Restoring Colorado River Ecosystems: A Troubled Sense of Immensity

Restoring Colorado River Ecosystems: A Troubled Sense of Immensity

by Robert W. Adler

About the Author:
Robert W. Adler is associate dean for academic affairs, and James I. Farr Chair and Professor of Law at the S. J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah See more details below


About the Author:
Robert W. Adler is associate dean for academic affairs, and James I. Farr Chair and Professor of Law at the S. J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xv
Preface     xix
Introduction: Retaking Old Ground     1
Taming the Colorado-How We Changed the River to Meet Human Needs     2
Restoration and the Environmental Movement     7
Choosing Restoration Strategies: Restoring Places or Restoring Processes     12
Choosing Restoration Methods: Dam Modification or Dam Removal     14
Preserving Economic Institutions or Meeting New Restoration Goals     17
The Living Artery: Disruptions to the River's Linear Connections     26
Blocking the Movement of Fish     27
Changing the Flow of Water     33
Stemming the Movement of Sediment     37
Changing the Flow of Food and Energy     45
Concentrating Pollutants     50
The Living Artery     52
Only the Hills Will Know: Changes in the Watershed     55
Habitats at the Water's Edge: Disruptions to River-Floodplain Connections     56
Disruptions to Land-Water Connections in the Watershed     62
Land Use, Climate, and Habitat Change in the Colorado River Basin     66
Beavers and Watershed Health     73
Implications of Watershed Health for Colorado River Restoration     76
Tree of the People: Tree of Life     79
Wild Burros and the Goals of Environmental Restoration     80
Salt Cedar and Southwestern Riparian Ecosystems     84
Brown-Headed Cowbirds, Habitat Change, and Interspecies Competition     91
Effects of Introduced Species on Native Fish of the Colorado     94
Are Exotic Species All Bad? Choices Among Restoration Goals     101
Down the Great Unknown: Environmental Restoration in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty     104
Ghosts of the Green River-Native Fish Eradication and Early Environmental Law     107
The Law of the River and Changing Environmental Awareness     114
The Law of the River, Evolving Scientific Understanding, and Changing Demand     117
Who Bears the Risk of Uncertainty?     120
The Related Roles of Science and Policy in Species Recovery Goals     124
The Role of Chance in Species Viability     126
Law, Science, and Uncertainty     131
Uncertainty in Restoration Strategies: A Preview     133
Casting of the Lots: Conflicting Methods and Goals in Environmental Restoration     137
Restoration Decisions in the Face of Conflicting Laws     139
Revised Dam Releases to Restore Sediment Flows     148
Competing Strategies to Restore Endangered Fish Populations and Habitats      153
Competing Resources in Grand Canyon Restoration     158
Making Restoration Choices Democratically     162
Expanding Restoration Program Focus     169
Ownership of Unownable Things: Property Rights and Environmental Restoration at the Water's Edge     171
River Restoration Goals for the Radically Altered Lower River     172
Multi-Species ESA Implementation in the Lower River Corridor     178
The Efficacy of Habitat Restoration Along the Lower Colorado River     189
Private Property and Restoration Along the Lower River     197
An Elusive and Indefinable Boundary: Restoration and Political Borders     204
The End of the River     206
Allocating the Colorado River Across the U.S.-Mexico Border     210
Resolving the U.S.-Mexico Dispute over Salinity     214
Water, Salinity, and Ecosystem Restoration in Mexico     221
Restoring Water Flows and Colorado River Ecosystems in Mexico     229
The Lovely and the Usable: Toward a More Holistic Approach to Restoration     237
Restoring Ecosystem Processes     240
Revisiting the Law of the River as a Restoration Strategy     244
Rethinking Water Use and Management as a Restoration Strategy     248
Rethinking Recreation as a Restoration Strategy      254
Rethinking Power Generation as a Restoration Strategy     258
Restoration and Aesthetic Values     262
Coda: Into New Dimensions     267
Endnotes     271
Index     305

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