Responsa on Contemporary Jewish Women's Issues

Responsa on Contemporary Jewish Women's Issues

by J. H. Henkin

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New Edition

Table of Contents

1Talmud Study by Women3
2Shelo Asani Ishah21
3Talit for Women32
4Women and Shemoneh Esreh34
5Women's Zimun When Men Are Present36
6Can a Man Lead Women's Zimun? (I)40
7Wording of Women's Zimun, and Can a Man Lead Women's Zimun? (II)45
8Women and Birkat haGomel53
9Kevod Tzibur, Women's Megillah Readings and Prayer Groups61
10Women's Immersion Before Yom Kuppur77
11Women and Sheva Berachot88
12Mechitzah in the Synagogue and Whether It Must Separate Reshut99
13Mechitzah in the Synagogue: Torah Law or Rabbinical Enactment?110
14Women in the Men's Section of the Synagogue116
15Mothers Who Wish to Come to Synagogue126
16Women's Hair Covering131
17More on Women's Hair Covering148
18Uncovered Hair of the Bride at the Wedding Feast152
19Seating Men and Women at Weddings156
20Unintentional Tevilah in the Ocean171
21Nursing and Birth Control177
22Limiting Family Size180
23Differences in Minhagim Between Husband and Wife190
24Kal Kevudah: May Women Go Out?196
Chapter Sources211
Index of Subjects213
Index of Sources218

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