Retrospective: 1974-2010

Retrospective: 1974-2010

by Alex Conti

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Disc 1

  1. Ooh Baby
  2. Son of a Bitch's Son
  3. Godfather
  4. Rock Me Baby
  5. Teddybear
  6. Down the Middle
  7. Lost by the Wayside
  8. Chasing Colours
  9. Red Lake
  10. Dreams
  11. Fire
  12. Talk To Me, Baby
  13. Nights On the Highway
  14. Waterprotected
  15. You're a Monster
  16. Take Me as I Am

Disc 2

  1. Under Arrest
  2. Better Things To Do
  3. The Way It's Gonna Be
  4. Sayonara
  5. Harvest for the World
  6. You Drive Me Crazy
  7. Addicted To Love
  8. My Baby - Your Baby
  9. Dynamite
  10. White Noise Boogie
  11. Keep Smiling
  12. You've Seen It All
  13. Over Under Sideways Down
  14. Wanna Be Your Mate
  15. Down To the Wire
  16. From the Sky

Disc 3

  1. Main Attraction
  2. Love Me or Leave Me
  3. Make My Day
  4. Woza N Azu
  5. Till Your Loving Makes Me Blue
  6. Too Much Alcohol
  7. Art Is
  8. The Sea
  9. Spectral Voyager
  10. Bei mir bist du Schoen

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alex Conti   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Jeff Beck   Composer
Ernie Isley   Composer
Alex Conti   Composer,Director
Chris Jasper   Composer
Chris Dreja   Composer
Dick Heckstall-Smith   Composer
J.B. Hutto   Composer
Marvin Isley   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Paul Samwell-Smith   Composer
E. James   Composer
P. Brown   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Holger Trull   Cover Design
J. Guerin   Composer
HendriX   Composer
Secunda   Composer
G. Peacey   Composer
B. Lowe   Composer
D&D Story   Composer

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