Return of the Dragon

Return of the Dragon

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by Rebecca Rupp

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Three adventurous children find further intrigue on the tiny Maine island where a talkative three-headed dragon peacefully lives out its days and the power of storytelling reigns supreme.

With their parents off to London on a special trip, Hannah, Zachary, and Sarah Emily are thrilled to be going back to Aunt Mehitabel's house on Lonely Island. Though their


Three adventurous children find further intrigue on the tiny Maine island where a talkative three-headed dragon peacefully lives out its days and the power of storytelling reigns supreme.

With their parents off to London on a special trip, Hannah, Zachary, and Sarah Emily are thrilled to be going back to Aunt Mehitabel's house on Lonely Island. Though their favorite aunt can't join them, they know their tummies will soon be filled with Mrs. Jone's mouth-watering cookies and their minds full of Fafnyr, the fabulous creature they befriended last summer. A glittering three-headed dragon who loves to tell stories and has a memory spanning 20,000 years, Fafnyr remains safely hidden in a cave high above the ocean, waiting for the children to return.

But is Fafnyr's hiding place safe? As the children nervously discover, a white yacht is now anchored off the private island, and a crew led by billionaire J.P. King has been scouring onshore, supposedly watching birds. Could he possibly be searching for a far rarer and more unusual specimen? The children have promised to keep Fafnyr's existense a secret, but it's hard to know if the smooth-talking Mr. King is friend or foe. Only Fafnyr's own stories can lead the Dragon Friends to the heart of the mystery, as they teach the children to think more clearly, to make the right decisions — and to discover what is truly worth fighting for.

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Children's Literature
Hannah, Zachary, and Sarah Emily, all siblings, are thrilled to be returning to their great Aunt Mehitabel's private island while their parents attend a conference in Europe. Although the pleasure of having an island to themselves is surely enticing, the greatest collective excitement arises from the anticipation of visiting again the three headed dragon who has taken up residence in a cave there. Fafnyr, a secret treasured by Mehitabel and the children alike, is beloved by the conspirators who will protect his privacy with their very lives. Fafynr, who returns the affection, tells wonderful stories from his ancient past, enthralling his young audience for hours. However, upon arrival at Lonely Island, bad news awaits the eager visitors. Aunt Mehitabel, who also has a home in Philadelphia, has broken her ankle and will not be able to accompany them. If that is not tragedy enough, a suspicious boat is anchored just off the shore, and strangers are camping on the beach. Rumor has it that the owner of the yacht is a wealthy eccentric who has a history of getting whatever he wants, by hook or by crook. Upon meeting the millionaire, the children discover that what he wants is Fafnyr. Intrigue, adventure, and wonderful dragon tales fill this sequel to The Dragon of Lonely Island, leaving readers wanting more stories of Fafynr and his fans. 2005, Candlewick Press, Ages 8 to 12.
—Janice DeLong
School Library Journal
Gr 3-6-In this pleasant sequel to The Dragon of Lonely Island (Candlewick, 1998), the three Davis children return to the island for spring vacation. They're looking forward to a reunion with Fafnyr, the three-headed dragon-or tridrake-they had discovered. Upon arrival, they spot tents pitched on the beach and a yacht anchored offshore. They discover that the ship's owner is tenacious billionaire J. P. King, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And he wants to capture Fafnyr and make the tridrake his prisoner. This is a quick, easy read that goes down like warm milk-it's comfy and nutritious, but bland. Like a fussy, smug old schoolmaster, Fafnyr is a little too fond of telling the children stories that teach them a lesson, and the story's conclusion ties up all of the loose ends a little too tidily.-Walter Minkel, New York Public Library Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Actually, it's young Hannah, Zachary and Sarah Emily who do the returning, as they come back to visit Fafnyr, the golden-scaled, three-headed cave-dweller first met in The Dragon of Lonely Island (1998). As before, Rupp offers three dragon tales imbedded in a larger story. Discovering that reclusive billionaire J.P. King has come to Lonely Island on a mysterious quest, the anxious children rush to warn Fafnyr. They hear tales of young people-an ancient Greek shepherd, a young squire dreaming of knighthood and a child fleeing with her family on the Underground Railroad-who receive rescue, as well as insights into not judging by appearances, right action and the real meaning of freedom, respectively, from an amiable dragon. Though by giving the dragon the power to cloud men's minds, the author robs the climax of both suspense and a chance for the children to take any active role in foiling the menacing King, her fluent prose and savvy, lightly presented life advice make this as readable and thought provoking as its predecessor. (Fiction. 10-12)

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Dragon of Lonely Island Series
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9 - 12 Years

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Suddenly Hannah, in the lead, stopped dead.

Look at that!" she said in a horrified voice.

Zachary and Sarah Emily crowded behind her, staring.

Someone had made a campsite on the beach. A cluster of white tents was set up behind the sheltering rise of a dune. There were five tents, one much larger than the others. "That must be the leader's," Zachary whispered.

The large tent had plastic windows in it - they could be sealed shut at night with white canvas covers - and a zippered double door. A folding wooden chair was set up just outside the door with a table net to it. On the other side of the chair was a tripod to which was attached an enormous pair of black binoculars.

As the children watched, crouching behind the tree trunks, the zippered door rolled open and an elderly Chinese man came out. He was tall and thin, dressed in a black suit, with an embroidered cap on his head. He stood silently, his expression grim, eyes narrowed to slits, arms folded across his chest. Then he stalked slowly across the campsite and vanished between the tents, headed in the direction of the sea.

"Who's that?" Sara Emily said. She sounded frightened.

Hannah and Zachary exchanged anxious glances.

"A trespasser," Zachary said.

They watched the camp for several more minutes, but nothing happened. The tents sat silent and deserted, their canvas doors firmly shut.

"We might as well go," Hannah whispered finally.

The children turned and crept quietly back through the trees, the way that they had come.

"Let's go see . . . F," Zachary said. "We should warn him about this."

THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON by Rebecca Rupp. Copyright (c) 2005 by Rebecca Rupp. Published by Candlewick Press, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

Meet the Author

Rebecca Rupp has written nonfiction articles for many national magazines on topics ranging from the history of blue jeans to the science of ice cream.. She is also the author of THE DRAGON OF LONELY ISLAND, THE WATERSTONE, and several nonfiction books, both for children and adults. Of THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON, she says, "I hope all of you enjoy the return of Fafnyr's cave — and hearing from Aunt Mehitabel again — as much as I have. Much as I love the three-headed dragon, I also love Aunt Mehitabel. I plan to be just like her when I turn eighty-five." Rebecca Rupp lives in Vermont with her husband, three sons, three cats, and a tarantula named Immanuel Kant.

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