Research in Education: A Conceptual Introduction / Edition 5

Research in Education: A Conceptual Introduction / Edition 5

by James H. McMillan, Sally Schumacher

ISBN-10: 0321080874

ISBN-13: 9780321080875

Pub. Date: 08/08/2000

Publisher: Pearson

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Older Edition
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7.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Detailed Contents
Ch. 1Introduction to the Field of Educational Research2
Ch. 2Research Designs, Data Collection Techniques, and Research Reports32
Ch. 3Research Problems: Statements, Questions, and Hypotheses78
Ch. 4Literature Review118
Ch. 5Introduction to Designing Quantitative Research160
Ch. 6Descriptive Statistics201
Ch. 7Data Collection Techniques233
Ch. 8Nonexperimental Research Designs280
Ch. 9Experimental and Single-Subject Research Designs312
Ch. 10Inferential Statistics353
Ch. 11Introduction to Designing Qualitative Research390
Ch. 12Ethnographic Research426
Ch. 13Analytical Research: Historical and Legal Studies463
Ch. 14Qualitative Data Analysis500
Ch. 15Evaluation Research and Policy Analysis540
Ch. 16Guidelines for Research Proposals582
Appendix AGlossary606
Appendix BCalculations for Selected Descriptive and Inferential Statistics620
Sample Answers to Self-Instructional Review Exercises641
Author Index667
Subject Index670

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