Return of Dragon

Return of Dragon

4.3 6
by Sisqó

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He may not be the most poetic new jack crooner, but you've got to give the platinum-coiffed little guy credit. Since he took a hiatus from his Dru Hill bandmates and extolled the virtues of booty-dental floss with summer 2000's flesh-for-fantasy anthem, "The Thong Song" from his naughty debut disc, Unleash…  See more details below


He may not be the most poetic new jack crooner, but you've got to give the platinum-coiffed little guy credit. Since he took a hiatus from his Dru Hill bandmates and extolled the virtues of booty-dental floss with summer 2000's flesh-for-fantasy anthem, "The Thong Song" from his naughty debut disc, Unleash the Dragon, Sisqó has continued to charm his way into our consumer subconscious. He's costarred in a major motion picture (the 2001 flop Get Over It), hosted an MTV dance show, and even launched his own action figure. Now Sisqó builds on that momentum with his second solo joint -- the aptly titled Return of Dragon -- his signature over-the-top, gospel-rooted vocals still in effect. Although the disc doesn't have the obvious standout anthems that distinguished his rookie effort, cuts such as the infectious "Dance for Me" and the bass-knocking, Teddy Riley-produced first single, "Can I Live," should bang the party just fine. And several songs will have urban radio on lockdown after dark, including the Boyz II Men ripoff "Without You," which features members of Dru Hill, and the saccharine-sweet ballad "Dream," featuring Chinky from the Sisqó-assembled girl group Lovher. With his charismatic, ghetto-fabulous vocals and well-produced, hook-heavy songs, Sisqó is sure to return to the charts with Return of Dragon.

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All Music Guide - Jason Birchmeier
Sisqó's second solo album, Return of Dragon, follows up a debut that unexpectedly shot to the top of the charts a year earlier and remained there, week after week. That debut album, Unleash the Dragon, was almost solely powered by an omnipresent summer anthem in "Thong Song" -- a difficult feat to duplicate, an even more difficult feat to top. But even if Return of Dragon doesn't have a surefire novelty hit like "Thong Song" on it, it still has enough firepower to carry Sisqó back to the top of the charts. It's a safe record, no doubt, offering only ten full-length songs and an ensemble cast of songwriters and producers. But regardless of how few risks Sisqó takes on this album, the result is commendable, an energetic, slick, and stylish album with plenty of subtle sex and overt gloss -- everything early-2000s pop listeners demand in their superstars. To be honest, though, pop fans aren't looking for well-crafted albums but rather dynamite singles. And this album has its fair share. In fact, somewhere around half of these ten songs could function as hit singles in 2001, with "Can I Live," "Dance for Me," and "Close Your Eyes" being the most obvious choices. In particular, "Can I Live" stands out on the album mostly because of its over-the-top execution; here, the timeless Teddy Riley takes the reigns with songwriting partner D'Wayne Jones, crafting a jittery Timbaland-style beat and working various members of Sisqó's new affiliates, the Dragon Family, into the song. Yet while "Can I Live" stands out as a step in a new direction for Sisqó, "Dance for Me" takes a look back to "Thong Song," resulting in a similarly sexy dancefloor anthem that is just dying for a sleazy, near-naked-dancers-everywhere MTV treatment. In short, Sisqó gives you exactly what you want -- assuming you liked his debut album -- offering a can't-miss collection of should-be hits and even more of his ceaseless crooning.

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Def Soul Classics

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sisqó   Primary Artist,Vocals
Derek Scott   Guitar
Dru Hill   Track Performer
Traci Hale   Vocals
C. Stewart   Keyboards

Technical Credits

George Mayers   Engineer
Brian Thomas   Engineer
Anthony Jeffries   Engineer
West   Producer
Todd Fairall   Engineer
Christopher "Tricky" Stewart   Composer
Jan Fairchild   Engineer
Tara Podolsky   Administration
Boy Genius   Producer
Patrice Reynolds   Administration
Andy Haller   Engineer
Kevin Liles   Executive Producer
Sisqó   Executive Producer
Warryn Campbell   Producer
Nathan Walton   Arranger,Producer
C. Stewart   Producer
Jason Edmonds   Producer
Tavia Ivey   Arranger
J Moss   Producer
John Hanes   Engineer

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Return of Dragon 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Sisqo's ever since Dru Hill's Debut ablum, I have both and I especially enjoyed ''Enter The Dru.'' I always wished that Sisqo would go solo when Dru Hill was together. And was elaited when I heard about the Dru World Order, but it's unfortunate that fell through.''Return of Dragon'' is different from ''Unleash the Dragon'' in that there are only a few ballads on this album-which are my favorite. Dance w/ Me, Without You -Featuring Dru hill (Nice), Off the Corner, Dream-beautiful*, and Homewrecker are my favorites. Although compared to some of his earlier efforts some of the songs lack a little in the lyrics department. Sisqo is constantly reientventing himself with his style(musically) sometimes I think he is worried about what the fans will think and is trying too hard. If he just does it from his heart and not worry so much as to how people will recieve his music I think he will be surprised. I applaud him for venturing out and trying new things because it takes a lot of courage to do that sort of thing. But, this is a tight album regardless, it is nice to drive to. Although I am still hopeing that Dru Hill has a reuion album, or maybe go back to they're original plan of Dru World Order. With Sisqo's powerful voice, personality, carisma, and incredible performances there is not doubt in my mind that this man will go far, there are no limits as far as I am concerned. Go buy this album, I recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Return of Dragon is Sisqo's answer. It's Sisqo's answer to all the haters that labeled his ''Thong Song'' superstar status as a temporary minute in the everchanging music scene. With his sophomore solo release Sisqo changes the game plan and introduces the next-level of r&b music. Its evident from the first single ''Can I Live'''s futuristic beat that Sisqo took the expiremental track moving away from the softer ballads and embracing the hip-hop elements of party tracks. Highlights of the album are ''Homewrecker'', ''Dance With Me'' and ''Not Afraid''. Sisqo also gives some shine to artists from his Dragon family. They are sprinkled in throughout the album. Overall, the golden-boy of Dru Hill doesn't disappoint. He just brings a fresh change when it was definitely needed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this album rocks. it is the best album of the year. the best songs are...well all of them! they have an up-beat feel and are just cool to listen to. it starts off with 'intro' where sisqo sings about holding the dragon, then 'not affraid' which is cool and has a great chorus, but then moves on to the best track on the album 'infatuated' which is again a great up-beat track with a catchy beat. Then comes his 2nd single off the album 'can i live?'. this song features the dragon family and has an even catchier beat, but is not as good. 'without you' is good but not the best. it is still an up-beat track but is not as lively as the previous. 'homewrecker' is a close second for best track on the album, it has a VERY catchy beat and chorus, the lyrics are great. this fast song is really good to listen to and sing along to or even dance to. 'last night' is about falling for a girl in your dreams and is quite fast but starts off slowly but is still a good track, yet not the best. 'close your eyes interlude' is a phone call from one of sisqo's ex-girlfriends to him wanting to ''hold the dragon'' and then it's lead into 'close your eyes' this is a ballad but very well performed. it takes incomplete and adds an r&b twist and a new beat. it's the best out of the 2 ballads. 'dance for me' as you've all heard is great with a good up-beat feel and is overplayed on the radio, but is still good to listen to. 'off the corner' is a good song which i really like. it shows off sisqo's voice better than anyother song. it has live samples in it and is great! 'dream' featuring Chinky from LovHer is the only other ballad on the album. the song is sung very well but can get a bit boring. it is an up-beat ballad yet is the slowest track on the album. Chinky and Sisqo's voices mix perfectly together. If you were to buy the special edition album you would get another track: 'you don't know me'. it's worth paying that extra money for the track and 2 videos (dance for me and can i live). the song is up-beat and another great track. THIS ALBUM IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this album is fantastic,everysong but especially last night.Its wicked!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a big Sisqo fan. I loved his first CD ¿Unleash the Dragon¿. That¿s why I bought this CD, The Return of the Dragon, when I was on my way to Las Vegas. I hoped that the CD would keep me awake while I am on this long trip. However, I was disappointed big time. The return of the Dragon just didn¿t have the fire as when the Dragon is unleashed. The CD doesn¿t live up to its expectation. More than haft of the songs in the CD are made just to fill up the CD. Lyrics to many songs are just meaning less. There is no song that I can categorize as a hit. Songs after songs, I tried to search for a good song. Zero is the number of songs that I liked. If you are like me, a big Sisqo fan, just buy the CD to support him, but don¿t expect much from it. I only listened to it once since I bought it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is bangin and Sisqo's second CD should have been promoted a lot more. The songs are engaging and the music is amazing!!!!!!! The Best CD of 2001!!!!!