6-year-old child to cross the "Bridge of Recovery" and make available a whole new world of hope:

  • Uncover and acknowledge feelings by discovering emotion
  • Build self-esteem and optimism with the


R.E.P.A.I.R is Recognition, Entry, Process, Awareness, Insight, and Rhythm

Enter a Six-Stage Program with your 2- to 6-year-old child to cross the "Bridge of Recovery" and make available a whole new world of hope:

  • Uncover and acknowledge feelings by discovering emotion
  • Build self-esteem and optimism with the "Magic Mirror"
  • Discern healthy and unhealthy messages
  • Learn special games to rebuild courage and optimism
  • Reveal inner states with picture drawing
  • Break free from the confines of false shame
  • Cultivate self-care skills and practices
  • Learn about boundaries and bodies
  • Return to the natural rhythm and flow of life

Therapists' Acclaim for the REPAIR system

"REPAIR for Kids provides a comprehensive, honest and passionate approach for children recovering from sexual abuse. Children will benefit from this book, and be encouraged to continue on their recovery journey." -Jill Osborne, Ed.S, author of Sam Feels Better Now

"I wish I had had something like this a long time ago for my sad and shamed 'little girl' within. I can't think of anything I'd change. You have covered it all and with wonderful sensitivity, perfect timing and terrific repair exercises. I love the cartoons and the colorfulness of your book as well." -Marcelle Taylor, MFT

"I found this book to be well thought out and written, and one that would be helpful for any child who has known the pain of sexual abuse. I wish a caring adult had shared this book with my siblings and myself, it would have helped ease our pain and sorrow." -Michael Skinner, musician and child mental health advocate

Learn more about this revolutionary system at www.TheLamplighters.org

The Growing With Love series from Loving Healing Press www.Lovinghealing.com

JNF053170 Juvenile Nonfiction : Social Issues - Sexual Abuse

FAM001010 Family & Relationships : Abuse - Child Abuse

PSY004000 Psychology : Developmental - Child

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Meet the Author

Marjorie McKinnon has been writing since the age of thirteen, when she wrote poetry to hide her pain. Despite her father's confession in her mid-thirties about an incestuous relationship he'd had with her that began when she was thirteen, she had buried all memories of the childhood trauma. She had run away from home when she was eighteen and spent the next 27 years going from one abuser to another. During that time she was hospitalized twice for suicide attempts, spent time in a women's shelter and raised four children as a single mother. During recovery she wrote about her experience and what it was like to emerge on the other side of "the Bridge of Recovery." It is a chronicle of growing up in small Midwestern towns in a Catholic family and of hiding her anguish behind words, poetry that she termed her inner voices. It is also a detailed account of the journey one takes in going from a place of despair to one of joy. That book, titled "I Never Heard A Robin Sing" became her first attempt to publish. When Marjorie was half way through recovery she found out that her two older daughters had been sexually abused by her second husband.

Her youngest daughter had been raped at gunpoint while working at a fast food place when she was 17. This so totally accents the reality that child sexual abuse is a multi-generational problem. Children of an untreated incest victim stand a five times greater chance of being sexually abused themselves.
Unable to sell her memoir, she spent several years writing other books: a fiction trilogy, two other novels, four volumes of poetry, and two non-fiction works; all are currently available as Kindles on amazon.com and will be available in paperback in 2017.

Marjorie re-read her own first person account to re-walk the path she had taken. She never realized at the time how blessed she was,for that path, though rugged, was straight, and in retrospect provided her with invaluable help to spend three years creating the REPAIR program. Loving Healing Press has published six of her recovery books: REPAIR Your Life: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse, REPAIR For Kids, REPAIR For Toddlers, REPAIR For Teens, REPAIR Your Life Workbook and a post recovery book, It's Your Choice! Decisions That Will Change Your Life.

She met her current husband, Tom McKinnon, on the Internet while doing genealogy research on McKinnons (her name was also McKinnon). They were married in 2000 at Melrose, Scotland. Tom illustrated the two children's versions of her REPAIR books. They now live in the Sedona, AZ area.

Marjorie is also the founder of The Lamplighter Movement, a rapidly growing international movement for recovery from child sexual abuse that emphasizes the importance of REPAIRing the damage. Most of her chapters are using her REPAIR program as a model for recovery. Currently there are 76 Lamplighter Movement chapters in ten countries including 18 in Africa. Marjorie is trying to get Lamplighter chapters in all of the women's prisons. So far they have one in Chino, CA. She is also trying to get chapters started in women's shelters and domestic violence centers.

The Lamplighter's website is at www.thelamplighters.org

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Repair For Toddlers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/11) Marjorie McKinnon has done an excellent job developing an activity book for children ages 2-6 who have been a victim of incest or other sexual abuse. The book has bright, colorful pictures, explains feelings and gives prevention tips on what to do if someone tries to touch you and you don't like it. This recovery book is intended for adults working with children. It gives children an opportunity to build their self-esteem and realize that it is not their fault that something like this happened. It is very easy to read and understand and has easy to follow activities. The author starts out with defining what repair means; she then starts with each letter of the word repair and gives the parent (caregiver or therapist) and the child the opportunity to talk about the pictures and words. Along the way she provides children the opportunity to tell what they like or what they are good at. Too many times in a child's life there are "secrets" and this is discussed. There is an opportunity to draw pictures and I find that this is one of the best ways to get children to express their feelings. One of the things I liked about this book is that McKinnon discusses and defines what the private areas are in a kid-friendly way. After I read "REPAIR for Toddlers," I sat down with my six-year-old granddaughter and asked her to read it and tell me what she thought. She did respond to the activities and said she was glad the author described the real terms for the body parts. She also said she wanted to share this book with her school counselor. This book and program can be used over and over, even a little at a time depending on the child. There was also an unwritten message for the parent(s) or guardian- maybe they felt guilty about what happened, but this book will help them too. As a Psychologist, I think the program in "REPAIR for Toddlers" can be used in other areas of abuse, like physical, verbal or emotional.