Residential Choices and Experiences of Older Adults: Pathways to Life Quality

Residential Choices and Experiences of Older Adults: Pathways to Life Quality

by John A. Krout, Elaine Wethington

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Table of Contents

    Section 1: Introduction
  1. Introduction, John A. Krout and Elaine Wethington

  2. Section 2: Housing Decision Making, Satisfaction, and Adaptation
  3. Residential Relocation, John A. Krout, Heidi Holmes, Mary Ann Erickson, and Sarah Wolle
  4. Housing Satisfaction: Design Lessons from the Community, Paul E. Eshelman, Gary W. Evans, and Shinobu Utamura

  5. Section 3: Role Identities and Social Participation
  6. Roles, Identities, and Residence: Continuity and Changes in Later Adulthood, Phyllis Moen, Donna Dempster-McClain, Mary Ann Erickson, and Alice Boyce
  7. Social Participation and Integration, Mart Ann Erickson and Phyllis Moen

  8. Section 4: Service Utilization, Health, and Well-Being
  9. Housing, Health, and Disability, Heidi Holmes, Katherine Beissner, Kelly Walsh, and John A. Krout
  10. Utilization of Community-Based Services, Heidi Holmes, John A. Krout, and Sarah Wolle

  11. Section 5: Well-Being and Adjustment
  12. Residential Differences in Life Stress and Perceived Health, Elaine Wethington
  13. Continuity and Change in Subjective Well-Being, Alice Boyce, Elaine Wethington, and Phyllis Moen

  14. Section 6: Conclusion
  15. Lessons for Providers and Consumers, John A. Krout and Karl Pillemer
  16. Summary and Conclusions, Elaine Wethington and John A. Krout

  17. Index

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