by Ben Witherington, III

This book is a socio-rhetorical commentary on Revelation, with a suggested reading list and entire NRSV translation.See more details below


This book is a socio-rhetorical commentary on Revelation, with a suggested reading list and entire NRSV translation.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Cambridge Bible Commentary Series
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New Edition
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Part I. Introduction: 1. Authorship, date and audience of the apocalypse; 2. The resources, rhetoric and restructuring of Revelation; 3. Revelation in its social setting in West Asia Minor; 4. The christology of Revelation; 5. The genre of Revelation; 6. A brief tour of the Book of Revelation; Part II. Suggested Reading on Revelation: 1. The genre of Revelation; 2. Commentaries; 3. Rhetorical studies; 4. Sociological and anthropological approaches; 5. Classical and archaeological resources; 6. History of interpretation; 7. Theology; 8. Important monographs; 9. Articles of interest; Part III. Commentary: 1. Rev. 1.1–3: Visionary material: handle carefully; 2. Rev. 1.4–1.20: The Heavenly Son of Man; 3. Rev. 2–3: postcards from the edge; 4. Rev. 4–5: the throne room vision; 5. Rev. 6.1–8.5: The Seven Seals; 6. Rev. 8.5–11: The Seven Trumpets; 7. Rev. 12: The woman and the dragon; 8. Rev. 13.1–14.5: 666 and his spokesman; 9. Rev. 14.6–14.20: Three angelic messengers; 10. Rev. 15.1–16.21: The seven eschatological plagues; 11. Rev. 17.1–19.10: Babylon the Harlot; 12. Rev. 19.11–21.8: The rider on the white horse, redemptive-judgment and the messianic millennium; 13. Rev. 21.9–22.5: The tour of the New Jerusalem; 14. Rev. 22.6–22.21: The epilogue; Part IV. Appendix: A Millennial Problem; Index.

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