Restructuring Canada's Health Services System: How Do We Get There from Here?

Restructuring Canada's Health Services System: How Do We Get There from Here?

by Raisa B. Deber

ISBN-10: 0802060056

ISBN-13: 9780802060051

Pub. Date: 03/11/1992

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

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Table of Contents

What Happens If We Don't Restructure the System?
Ontario's Health Care System at the Crossroads3
Utilization: The Doctors Dilemma
The Effects of Medical Care Policy In B.C.: Utilization Trends In the 1980s13
Who Has Seen The Wind? Examining the Evidence and Exploring the Policy Options Pertaining to the Effect Changes In Physician Supply Have Had on Influencing Medical Utilization and Costs In Alberta19
Physician Remuneration: Fee-for-service Must Go, But Then What?35
Reports and Commissions: Looking for Directions
A Great Canadian Prescription: Take Two Commissioned Studies and Call Me In the Morning49
Report of the Pharmaceutical Inquiry of Ontario: An Overview63
Redefining the Globe: Recent Changes In the Financing of British Columbia Hospitals73
There's No Place Like Home
Cost Effectiveness of Home Care89
There's No Place Like Home99
What Gains Can We Expect from Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, or 'Whither Oat Bran'?
Evaluation of Federal Health Promotion Initiatives111
Health Promotion/Disease Prevention: What Do We Think We Know?115
Cholesterol Screening: The Costs and Benefits of Various Programs123
South of the Border
U.S. Influences on Canada: Can We Prevent the Spread of Kuru?143
Canadian Influences on the U.S.: Immune System Responses?149
Yankee Influences: Playing in the Bush Leagues?
Managed Care: What Is it, and Can it Be Applied to Canada?159
The American Experience with a Prospective Payment System: Some Lessons for Canada165
Riverview/Fraser Valley Assertive Outreach Program185
Hospitals: Changing Prescriptions
Changing Patterns of Governance for Hospitals: Issues and Models195
Innovative Fund Raising: The St. Michael's Hospital Health Centre207
Purchasing Hospital Capital Equipment: What Role for Technology Assessment?213
Quality Time
Assessing the Quality of Medical Care229
Assessing the Quality of Medical Care235
Methodology for Economic Evaluation: Give Us the Tools
Implications of Basing Health Care Resource Allocations on Cost-utility Analysis In the Presence of Externalities245
Conducting Comprehensive Cost Assessments: A Case Study of an Assertive Mental Health Community Treatment Program263
Economic Evaluations of Health Programs: Costs and Consequences
Determinants of Medical Malpractice: The Canadian Experience273
Preliminary Findings of the Economic Evaluation of an Ontario Geriatric Day Hospital285
Economic Costs of Self Sufficiency In Blood Products: The Case of Albumin301
Marketing Change: How Can We Get Anywhere from Here?313
The Empire Strikes Back
Hospital Competition In the U.K.: A (Possibly) Useful Framework for the Future317
Hospital Competition in the U.K.: A Prospective331
Hospitals Revisited
Hospital Resources In Metropolitan Toronto: The Reality versus the Myth339
Redirecting Incentives In the British Columbia Health System: Creating a Consequence347
Collaborative Arrangements for Service Delivery: The Example of Two New Brunswick Hospitals351
Where Else Might We Go? Alternative Approaches and Models
Co-operative Health Service Delivery in Canada365
The Independent Health Facilities Act: A First for North America377
Models for Integrating and Coordinating Community-based Human Service Delivery: An Analysis of Organizational and Economic Factors387
Closing Remarks397
List of Participants399

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