Revolutionary Final Cut Pro 3: Digital Post-Production / Edition 1

Revolutionary Final Cut Pro 3: Digital Post-Production / Edition 1

by Daniel Morgan, George Kingsnorth, Noah Kadner, Michel Tagliati

ISBN-10: 1903450810

ISBN-13: 9781903450819

Pub. Date: 04/30/2002

Publisher: Apress

Final Cut Pro is Apple's offering to the digital revolution, as it grabs a larger chunk of the future of the film industry. Final Cut Pro3 increases the power accessible to filmmakers from their own computers, and provides extra features previously available onlyin more expensive suites.

This book provides editors, producers, and consumers with a definitive


Final Cut Pro is Apple's offering to the digital revolution, as it grabs a larger chunk of the future of the film industry. Final Cut Pro3 increases the power accessible to filmmakers from their own computers, and provides extra features previously available onlyin more expensive suites.

This book provides editors, producers, and consumers with a definitive guide to post-production using version 3of Final Cut Pro. It also documents four of the most popular delivery formats: Broadcast, DVD, the Internet, and film, and explains how they effect the workflow in the edit bay.

The book covers:

  • The professional features of Final Cut Pro's interface
  • The many third-party hardware/software enhancements such as Boris FX, 3DInvigorator, Contour Shuttlepro and Post-Op color-coded keyboards
  • Creating a proper EDL for film and 24p projects using Final Cut Pro 3 and such products as FilmLogic
  • How to color correct in Final Cut Pro for consistency, as well as to achieve new effects and styles
  • How to output projects for film, television, DVD and the Internet
  • Media management tools for compression and transfer, and when to use them
  • Using Offline RT for Real-time editing, both on a desktop and on a Powerbook G4
  • Creating titles with the Real-time Text generators
  • Using Real-time filters and transitions to achieve amazing effects
  • Special techniques and power-user secrets that take Final Cut Pro 3 beyond the boundaries stated by Apple (like how to accelerate RT effects on lower-end G4 machines)
  • How to program your own unique effects using the FXBuilder

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Table of Contents

The revolutionary approach to FCP 33
The DVD4
The web site4
How the book looks4
Support--just in case5
Time to set off5
1What's New in FCP 3?7
The new features8
OS X compatibility8
Real-time editing8
Voice-Over tool9
Color correction9
Installation issues of FCP 39
What system or systems do I use?10
Installing FCP 3 full version12
Installing in OS913
Installing in OSX13
Upgrading to FCP 313
Now that you've installed FCP 314
Offline RT editing14
And the winner is...16
Three-way color correction17
Color Correction Filter20
Broadcast Safe21
The post production process
2Looking at Post Production Workflow24
Chaotic compatibility26
How this affects Final Cut Pro26
Analyzing the projects27
An imaginary documentary28
Working with others33
Working with other applications34
3Input Formats Explored37
Quick Time37
Digital video formats39
Component vs composite39
What are all those D's?40
DV formats41
DV and FireWire42
Beyond FireWire47
Third-party Capture Cards47
Digital Voodoo47
Other ways beside capture to acquire assets55
CDs/data DVDs55
Importing a CD with iTunes57
The NET59
4EDL Support61
Why an EDL?61
EDL considerations62
Preparing for an EDL62
Reel naming conventions62
Before you capture63
Calibrate timecode63
User programmable timecode64
Timecode breaks65
Clip names65
Limit your edits66
Keep it on V166
A note about audio tracks66
No nesting!66
Stills & speed & generators67
Editing Techniques
5Editing Techniques77
Compositing versus editing77
Pros of slicing and dicing78
Markers to sub-clips81
And the cons?84
Trim edits and the Trim Edit window86
Ripple edits89
Rolling edits89
Slip & slide edits90
Audio edits92
Marking the beat93
Viewing clips for multi-camera edits93
6Better Sound than Sorry97
Reference levels99
Presets for analog audio-only capture104
Audio sample rates106
Techniques in editing audio clips111
Audio transitions and filters115
Adding voice-over directly into the timeline119
Adding music from a CD131
Mixdown audio135
Exporting audio into an online suite139
Importing audio into Peak DV140
7System Configurations143
The basic system143
Beyond basic144
Video cards144
Hard drives146
The Super Drive149
Capture cards149
So you've seen the options, what do you choose?157
8The Autosave Vault159
Setting up the Autosave Vault160
Restoring your project162
Managing media in FCP 3163
Moving clips offline from the browser164
Finding unused media164
Reconnecting media166
Using Media Manager167
Filters and Effects
9Filters and Effects175
Applying an effect176
The filters177
Motion control and motion paths182
Jigsaw tear-away182
Suggestions for enhancing the puzzle191
Tweaking keyframes192
Third party plug-ins192
Online sites you should visit for plug-ins192
Applications you might want to consider193
What do transitions do for us?195
How does a transition work?196
Transitions and the EDL197
The new real-time (RT) transitions199
QuickView: Another way to cheat the render203
Other transitions205
Non-RT transitions206
Using nested sequences as clips212
Exploring third-party transitions213
Finding transitions on the net214
12FXBuilder Demystified217
What is the FXBuilder?217
Walking through a simple script220
Conditional statements222
Predefined variables223
Is this Apple script?226
A more customizable transition226
Walk through a script with input controls231
What do 'snap' and 'detent' do?232
Exploring and building FXScripts237
Reading code237
Running the code237
Reusing code239
Debugging code239
Finishing with Final Cut Pro
13Creation of Media for DVD Studio Pro243
Exporting alternate audio tracks250
Exporting alternate angles253
Creating motion menus256
Creating a motion menu button overlay261
Designing DVD surround sound in FCP268
Creating DVDSP chapter stops in FCP275
14Preparation of Media for Internet Delivery281
The state of broadband281
Shooting for the Internet281
Prepping for the Internet283
Cutting for the Internet283
Streaming or progressive download284
Compressing in Final Cut Pro285
Streaming QuickTime from Final Cut Pro290
Compressing in Cleaner292
A walk through Cleaner 5's advanced Settings300
Real Player304
Windows Media Player305
Hosting and Servers306
Hosting vs. in-house306
Throughput, bandwidth, downloads307
High-end workflows308
15Broadcast Standards311
FCP 3 in the industry311
Turning your FCP 3 suite from offline to online312
Using FCP 3 to output finished programs313
Color correction313
Broadcast television requirements331
Making a delivery tape suitable for broadcast333
Finishing on Film339
Giving DV a film look339
DigiEffects' CineLook345
Starting digitally, finishing on film349
Starting as film, finishing as film351
Interfaces and Utilities
16Workflow and Organizational Interfaces359
Organization beyond the FCP interface359
Multiple cameras359
Organization within the FCP interface363
Capture presets363
Anamorphic 16:9364
Regular 4:3365
Digital 16:9365
True 16:9 format366
Anamorphic 2.35:1366
Digital Cinemascope 2:35366
Sequence presets367
Bins and reel numbers368
Final Cut Pro Documents369
Project files370
The Media Manager370
Print to Video371
Dropped frames371
How to avoid dropped frames372
17Editing Interfaces375
The Selection tool376
Edit, group, and range selection tools379
Track selection tools382
Roll edits383
Ripple Edit tool384
Slip and slide386
Slip Item tool386
Slide Item tool387
Razor Blade tool389
Setting system preferences391
Arrangement layouts396
Custom layouts402
Offline media405
Automatic scene detection409
Mark audio peak tool411
18...And now for something completely different!415
Launching FXBuilder text entry415
Accessing FXScript components416
Definition statements and input controls417
Input statements422
Rules of expressions424
Constants and variables426
Data types427
Basic mathematical operators429
Boolean mathematical operators430
Assignment and flow control statements432
Putting it all together437
AppendixThe Dane Hack - Improving Real-Time Capabilities of Your Mac447

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