Research Methods / Edition 2

Research Methods / Edition 2

by Anthony M. Graziano, Michael L. Raulin

ISBN-10: 0065010906

ISBN-13: 9780065010909

Pub. Date: 02/28/1997

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

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Table of Contents

To the Instructor
To the Student
Ch. 1Curiosity, Creativity, and Commitment1
Ch. 2Research is a Process of Inquiry27
Ch. 3The Starting Point: Asking Questions54
Ch. 4Data and the Nature of Measurement75
Ch. 5Statistical Analysis of Data94
Ch. 6Field Research: I. Naturalistic Observation and Case-Study Research121
Ch. 7Correlational and Differential Methods of Research154
Ch. 8Hypothesis Testing, Validity, and Threats to Validity177
Ch. 9Controls to Reduce Threats to Validity203
Ch. 10Control of Variance through Experimental Design: Single-Variable, Independent-Groups Designs225
Ch. 11Control of Variance Through Experimental Design: Single-Variable, Correlated-Groups Designs252
Ch. 12Control of Variance Through Experimental Design: Factorial Designs271
Ch. 13Field Research: II. A Second Look at Research in Natural Settings298
Ch. 14Final Preparations Before Data Collection329
Ch. 15Research Methodology: An Evolving Discipline352
Appendix AWriting a Research Report: APA Publication Style364
Appendix BRandom Numbers373
Appendix CStatistical Computation Procedures380
Appendix DStatistical Analyses Using SPSS for Windows388
Appendix ESelected Answers to Exercises413
Appendix FConducting Library Research419
Name Index455
Subject Index458

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