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Restless in the Grave (Kate Shugak Series #19)
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Restless in the Grave (Kate Shugak Series #19)

4.1 45
by Dana Stabenow

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Restless in the Grave

Dana Stabenow

When aviation entrepreneur Finn Grant dies in the fiery crash of his Piper Super Cub, state trooper Liam Campbell has reason to believe it's sabotage. Virtually everyone in southwestern Alaska has a motive—including Grant's betrayed wife, his bullied children, and even Liam's own wife, bush pilot Wyanet


Restless in the Grave

Dana Stabenow

When aviation entrepreneur Finn Grant dies in the fiery crash of his Piper Super Cub, state trooper Liam Campbell has reason to believe it's sabotage. Virtually everyone in southwestern Alaska has a motive—including Grant's betrayed wife, his bullied children, and even Liam's own wife, bush pilot Wyanet Chouinard. With few places to turn, Liam seeks outside help from the friend of a friend—a private investigator named Kate Shugak…

Working undercover as a waitress at Bill's Bar and Grill in Newenham, Kate learns over beer and burgers that Grant's business had expanded meteorically. After buying a closed Air Force base from the government, he ran a fixed-base operation for fishing, hunting, and flight-seeing, as well as a lucrative air freight service. But what kind of freight was he moving, and where? The answers lead Kate on her most challenging case yet, from the fateful wreckage to family secrets to full-scale conspiracy and beyond…

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

“Entertaining 19th novel featuring the brash, fearless PI [Kate Shugak]…The book sparkles with energy and wit, and packs an unexpected punch.” —Publishers Weekly

“A combination of fast and furious adventure and the beauty and complexity of Alaska.” —Kirkus Reviews

“In her newest Kate Shugak thriller, Stabenow proves she's as comfortable dealing with Alaskan history as she is portraying Kate's insular contemporary world and the harsh, beautiful, changing landscape she and her extended family call home… A stand-out entry in a consistently good series.” —Booklist (starred review) on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

“The latest in Dana Stabenow's robust series [is] her most far-reaching Shugak story yet, ambitiously incorporating some of Alaska's colorful history.” —Seattle Times on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

“In Edgar-winner Stabenow's brilliant 18th novel to feature the feisty Alaska detective…Kate is at her butt-kicking best as she and Mutt, her inseparable half-wolf, half-husky companion, deal with murder, theft, and deception.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

“Full of historical mystery, stolen icons, burglaries, beatings, and general mayhem…The plot bursts with color and characters… If you have in mind a long trip anywhere, including Alaska, this is the book to put in your backpack.” —Washington Times on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

“This one holds readers' interest with fascinating tidbits of Alaskan history from 1918 to 1965 as seen through Old Sam's eyes. Sure to be popular with lovers of the series as well as those who enjoy reading novels set in Alaska.” —Library Journal on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

“P.I. Kate Shugak is back in this atmospheric novel that conveys a deep love of the land, history and cultural traditions of Alaska. The strong--and strong-willed--characters are fully developed --including the lovable and dependable half-wolf dog, Mutt…You will be savoring the details of this richly textured story. If you haven't read the earlier novels, don't worry. You will still enjoy this one.” —RT Book Reviews on THOUGH NOT DEAD, A Kate Shugak Novel

Publishers Weekly
Finn Grant’s death in the crash of his small plane in an apparent act of sabotage raises the question: who would want the self-made billionaire dead? About half the population of southwest Alaska, as Kate Shugak discovers when she goes undercover as a barmaid in bestseller Stabenow’s entertaining 19th novel featuring the brash, fearless PI (after 2011’s Though Not Dead). Kate’s shrewd and ceaseless prying reveals that the unsavory Grant was involved in blackmail, mail fraud, and embezzlement, all connected to Alaska’s many small airlines. Kate has a casual approach to evidence gathering, and her skill at breaking and entering finds her eventually thrown into a chest freezer, tossed into a Dumpster, and locked inside a freight container while her stalwart and highly intelligent companion, Mutt, who’s half-wolf, half-husky, provides assistance. Readers new to the series may be mystified by the many references to past episodes. Yet the book sparkles with energy and wit, and packs an unexpected punch. 100,000 first printing; author tour. Agent: Danny Baror. (Feb.)
Library Journal
A suspicious small plane crash turns out to be tied into big crimes with a long history in Alaska. Series favorite Aleut Kate Shugak (Though Not Dead) goes undercover to find the crooks, with cop Liam Campbell involved as well. [See Prepub Alert, 11/11/11.]
Kirkus Reviews
Alaskan p.i. Kate Shugak goes undercover as a favor to her boyfriend, State Trooper Jim Chopin, and finds herself yet again in deep trouble. Jim's friend, State Trooper Liam Campbell, is investigating a plane crash that he suspects is no accident. Although Finn Grant had almost as many enemies as the population of Newenham, the chief suspect is Liam's wife Wy. Grant, who'd married into a famous Alaskan family, had recently been buying up every air-taxi service, lodge and plane he could get his hands on to build up his fixed base operation (FBO), located on a former air force base. When Kate and her half-wolf Mutt arrive in Newenham, she's lucky to get both a job as waitress in the town's most popular bar and an apartment over the garage of Tina Grant, Finn's widow. Soon Kate and Mutt are attacked and thrown into a freezer in her apartment, presumably by someone looking for something. Trying a little breaking and entering herself, she searches the office in the main house and sneaks out to the airport office, where she hits the jackpot: a thumb drive containing information on Finn's blackmail schemes. But she still has to figure out where he got the millions to invest, why his wife refuses to spend a penny of his money and what he was planning for the big cargo planes that were next on his buy list. Her hunt for answers puts her in danger, but she's never one to give up. Stabenow offers Kate (Though Not Dead, 2011, etc.) and Liam (Better to Rest, 2002, etc.) a combination of fast and furious adventure and the beauty and complexity of Alaska.

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Kate Shugak Series , #19
Edition description:
First Edition
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4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

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Sangin District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan


They kept it simple. They could cut off his right hand, or he could use it to learn how to fire the weapon they gave him.

They had even picked the target. He knew before they told him it would be American. By now he could repeat the Imam’s Friday harangue to do jihad on the invaders word for word.

All he had wanted was to go home. Pakistan was a hungry place for a young Afghani man with no family or friends. His father had been killed when the Americans invaded in 2003, and his mother had taken the children and fled over the border, joining the hundreds of thousands of other refugees in the camps. When she died, he found his way back to his own country, where he had not been so much recruited by the Taliban as kidnapped.

At least they fed him.

The camp three hundred yards up the narrow valley was small, an outpost dug into a small saddle between two hills, consisting of forty American soldiers. The top of the hill in front had been leveled to provide a landing place for a helicopter. He had been waiting for it for three days, broiling by day and freezing by night beneath the camouflage netting that had been stolen, they told him, from the enemy in another firefight in another valley.

The weapon was beautiful and deadly, brand new, light of weight, black in color, made of heavy plastic married to a dense, dark metal with a dull shine. A zippered sheath kept it free of the dirt and sand that filtered through the netting to layer his clothing and coat the inside of his nostrils so that he could barely breathe.

In the distance, a few tumbledown buildings marked a primitive landholding. A boy herded goats toward a patch of earth that showed the barest hint of green and hosted a few wormword bushes twisted into nightmare shapes from lack of water. Those fields he could see lay fallow, the only cash crop this area had ever known rooted up by the invaders.

A faint sound of wings disturbed the air. He looked up. A steppe eagle had been hunting this valley every morning and evening, soaring overhead on brown wings spread six feet from wingtip to wingtip, black tail spread wide.

This sound wasn’t the eagle, though. It was the helicopter, coming at last.

It hurtled up the valley, barely time enough for him to get the rifle out of its protective sheath. He settled his eye to the scope, as he had been taught, and sighted in. The magnification of the scope threw the aircraft into startlingly immediate relief. The windshield was scratched and sandy and the sun rendered the Plexiglas nearly opaque, so that the figures at the controls on the other side were barely visible to him. He caught the merest glimpse of a smooth cheek, nearly hidden beneath helmet and sunglasses. Too young yet to shave. His age.

One shot was all it would take, they had told him, so long as he hit the target. He blinked the sweat out of his eyes as his finger pulled the trigger, slowly, firmly, even gently, again as they had taught him. The stock recoiled against his shoulder as the high explosive round left the barrel. The sound of the shot rendered him temporarily deaf.

Before he could raise his eye from the scope, the helicopter touched down on the pad and on landing seemed simply to shatter into a thousand pieces. The three-man crew died instantly, shredded by fragments from their own splintering aircraft, as did the one soldier on the ground standing fifteen feet from the landing pad, skewered by a flying piece of one of the rotors. All six of the soldiers waiting for their ride home fifty feet from the landing pad were injured as well, two of them mortally.

The watcher upslope granted him just enough time to be amazed at the destruction he had wrought before putting a bullet into the back of his head precisely where his skull ended and his spinal column began.


Copyright © 2012 by Dana Stabenow

Meet the Author

DANA STABENOW, a New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner, is the author of seventeen previous seventeen Kate Shugak novels, four Liam Campbell mysteries, three science-fiction novels, and two. She was born, raised, and lives in Alaska, where she was awarded the Governor's Award for the Humanities.

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Restless in the Grave 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
SophieCA More than 1 year ago
Good read, as always with this author.
Gran6 More than 1 year ago
I have read every book in this series as well as the Liam Campbell series and this one did not disappoint. thoroughly enjoyed the book!
Janice-Webb More than 1 year ago
Dana Stasbenow has taken her main characters from two series(Kate and Liam)and put them in one novel. And made it work! Really loved the book.
tedfeit0 More than 1 year ago
This latest Kate Shugak novel imports the protagonist from another Stabenow series, Liam Campbell, relegating Jim Chopin, Kate’s lover, to a walk-on role. It also takes place far away from her home base in Alaska, The Park. Liam has a problem, and he visits Jim for his help. It appears a leading citizen of Niniltna, Liam’s base, has died in an airplane crash, which might or might not have been an accident. Liam’s wife could well be classified as a potential suspect if, indeed, it was a murder. Jim suggests Kate undertake an investigation. So Kate goes undercover in Niniltna, taking a position as barmaid in a bar and grill, while attempting to learn what had taken place. And of course, she hears gossip and learns information little by little, taking her as far away as an outer island in the Alaskan chain and, along the way, a look into a possible murder widens to a much wider scope. As in previous entries in the series, descriptions of the Alaskan environment, both as to people and land, are outstanding, especially the effects of economic development on the state’s residents. The plot is somewhat different from the prior Shugak novels, given the wider scope afforded by the new location far away from her beloved “Park” and the “Park Rats.” It could well be looked at as a standalone, except for the fact that the characters are the same as in the two series for which the author is well-known. Recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I always enjoy the glimpse of Alaska (however fictionalized) and was glad to have both Liam and Kate (and Mutt!) in one book...but why, oh why, did the author have to insert so much of her political viewpoints into the book? They added nothing to the story and were completely annoying; I can't believe that extraneous crud made it past editing - I guess editors have little power against established authors?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A grave I just looked at the title
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved seeing my favorite characters together for the first time.
Sansabiel More than 1 year ago
Stabenow is a great writer for those of us who like strong women, dealing with a tough life daily, not whining, and not looking for a man to handle things for them. She also understands that our dogs are more than just a hairy tool, they're our friends, partners, defenders and deserve our defense in turn. The men in her books are not whimps, they are the equal to her women, and capable of doing real life things like the men in my life, not always looking for a "service" to take care of the simple things like so many city guys do. I love that Stabenow characters are like people in the real world, they all chip in and do what it takes to care for themselves and their families, no such thing as division of duties around the house or in work, and they live with nature, not pamper it.
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
In her latest case, Kate goes undercover and in less than 24 hours upon her arrival in town, she’s turned up a hornet’s nest of hidden secrets, blackmail and murder. I love this series and the action started immediately and did not let up from the very first page to an ending that left me saying “Wow”. Leaving no stones unturned as she digs deeper into this case, Kate finds herself in precarious situations handling it with amusing anecdote. I quickly devoured this gripping mystery of intriguing that boasts a strong cast of characters and a locale that I would love to visit. I eagerly await the next book in this wonderfully well-scripted and fabulous series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sagesplottwister More than 1 year ago
I love reading Dana Stabenow. She teaches me something new every time I read her works. My vocabulary grows, as does my knowledge of the vast land we call Alaska. Great storytelling.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Her best in a while. Works really well as a yarn and as a picture of the author's Alaska. I read a section to my son and described another to my wife. Not as strong on characterization as some of the early ones, though. Introduces Kate Shugak to Liam and Wy and company, main characters in an excellent, previous series, but without fleshing them out much this time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BeeBearTravel More than 1 year ago
If you like I, have become a great fan of Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series, you will love this one. Enter Liam Campbell & Jim Chopin together in one book full of twists and turns, and ice chests, and dumpsters, and Trawler's. Kate investigates the crash of aviation entrepreneur's Finn Grant's Piper Super Cub, of who's demise Liam thinks his wife Wyanet, herself a bush pilot, may be a suspect. I don't know how she does it, but each book in my opinion gets better and better..can't wait for "Bad Blood" to be released.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
love her books. the characters are clear and fully developed
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago