Resources for People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions / Edition 4

Resources for People with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions / Edition 4

by Resources for Rehabilitation Organizati

ISBN-10: 0929718224

ISBN-13: 9780929718224

Pub. Date: 01/01/1999

Publisher: Resources for Rehabilitation

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Resources for Rehabilitation
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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book7
Chapter 1Living with a Disability or Chronic Condition9
Responses to disability and chronic conditions10
How disabilities and chronic conditions affect the family11
Where to find local services13
Computers and disabilities15
Self-help groups16
Publications and tapes32
Chapter 2Laws That Affect People with Disabilities43
Publications and tapes57
Chapter 3Children and Youths63
Family and peer relationships65
Laws that affect children and youths66
Publications and tapes78
Financial aid for postsecondary education88
Chapter 4Making Everyday Living Easier89
Environmental adaptations and assistive devices89
Publications and tapes93
Travel and recreation96
Travel and transportation organizations98
Adaptive sports and recreation organizations102
Publications and tapes107
Resources for assistive devices111
Chapter 5Communication Disorders113
Hearing Disorders113
Causes and types of hearing impairment and deafness113
Hearing loss in children115
Hearing loss in elders117
Psychological aspects of hearing loss118
Professional service providers119
Where to find services120
Environmental adaptations121
Assistive devices122
Publications and tapes134
Resources for assistive devices143
Speech Disorders147
Causes and types of speech impairments147
Psychological aspects of speech impairments148
Professional service providers148
Where to find services149
Assistive devices149
Publications and tapes156
Resources for assistive devices161
Chapter 6Diabetes164
Types of diabetes165
Diabetes in children168
Diabetes in elders170
Psychological aspects of diabetes170
Professional service providers172
Where to find services172
Assistive devices172
How to recognize an insulin reaction and give first aid173
Publications and tapes181
Special equipment for people with visual impairment191
Chapter 7Epilepsy193
Types of seizures193
Treatment of epilepsy194
Epilepsy in children197
Epilepsy in elders198
Psychological aspects of epilepsy199
Professional service providers200
Where to find services201
How to recognize a seizure and give first aid201
Publications and tapes208
Chapter 8Low Back Pain218
The back218
Nonspecific low back pain219
Other types of back pain220
Psychological aspects of low back pain222
Professional service providers223
Where to find services223
Modifications in daily living224
Publications and tapes231
Chapter 9Multiple Sclerosis235
Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis235
Types of multiple sclerosis236
Treatment of multiple sclerosis236
Psychological aspects of multiple sclerosis239
Professional service providers240
Where to find services241
Environmental adaptations241
Publications and tapes249
Chapter 10Spinal Cord Injury259
The spinal cord260
Treatment and complications of spinal cord injury260
Spinal cord injury in youths262
Aging and spinal cord injury263
Psychological aspects of spinal cord injury263
Professional service providers265
Where to find services266
Modifications in everyday living267
Publications and tapes277
Chapter 11Visual Impairment and Blindness285
Major types and causes of visual impairment and blindness285
Visual impairment and blindness in children287
Visual impairment and blindness in elders288
Psychological aspects of vision loss288
Professional service providers289
Where to find services290
Environmental adaptations290
Assistive devices293
Publications and tapes303
Resources for assistive devices312
Index to Organizations314
Publications from Resources for Rehabilitation324

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