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Research Satellites

Research Satellites

by D. J. Herda

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 5-8 This survey of the history and uses of artificial satellites is less serviceable than Watts' ``First Books'' usually are: except for a few lines about the Challenger disaster, there is very little information less than five years old. The Leasat series and other shuttle-launched satellites are not mentioned (nor are military satellites), and Herda ignores his own definition of ``satellite'' in discussing Pioneer 10 and similar probes that were not placed into orbits. Sputnik I was destroyed, so it could hardly be ``housed in the Academy of Sciences in Moscow'' as a photo caption states, and if ``some of us may pilot interplanetary space vehicles around the galaxy,'' we are going to need lifespans measured in billions of years. Furthermore, it seems pointless to discuss in detail the revelations of color satellite photography, then reproduce sample images in muddy blackand white. Jack R. White's Satellites of Today and Tomorrow (Dodd, 1985) is one of several books that already cover the subject, and bring it up to date, too.John Peters, New York Pub . Lib .

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