Reproductive Technology

Reproductive Technology

by Jon Sterngass

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VOYA - Valerie Burleigh
This six-book set tackles issues that are prevalent in today's society. Each book provides a history of the subject, in detail, before delving into specific controversial areas. The authors were very aware of bias and represented both sides of the subject with specific references to notable resources. There are also several side issues and concerns addressed in each book that directly tie in with the main topic. For instance, while Burlingame presented information regarding prisons versus rehabilitation centers, he also included information regarding centers that hold illegal immigrants. At the end of each book, a timeline is given, as well as notes from each chapter, further information sources, websites (accurate at the time of printing), a bibliography, and an index. This set is a great addition for any resource collection, especially where students debate or have writing assignments or projects dealing with current societal issues. Each book can be purchased individually, or the whole set can be purchased. With the abundance of resources that accompany the actual text, these books are invaluable. (Controversy! Group 3) Reviewer: Valerie Burleigh
Children's Literature - Hazel Buys
Ironically, while over-population is a global problem, so is infertility. Ten percent of all couples world-wide are infertile. In some cultures the social consequences of infertility for women can be extreme, including ostracism and abuse. Recent developments in reproductive science and technology now offer solutions and treatments undreamed of only decades ago. But along with the treatment options available to couples, grave concerns about the ethics of such procedures have also arisen. Objections to the manipulation of conception are based on concerns such as the possible emergence of "designer babies" and "savior siblings" as well as identity issues for the children, legal issues surrounding egg and sperm donation and the risk of viewing babies as commodities. Sterngass includes detailed information on topics like amniocentesis and ultrasound in two-page spreads with black text on deep yellow paper. Color photographs support his text and provide interesting visuals. Subtitles in red break up the text within each chapter. Sterngass presents a complex and controversial subject evenly and clearly. This book is one in the "Controversy! 3 Series" series and concludes with a detailed section titled "Notes," a list of books and websites titled "Further Information," a bibliography and an index. Sterngass' book would be a good addition to a high school library or class on biology, genetics or reproductive ethics. Reviewer: Hazel Buys

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Controversy! Series
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