Revolution if Iran

Revolution if Iran

by A. Husain

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Gr 6-9Students reporting on the Ko rean War or the Berlin crisis of 1961 will be delighted to find these British imports on the library shelves. The texts are brief but cogent, the news photos plentiful and full of action and interest, and the explanations of the po litical and military decisions which dic tated the course of these crises are deft and evenhanded. These two titles will not diminish in usefulness, being now in the realm of ``history,'' rather than ``current events.'' The four other titles share the same inviting brevity of text and excellent use of photographs. The sole caveat is that the story in each of these countries is not yet played out, and the books cover events only through the end of 1987. Still, the back ground information on the political and religious factions in Iran, the racial poli cies of the South African government, the reasons for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent deci sion to withdraw, and the review of American policies in Central America which led to the ``Irangate'' hearings guarantee the usefulness of all of these books in any discussion of current events. The photographs are drawn from a range of international sources. The focus of each of these books is on politicsthe political forces operating within each country and the impact of each crisis on the international balance of power between the major world go vernments. The authors offer reasoned, thoughtful explanations of these ``flash points'' in world affairs, making these topical, informative books a good buy for any library.Shirley Wilton, Ocean County College, Toms River, N.J.

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Flashpoints Series
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12 Years

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