Reprise [Import]

Reprise [Import]

4.9 13
by Russell Watson

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We've already had Encore from Russell Watson, the popular tenor whose meteoric rise began with his first album, The Voice. So what should come next? Reprise, of course! The title fits. Offering the by-now familiar mixture of light pop and well-known classics,


We've already had Encore from Russell Watson, the popular tenor whose meteoric rise began with his first album, The Voice. So what should come next? Reprise, of course! The title fits. Offering the by-now familiar mixture of light pop and well-known classics, Reprise capitalizes on a formula that has brought Watson an enormous international following. Neapolitan favorites like "Santa Lucia" and "Torna a Surriento" join with pop songs such as a breathy "All or Nothing" and the anthemic "The Living Years," while chestnuts from the opera stage -- an overdubbed duet from Bizet's The Pearl Fishers, Leoncavallo's "Vesti la giubba," and Puccini's "Recondita armonia" -- fill out the assortment. Once again, Watson enlists the orchestrating talents of Nick Dodd (whose work can be heard on such cinematic blockbusters as Independence Day and others), lending to several of the tracks a lush, epic feel worthy of a John Williams soundtrack. As for "the voice" itself, it continues to impress and grow richer. No longer a boyish newcomer, this naturally gifted singer is settling in to stardom in style.

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All Music Guide - Aaron Latham
Although classical crossover artists are not unique, few are truly adept at handling the subtleties of pop music, as they simply bend their quasi-operatic voices to fit into the confines of a pop melody. It's a bit like watching a seven-foot basketball star exit his limo, and then fold his body into a little sports car -- he may be able to get into the auto, but it's not necessarily a comfortable fit. Russell Watson is the rare exception who is comfortable in both settings, as listening to him is like listening to two distinct people; there is the powerful tenor who can handle the rigorous demands of operatic solos, and there is the suave Europop singer who can deftly navigate the intricacies of a popular song. Unlike his contemporaries, Watson has the unique ability to actually change his voice in order to fit the style of music he is performing. An example of this morphing technique can be heard on the first two tracks of Reprise, his third solo disc. Opening with Cottrau's "Santa Lucia," Watson's well-supported tenor sounds like a younger, less-excitable Mario Lanza as he gives a warm reading to this Italian favorite. Then, as if a multi-CD player were set on shuffle mode, a breathy and slightly husky voice enters in on "Immenso Sogno," a European-style pop ballad that Watson sings in a hushed tone devoid of any classical technique. The difference is immediate and effective, and allows Watson to successfully live in two separate musical worlds that embrace his talents. However, there are drawbacks on each side of the fence. Although his tenor is getting stronger, he will most likely not be able to obtain the majestic richness and depth of a true master like Pavarotti, but that's just fine, as his capable work can still be admired and enjoyed. On the pop music side, Watson doesn't always select the best English-language songs to cover, as evidenced by the inclusion of Mike + the Mechanics' "The Living Years," in which the listless arrangement and repetitive structure simply do not mesh with the balance of the disc. In addition to that misstep, there is not much on Reprise that is different from its two predecessors, except for the fact that Watson's voice is improving. Basically, it adds up to a pleasant listen that will continue to charm audiences of both pop and classical music.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Russell Watson   Primary Artist
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Nicholas Dodd   Conductor
Bashiri Johnson   Percussion
Martin Frosty Beedle   Percussion,Drums
Jeff Bova   Keyboards
Richard Cottle   Keyboards
Alistair Gordon   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Neil Jason   Bass
London Session Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
John Lubbock   Conductor
John McCurry   Guitar
Mike Rutherford   Guitar
Gavyn Wright   Leader
Trevor Barry   Bass,Bass Guitar
Pete Murray   Keyboards
Mike Bryon Hehir   Guitar
Sue Quin   Background Vocals
Paul Dunne   Guitar
Rebecca Watson   Vocals
Steve Butler   Background Vocals
Judith Abbot   Background Vocals
Anoushka Gordon   Vocals
William Hayward   Conductor
Cleopatra   Track Performer
Martin Abbott   Acoustic Guitar
Russell Watson   Vocals,Background Vocals
Claire Lees   Vocals
Chloe Gordon   Vocals
Katie Butler   Vocals
Andrew Price Studio Strings   Strings
Holly Quin-Ankrah   Vocals

Technical Credits

Georges Bizet   Composer
Ruggero Leoncavallo   Composer
Jules Massenet   Composer
Franz Schubert   Composer
Giuseppe Verdi   Composer
Freddie Mercury   Composer
Brian Alexander Robertson   Composer
Jim Steinman   Composer
Agustín Lara   Composer
Teodoro Cottrau   Composer
Josh Abbey   Engineer
Don Black   Lyricist
Jeff Bova   Programming
Jack Brooks   Composer,Lyricist
Richard Cottle   Programming
Alistair Gordon   Producer
Rory Johnston   Production Liason
Steve Pigott   Programming
Mike Rutherford   Composer
Richard Scott   Engineer
Diane Warren   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Geoff Foster   Engineer
Andy Strange   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Howie Beno   Programming
Rick Blaskey   Conception Supervisor
Riccardo Cordiferro   Composer,Lyricist
James Sanger   Programming
Tim Cormon   Composer
Vange Milliet   Composer
Pete Murray   String Arrangements
Michel Carré   Librettist,Lyricist
Eugène Cormon   Lyricist
Salvatore Cardillo   Composer
Mark Cavell   Executive Producer
Giuseppe Giacosa   Composer,Lyricist
Luigi Illica   Lyricist
Francesco Maria Piave   Lyricist
Hartmann   Lyricist
Martin Abbott   Vocal Engineer,Guitar Engineer
Russell Watson   Producer
Scott   Lyricist
Paul Milliet   Lyricist
G.B. (Giambattista) de Curtis   Composer,Lyricist
Paul Moseley   Executive Producer
Perry Hughes   Management
Ernesto de Curtis   Composer
Carlo Pepoli   Lyricist

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Reprise [Import] 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is even better than the European release. Keep up the fantastic work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the CD immensely hearing how impressive Russell sings in the different languages
Guest More than 1 year ago
Russell Watson is THE best voice since Elvis!!! And I should know; I grew up with The King!! As far as I'm concerned, Russell is the new King. I have everything that he's done, and this new CD, the US release of Reprise, is magnificent!! Russell truly has the voice of an angel whether he's singing pop or opera. You won't be sorry you bought this CD. I can't wait for his next one!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I came across an interesting teeshirt that said "Voice" - The only musical instrument made by God. I am a graduate of The Manhattan School Of Music in New York City, and a Music Educator and professional singer. I am very particular about what I hear when it comes to Tenors that sing arias or Italian Neopolitan songs. Russell Watson is in my opinion the closest pure tenor voice to what I call "Perfection". His voice has a vibrato that is so natural and controlled, not waving or too fast. He is so relaxed and seems to really enjoy peforming.I have all three cd's that Russell has put out. I even went so far as to order the CD "Reprise" before it was released in the United States. Russell has an incredible range. His intonation is fantastic and his articulation of the Italian language is incredible. [ex. "Caruso"] I also have the DVD of Russell's live concert in New Zealand. WHAT A PERFORMANCE!! Another example of Russell's incredible voice is that he does not rush tempo's with difficult arias or songs. [ex. "O Sole Mio", and "Nessun Dorma"] Russell sings "Nessun Dorma" at a beautiful tempo, which reminds me of the famous Tenor, Ben Heppner. I attended many operas when I attended The Manhattan School Of Music. I would like to someday when I retire from teaching music to visit Italy and perhaps reside there, probably near La Scala in Milan. I missed hearing Russell sing at Carnegie Hall, however I would travel to Salford to meet him right now if I could. Russell Watson's voice definitely stands with the famous tenors including Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo, Tucker, Gigli, Del Monico, De Stefano. I must meet you Russel Watson. Never stop singing. One thing that I would like too mention as a suggestion, is that Russell at times gets a little Nasal with high passages, and needs to work more on breast support and endurance on long held notes. Aside from this, your voice is a blessing and a gift to all that hear you. When I meet people who love tenor singers, I always promote your CD's and DVD's. In my music classroom, below my clock, use to be a picture of Pavarotti, however now it is replaced with you, Mr. Russel Watson. Musically Submitted, Steve Dell
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Voice was good, Encore was better, but Reprise is the best yet. Russell Watson has a voice that captivates, and I want to hear it over and over again. Every song on this cd is outstanding - he has such an expressive voice. Santa Lucia, Torna a Surriento, and Did You Ever are particularly beautiful! Don't miss this cd - the only word I can think of is WOW!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the mix of classical and semi pop. Russell has a great crossover appeal and this album is a MUST have for everyone who enjoys listening to someone with a GREAT voice. I enjoy Andrea Bocelli but Russell makes me realize just how much I love this music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Russell Watson; possibly the greatest tenor since Luciano Pavarotti. Watson's uniquely diverse voice, allowing him to sing both opera and pop, has matured with every CD. The Voice was an amazing debut, and Encore left me enraptured. But the tenor of Russell Watson in such numbers at Core N'Grato, The Pearl Fisher's Duet, and Vesti la Giubba is unparalled in all my personal experience. Reprise, and indeed all of Russell Watson's albums, must be had by all classical fans and fans of beautiful music in general.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The new Reprise album is as good, I'd say better than the first two. His voice is magic and improves with age, like a good French Bordeaux. I'll be anxious to hear that a fourth is in the works, perhaps all Italian arias? Frank
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ever since I happened to catch the PBS presentation of his US debut in Atlantic City, I have searched and watched for every thing this remarkable lad has done. Although I prefer the classical to the popular pieces, I can fully appreciate and enjoy the many voices of Russell Watson. Each CD gets better. I have a DVD of his and eagerly await the next CD and/or DVD.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Russell Watson is just amazing! His newest album, Reprise, is his best yet. His voice is absolutely beautiful. My favorites on the album are Tutto sei per me and Did You Ever. He also does a wonderful version of The Living Years, which was originally done by Mike and the Mechanics. This cd is a must have, you won't be disappointed. I guarentee it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
He may be a working-class lad but when it comes to music, Russell is Upper Class. He brings excitement to the listener with his Core'ngrato, The Pearl Fishers' Duet (with himself no less), tears to the eyes with Immenso Sogno, and soothes the soul with All or Nothing. He is the best British import since Christmas crackers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have the REPRISE CD labeled "Made in Australia" but also wanted the US version with 4 new tracks. I absolutely LOVE it. Wonder if Russell REALLY knows what a phenomonen he is. Hope he never changes the format for his recordings because each one is fresh, soulful, uplifting, original and very special.....can't get enough of him. That's what makes him such an impressive entertainer. Only wish there were more videos or DVD's of his performances. I have all his CD's and NZ Video Performance but would love to see and hear him actually putting together an album along with some of his over-seas performances. He doesn't seem to get much exposure here in the States. Why is that??? So many of my family and friends had never heard of him until I began raving about what a GREAT TALENT he is. All my other CD's are gathering dust because all I play is Russell Watson. Absolutely love him. He's terrific!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
RUSSELL has surpassed himself this time. I already have the U.K. REPRISE and didn't think he could get any better but he has. I have just heard the new U.S. version of REPRISE with the 4 new songs.WOW! what can I say, I am in total BLISS. The only way to describe the "VOICE" and the new songs is sensuous and intimate.For anyone who hasn't got the U.S. REPRISE yet , get it and listen to IMMENSO SOGNO. TUTTO SEI PER ME, ALL OR NOTHING, DID YOU EVER and CORE 'NGRATO through headphones, just PURE BLISS. These are worth the price of the CD. alone. THIS is RUSSELL at his very best.