Ride Away on Your Horses: Music, Now I'm One

Ride Away on Your Horses: Music, Now I'm One

by John M. Feierabend

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Gia Publications

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  1. Giggles
  2. Ride Away on Your Horses
  3. I Have a Little Pony
  4. Had a Mule
  5. Leg over Leg
  6. Little White Ponies
  7. Ride a Little Horsey
  8. See-Saw, Margery Daw
  9. Peep Squirrel
  10. Pierrot
  11. This Is the Father
  12. This Little Elf
  13. This Is the Man That Broke the Barn
  14. Baby's Thumb
  15. This Little Crown
  16. This Little Puppy
  17. Ring Around the Rosy
  18. I Roll the Ball
  19. Sally Go Round the Sun
  20. See the Little Mousie
  21. Roly Poly
  22. The Cows Are in the Meadow
  23. Creeping, Creeping, Creeping
  24. 'Round and 'Round the Garden
  25. There Was a Little Mouse
  26. Cobbler, Cobbler
  27. Clap Your Hands
  28. Brow Binker
  29. Pit, Pat, Well a Day
  30. Diddlety, Diddlety, Dumpty
  31. Here a Goes a Turtle
  32. Cherries Are Ripe
  33. Go to Sleep, Go to Sleepy
  34. Hush, My Little Bird
  35. Ride on Daddy's Knee
  36. See the Pony Galloping
  37. From Wibbleton to Wobbleton
  38. Charley Barley
  39. Five Little Riders
  40. Buster Brown
  41. I Have Lost My Closet Key
  42. Grandma Grunts
  43. Bye Baby Bunting
  44. This Is My Mother
  45. This Little Bunny
  46. This Little Froggie
  47. Hungry Piggy Snout
  48. Little Tommy Thumb
  49. This Little Piggy Said
  50. On, Roll On
  51. The Leaves Are Green, the Nuts Are Brown
  52. Santa Maloney
  53. Creepy Mouse
  54. 'Round About
  55. 'Round and 'Round the Haystock
  56. Slowly, Slowly
  57. Can You Keep a Secret
  58. 'Round About the Rosebush
  59. Knock at the Door
  60. Higglety Pigglety Pop
  61. Akron Beacon
  62. Is Johnny In?
  63. Robert Barnes
  64. Down the Street
  65. Lullaby My Jamie
  66. Golden Slumbers
  67. Mammy, Mammy Told Me-O

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