Restructuring Global and Regional Agricultures: Transformation in Australasian Agri-Food Economies and Spaces

Restructuring Global and Regional Agricultures: Transformation in Australasian Agri-Food Economies and Spaces

by David Burch, Agri-Food Research Network

ISBN-10: 1840149752

ISBN-13: 9781840149753

Pub. Date: 03/01/1999

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Pt. IThe Contemporary Dynamics of Global Agri-Food Relations
1Virtual capitalism and agri-food restructuring
2Switzerland's billabong? Brand management in the global food system and Nestle Australia
3An apple a day: Renegotiating concepts, revisiting context in New Zealand's pipfruit industry
4New Zealand's organic food exports: Current interpretations and new directions in research
5The organic manifesto: Organic agriculture in the world food system
6An end to Fordist food? Economic crisis and the fast food sector in Southeast Asia
Pt. IIRestructuring within Australian and New Zealand Agri-Food Systems
7Capitalism, the state and Kai Moana: Maori, the New Zealand fishing industry and restructuring
8Economic restructuring and neo-liberalism in Australian rural adjustment policy
9The restructuring of industry-based agricultural training in New Zealand
10Discourses of community and dairy company amalgamations in Taranaki, New Zealand
Pt. IIIAgricultural Policy and Politics in Australia and New Zealand
11Markets as politics: The case of the meat export industry of New Zealand
12Food safety and the New Zealand dairy industry: The politics of Stolle hyperimmune milk
13Fertiliser and sustainable land management in pastoral farming, Northland
14Doing good, doing harm? Public debate about Rabbit Calicivirus Disease in New Zealand
15Hiring labour for sugar harvesting: Farmers, farm workers and sub-contractors
Pt. IVTheorising Key Concepts in Agri-Food Research
16'Feed the man meat': Gendered food and theories of consumption
17Contract farming in the New Zealand wine industry: An example of real subsumption
18An Action Learning approach to grower-focussed change: Research among cotton producers in Queensland
19The discourse of sustainable development and the Australian sugar industry: A preliminary analysis

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