Richard and John: Kings at War

Richard and John: Kings at War

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by Frank McLynn

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From an acclaimed historian, a dual biography of “good” king Richard the Lionheart and his “evil” brother, King John.See more details below


From an acclaimed historian, a dual biography of “good” king Richard the Lionheart and his “evil” brother, King John.

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McLynn has now taken the counter-revisionist tack. He makes a strong case in maintaining that John truly was a disaster, both as a man and a monarch.McLynn knows how to tell a story, and the story of these two complicated but flawed men is worth revisiting.
Magill Book Reviews
A lively dual biography of two very different kings.An ambitious, accessible account of the lives of two royal brothers.Readers will find McLynn's well-written brief on Richard and John persuasive and engaging.
McLynn proves that it's possible to make these far-off times and the tales of those who populated them not only comprehensible, but intensely exciting. McLynn's meticulous research and flashy, entertaining prose brings life to the titular monarchs and their dysfunctional family.McLynn is a talented writer.McLynn's engaging style encourages thought and makes following him through the travails of these two figures a pleasure. McLynn's presence is felt on every page, and it's his voice that keeps the narrative moving swiftly as he weaves the rich life stories of Richard and John with a vivid and essential portrait of the political and social climate of the 12th and 13th centuries. His prose is laden with gems, and is a true treasure-trove for lovers of language.He launches adjectives like arrows, and they fall around their target in a fierce volley.Readers will relish the opportunity to converse with an author who loves language and isn't afraid to use it. Richard and John: Kings at War is everything a historical biography should be. McLynn has a keen eye not only for history, but for storytelling and the importance of artfulness in writing. He invites the reader into a world fully populated with colorful characters, endearing heroes, and detestable villains, and through their stories manages to enthrall, proving that, properly told, the true story can be better than fiction.

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