Rethinking the Foundations of Statistics

Rethinking the Foundations of Statistics

by Joseph B. Kadane, Teddy Seidenfeld, Mark J. Schervish

A synthesis of foundational studies in Bayesian decision theory and statistics.See more details below


A synthesis of foundational studies in Bayesian decision theory and statistics.

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Cambridge University Press
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Cambridge Studies in Probability, Induction and Decision Theory Series
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Table of Contents

Pt. 1Decision Theory for Cooperative Decision Making
1.1On the Shared Preferences of Two Bayesian Decision Makers17
1.2Decisions Without Ordering40
1.3A Representation of Partially Ordered Preferences69
Pt. 2The Truth about Consequences
2.1Separating Probability Elicitation from Utilities133
2.2State-dependent Utilities149
2.3Shared Preferences and State-dependent Utilities169
2.4A Conflict Between Finite Additivity and Avoiding Dutch Book194
2.5Statistical Implications of Finitely Additive Probability211
Pt. 3Non-Cooperative Decision Making, Inference, and Learning with Shared Evidence
3.1Subjective Probability and the Theory of Games235
3.2Equilibrium, Common Knowledge, and Optimal Sequential Decisions246
3.3A Fair Minimax Theorem for Two-Person (Zero-Sum) Games Involving Finitely Additive Strategies267
3.4Randomization in a Bayesian Perspective293
3.5Characterization of Externally Bayesian Pooling Operators314
3.6An Approach to Consensus and Certainty with Increasing Evidence333
3.7Reasoning to a Foregone Conclusion349
3.8When Several Bayesians Agree That There Will Be No Reasoning to a Foregone Conclusion369
Index of Names383
Subject Index386

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