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Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business, and Practice

Restoring Natural Capital: Science, Business, and Practice

by James Aronson, Suzanne J. Milton, James N. Blignaut, Peter H. Raven

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ISBN-10: 1597260762

ISBN-13: 9781597260763

Pub. Date: 06/28/2007

Publisher: Island Press

How can environmental degradation be stopped? How can it be reversed? And how can the damage already done be repaired? The authors of this volume argue that a two-pronged approach is needed: reducing demand for ecosystem goods and services and better management of them, coupled with an increase in supply through environmental


How can environmental degradation be stopped? How can it be reversed? And how can the damage already done be repaired? The authors of this volume argue that a two-pronged approach is needed: reducing demand for ecosystem goods and services and better management of them, coupled with an increase in supply through environmental restoration.
Restoring Natural Capital brings together economists and ecologists, theoreticians, practitioners, policy makers, and scientists from the developed and developing worlds to consider the costs and benefits of repairing ecosystem goods and services in natural and socioecological systems. It examines the business and practice of restoring natural capital, and seeks to establish common ground between economists and ecologists with respect to the restoration of degraded ecosystems and landscapes and the still broader task of restoring natural capital. The book focuses on developing strategies that can achieve the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time as it:
• considers conceptual and theoretical issues from both an economic
and ecological perspective
• examines specific strategies to foster the restoration of natural
capital and offers a synthesis and a vision of the way forward
Nineteen case studies from around the world illustrate challenges and achievements in setting targets, refining approaches to finding and implementing restoration projects, and using restoration of natural capital as an economic opportunity. Throughout, contributors make the case that the restoration of natural capital requires close collaboration among scientists from across disciplines as well as local people, and when successfully executed represents a practical, realistic, and essential tool for achieving lasting sustainable development.

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Island Press
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The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Series Series
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Table of Contents

Foreword   Peter Raven     xi
Preface   James Aronson   Suzanne J. Milton   James N. Blignaut     xiii
Restoring Natural Capital: The Conceptual Landscape     1
Introduction   James N. Blignaut   James Aronson   Suzanne J. Milton
Restoring Natural Capital: Definition and Rationale   James Aronson   Suzanne J. Milton   James N. Blignaut     3
Restoring Natural Capital: A Reflection on Ethics   James N. Blignaut   James Aronson   Paddy Woodworth   Sean Archer   Narayan Desai   Andre F. Clewell     9
Restoring Natural Capital: An Ecological Economics Assessment   Joshua Farley   Erica J. Brown Gaddis     17
Restoring Natural Capital: A Mainstream Economic Perspective   Eugenio Figueroa B.     28
Assessing and Restoring Natural Capital Across Scales: Lessons from the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment   Richard B. Norgaard   Phoebe Barnard   Patrick Lavelle     36
Assessing the Loss of Natural Capital: A Biodiversity Intactness Index   Reinette Biggs   Robert J. Scholes     44
Restoring Natural Capital: Experiences and Lessons     55
Introduction   Suzanne J. Milton   James Aronson   James N. Blignaut
Setting Appropriate Restoration Targets for Changed Ecosystems in the Semiarid Karoo, South Africa   W. Richard J. Dean   Chris J. Roche     57
Targeting Sustainable Options for Restoring Natural Capital in Madagascar   Louise Holloway     64
Landscape Function as a Target for Restoring Natural Capital in Semiarid Australia   David Tongway   John Ludwig     76
Genetic Integrity as a Target for Natural Capital Restoration: Weighing the Costs and Benefits   Cathy Waters   Andrew G. Young   Jim Crosthwaite     85
Restoring and Maintaining Natural Capital in the Pacific Northwest, USA   Andrew Carey     94
Restoring Natural Capital Reconnects People to Their Natural Heritage: Tiritiri Matangi Island, New Zealand   John Craig   Eva-Terezia Vesely     103
Restoring Forage Grass to Support the Pastoral Economy of Arid Patagonia   Martin R. Aguiar   Marcela E. Roman     112
A Community Approach to Restore Natural Capital: The Wildwood Project, Scotland   William McGhee     122
An Adaptive Comanagement Approch to Restore Natural Capital in Communal Areas of South Africa   Christo Fabricius    Georgina Cundill     129
Participatory Use of Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Restoring Natural Capital in Agroecosystems of Rural India   P. S. Ramakrishnan     137
Overcoming Obstacles to Restore Natural Capital: Large-Scale Restoration on the Sacramento River   Suzanne M. Langridge   Mark Buckley   Karen D. Holl     146
An Approach to Quantify the Economic Value of Restoring Natural Capital: A Case from South Africa   James N. Blignaut   Christina E. Loxton     154
Economic Opportunities: Case Studies
Capturing the Economic Benefits from Restoring Natural Capital in Transformed Tropical Forests   Kirsten Schuyt   Stephanie Mansourian   Gabriella Roscher   Gerard Rambeloarisoa     162
Restoring Natural Forests to Make Medicinal Bark Harvesting Sustainable in South Africa   Coert J. Geldenhuys     170
Assessing Costs, Benefits, and Feasibility of Restoring Natural Capital in Subtropical Thicket in South Africa   Anthony J. Mills   Jane K. Turpie   Richard M. Cowling   Christo Marais   Graham I. H. Kerley   Richard G. Lechmere-Oertel   Ayanda M. Sigwela   Mike Powell     179
Costs and Benefits of Restoring Natural Capital Following Alien Plant Invasions in Fynbos Ecosystems in South Africa    Patricia M. Holmes   David M. Richardson   Christo Marais     188
Return of Natural, Social, and Financial Capital to the Hole Left by Mining   J. Deon van Eeden   Roy A. Lubke   Pippa Haarhoff     198
Protecting and Restoring Natural Capital in New York City's Watersheds to Safeguard Water   Christopher Elliman   Nathan Berry     208
Making the Restoration of Natural Capital Profitable on Private Land: Koa Forestry on Hawaii Island   Liba Pejchar   Joshua H. Goldstein   Gretchen C. Daily     216
Restoring Natural Capital: Tactics and Strategies     225
Introduction   James Aronson   Suzanne J. Milton   James N. Blignaut
Valuing Natural Capital and the Costs and Benefits of Restoration   William E. Rees   Joshua Farley   Eva-Terezia Vesely   Rudolf de Groot     227
A Decision-Analysis Framework for Proposal Evaluation of Natural Capital Restoration   Mike. D. Young   Stefan Hajkowicz   Erica J. Brown Gaddis   Rudolf de Groot     237
Local and Landscape Levels
Overcoming Physical and Biological Obstacles to Restore Natural Capital   Karen D. Holl   Liba Pejchar   Steve G. Whisenant     249
Overcoming Socioeconomic Obstacles to Restore Natural Capital   Christo Marais   Paddy Woodworth   Martin de Wit   John Craig   Karen D. Holl   Jennifer Gouza     256
Global Level
Overcoming Obstacles at a Global Scale to Restore Natural Capital   Robert J. Scholes   Reinette Biggs   Erica J. Brown Gaddis   Karen D. Holl     265
Managing Our Global Footprint Through Restoration of Natural Capital at a Global Scale   Joshua Farley   Erica J. Brown Gaddis   William E. Rees   Katrina Van Dis     275
Policies and Institutions
Making Restoration Work: Financial Mechanisms   Rudolf de Groot   Martin de Wit   Erica J. Brown Gaddis   Carolyn Kousky   William McGhee   Mike D. Young     286
Making Restoration Work: Nonmonetary Mechanisms   William McGhee   John Craig   Rudolf de Groot   James S. Miller   Keith Bowers     294
Synthesis     303
Introduction   Suzanne J. Milton   James Aronson   James N. Blignaut
Mainstreaming the Restoration of Natural Capital: A Conceptual and Operational Framework   Richard M. Cowling   Shirley M. Pierce   Ayanda M. Sigwela      305
Restoring Toward a Better Future   Suzanne J. Milton   James Aronson   James N. Blignaut     313
Glossary     319
References     329
Editors     365
Contributors     367
Index     375

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