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Return of Anti-Semitism / Edition 1

Return of Anti-Semitism / Edition 1

5.0 1
by Gabriel Schoenfeld

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ISBN-10: 1594030898

ISBN-13: 2901594030894

Pub. Date: 05/28/2005

Publisher: Encounter Books

Essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the peril today confronting Jews, Isreal, and Western democracy as a whole.


Essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the peril today confronting Jews, Isreal, and Western democracy as a whole.

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Encounter Books
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New Edition

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Table of Contents

1Warning Signs1
2The Islamic Strain7
3Europe Reverts57
4The End of the American Exception?101
5Descent into Delusion141

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Return of Anti-Semitism 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I purchased this exceptionally, well written, in-depth study further to my own research into anti-Semitism (hatred of the Jews) spanning many years. Replete with specific references, the text of this work provides a compelling and deeply disturbing investigation as to how, virtually unnoticed by large elements of the International community, a lethal hatred of the Jews has once more come to the fore and depicts how it has been so influential in manipulating public attitudes through the media & also it's influence within political realms pertaining to circumstances in the International arena. At the outset, the book declares that to anyone even modestly acquainted with current events, it is readily apparent that the Islamic World is today the epicentre of what is cited as a particularly virulent brand of anti-Semitic hatred. The reader is shown how throughout the Islamic world, Israel has been allegedly transformed from a country into a malignant force, cited as embodying every possible negative attribute - aggressor, usurper, occupier, corrupter, infidel, murderer and barbarian, with the Israelis themselves being allegedly viewed as foot-soldiers of the same dark force instead of human beings, parents, students, civilians, women & children. The book demonstrating how this hatred depicts the Jews themselves as constituting what is described as the sinister force behind almost every significant event in the World. Through a seemingly endless, inexhaustible supply of material, the historic and underlying causes of this irrational hatred are discussed. Individual readers must make up their own minds upon the many aspects of this investigation, some aspects of which may be seen as controversial by some. One issue examined is how Islamic anti-Semitism perhaps draws and meshes seamlessly with it's Christian and Nazi 'cousins' in Europe where similar patterns of anti-Jewish hatred were practised, taught & richly developed for centuries in some areas of Europe. Further discussed is how such teachings may have found an entrance corridor and a sympathetic audience amongst the Arab/Islamic world surrounding the re-birth of Israel in 1948. Nazism's ideology cited as having been defeated on the battlefield but the book showing how named Arab leaders had already been thoroughly steeped in it's doctrines and eager to embrace it's ideological package in relation to the Jews. The study declaring that the Arab world's hatred of the Jews now equals that of Nazi Germany at it's peak and discusses how that seldom will you find anyone opposing or discrediting anti-Semitism in the Islamic world or even amongst it's supporters. References are also provided of the dissemination of hatred through official Arabic Government channels and publications where Jews are depicted as 'apes and pigs' and the 'worms of the entire World'. In one example, tthe book illustrates how what are described as Iranian anti-Semitic propagandists, erase all distinctions among Israel, Zionism and the Jews. These sources cited as describing the State of Israel as being not merely Zionist but a 'bunch of Jews' and that the ridding the World of this 'bunch of Jews' is a prime Muslim obligation. Israel being further described by Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a 'cancerous tumour that must be excised'. In relation to the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the reader is shown clearly that central to the signing of the Oslo Accords was an agreement to cease the propagation of hatred towards the Jews, but that the hate has instead been constant and unceasing through the official Palestinian media as well as the schools and the entire Palestinian education system where an implacable hatred of Israel & the Jews is shown to be included in many school books. Alongside this, the reader is shown how the doctrine of Holocaust denial has been ever present reality. Something which the book reveals to have been reinforced by the recent Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud