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Resurgence (Heritage Universe Series #6)

Resurgence (Heritage Universe Series #6)

by Charles Sheffield

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
The third book in Sheffield's Heritage Universe series (Convergent Series; Transvergence) further explores the magnificent artifacts and philosophy of the omnipotent Builders, but too many stock characters are introduced only to be killed off or to be funny. Survival experts and an administrator for the Fourth Alliance, Julian Graves, join the series' heroes-idealist Hans Rebka, Builder expert Darya Lang, adventurer Louis Nenda and his alien entourage, and the embodied computer, E. Crimson Tally-in a rescue mission to a galaxy in the Sagittarius Arm. During the voyage, Hans and Louis pursue their rivalry for Darya, while other crew members express their mutual dislike in a series of lame exchanges. Then, as they near their objective, the team splits up to maximize the adventures and provide, alternately, serious scientific investigation and low comedy. However, the multiple perspectives and plot leaps only fragment the gestures toward hard science, while the dramatic potential inherent in such characters as E. Crimson Tally goes undeveloped. The primary appeal will be to Sheffield devotees who feel compelled to finish a series that they've started. (Nov.) FYI: Sheffield has won Nebula and Hugo awards, and is the author most recently of The Amazing Dr. Darwin (Forecasts, June 3). Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Following the Convergent Series and Transvergence in Sheffield's Heritage Universe series, this novel once again toys with the theories of the Builders and their enigmatic artifacts. Hans Rebka, Builder expert Darya Lang, E. Crimson Tally, Louis Nenda (reminiscent of Star Wars' Han Solo) and a band of other explorers, scientists, and aliens are brought together to investigate a force that is destroying star systems in the Sagittarius Arm of the galaxy. Danger to their own Orion Arm has been detected, although through unreliable channels, and information about this threat is believed to be found in the Sagittarius Arm along with the possibility of Builder artifacts. When the group reaches the Sagittarius Arm, frozen planets with no obvious signs of Builder activity await them. In order to explore the vast reaches of this system, the group splits up so that one group can explore the surrounding space for a Chism Polypheme who may be able to provide information about the threat. Another group explores what is believed to be a hollow ice planet. Still another searches for the missing Marglot system. Lives are lost and mistakes are made but the heroic motley crew forges on with no lack of comedic banter. Readers of Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson's Callahan series and Margaret Weis' and Don Perrin's Mag Force 7 series will enjoy this space adventure involving eclectic, humorous characters. Readers of hard SF will enjoy the technical details and scientific jargon. A fun, fast-paced read. KLIATT Codes: SA—Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults. 2003, Baen, 440p., Ages 15 to adult.
—Ginger Armstrong
Library Journal - Library Journal
A few years after the disappearance of the mysterious Builder Artifacts salted throughout the inhabited regions of the universe, a new phenomenon appears in the unexplored Sagittarian Arm of the galaxy, a force with the power to destroy planets. Capt. Hans Rebka and his team of galactic troubleshooters travel to the threatened Marglot system only to find themselves directly in the path of destruction. Veteran sf author Sheffield's third installment in his "Heritage Universe" series (after Convergent Series and Transvergence) continues his tale of a universe populated by both humans and aliens and filled with evidence of an ancient, vanished race whose legacies still direct the course of galactic events. Hard science, well-paced plotting, and likable characters combine to make a strong addition to most sf collections. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Heritage Universe Series , #6
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4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.40(d)

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By Charles Sheffeild

Baen Books

ISBN: 0-7434-3567-2


Before we begin a systematic exposition of Theories of the Nature of the Builders (of which theories there appear to be at least one hundred and seventy-seven) it seems appropriate to provide what may be termed the Facts of the Builders. This is far easier than any enumeration of theories, since the facts are few in number:

Fact 1: No living being, and no dead being whose word carries any semblance of validity, has ever seen or met a Builder.

Fact 2: Various inorganic constructs possessing some form of intelligence have been found on, in, or in conjunction with objects created and left by the Builders. These constructs all claim to be of great antiquity. They also claim a full understanding of the Builder purposes in creating them. There are reasons to doubt the validity of all such testimonies, not least the fact that no two testimonies agree.

Fact 3: The Builders made and left behind in the Orion Arm of the galaxy, and possibly in other galactic arms, a variety of constructions which are generally referred to as Builder Artifacts. More than a thousand of these are scattered around the Orion Arm alone. The purpose of many or most of them remains obscure. They range in size from a few meters, to lightyears across. The technology that went into their creation is beyond that achieved by any other species, living or dead, inhabiting these regions of our galaxy.

Fact 4: There is no evidence that any Builder Artifact was constructed to be specifically inimical to organic life forms. Large numbers of deaths have been reported associated with different Builder Artifacts; however, in every case these deaths resulted from the unwise curiosity of beings seeking to explore, understand, or exploit the Artifacts.

Fact 5: With one notable exception, every Builder Artifact was completed and set in position at least three million years ago. Any changes in Artifacts more recent than three million years appear to have been planned as part of their original design.

Fact 6: Four years ago, there was unmistakable evidence of new, rapid, and unprecedented change in many if not all of the Builder Artifacts. Fact 7: At the same time, a completely new Artifact, named as Labyrinth by its discoverer Quintus Bloom, appeared near the star known as Jerome's World.

Fact 8: Soon after the appearance of Labyrinth, every other Artifact in the Orion Arm quickly vanished. Labyrinth itself was the last to disappear. Fact 9: Since the disappearance of Labyrinth, no evidence of any kind of Builder Artifact or Builder activity has been found in the Orion Arm. These, and these alone, are the facts concerning the Builders and the Builder Artifacts. We now proceed to the Theories themselves, which are legion. -from the introduction to the volume, A SURFEIT OF NOTIONS: Theories of Builder origins, activities, nature, and artifacts. Author: Professor Darya Lang, Artifact Research Institute, Sentinel Gate. This is an advance publication copy, and may be subject to additions and amendments. (Continues...)

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