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The bubblegum songs of the late '60s and early '70s were (mostly) commercially produced singles, written by professionals and recorded by attractive young acts for the maximum commercial appeal. Much like the teen pop movements of the late '80s or late '90s, this produced a mountain of dreck, but also like those teen pop movements, there were some moments of greatness… See more details below


The bubblegum songs of the late '60s and early '70s were (mostly) commercially produced singles, written by professionals and recorded by attractive young acts for the maximum commercial appeal. Much like the teen pop movements of the late '80s or late '90s, this produced a mountain of dreck, but also like those teen pop movements, there were some moments of greatness. Were it not for *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears, listeners wouldn't have had "Bye Bye Bye," "I Want It That Way," or "Baby One More Time," which, when viewed objectively, are solid contributions to pop's canon. This makes sense, since they were written by professionals and produced with calculation, and most of Right to Chews recognizes this. The bands in the power pop revival of the late '90s and early '00s are somewhat older -- from their early thirties to their early fifties -- than their more mainstream peers, so the music on Right to Chews is the music of their youth; they're the 45s these kids spent their time spinning after school. And since one of the major flaws of all these originals is that they sound terribly, almost embarrassingly dated today, a tribute record with beefed up instrumentation seems entirely appropriate. Weighing in at a hefty 25 tracks, with most cuts running around two minutes, the collection zooms past with a blur. The artists tackle everything from well-known (the Sparkle*Jets U.K.'s winning take on the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back") to obscure (the Andersons' take on the bizarre "Goodie Good Ice Cream Man") and even a few that were later recycled (the Beatifics do "Superman," which was later turned into a hit by R.E.M.). Of course, this is relentlessly up-tempo stuff, and only one song (Doug Powell's "I Woke Up in Love This Morning") is in a minor key, so it will immediately turn off anyone not in the mood for a sugar high. Yes, everything here is extremely lightweight, but it's not forgettable. And with 25 of the most talented bands that make similarly infectious music today, Right to Chews feels like a perfect fit.

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Release Date:
Not Lame Records


  1. Bubblegum Music  -  Rubinoos
  2. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy  -  Teen Machine
  3. Smile a Little Smile for Me  - Chris Von Sneidern
  4. Goodie Good Ice Cream Man  -  Andersons
  5. I Want You Back  -  Sparkle*Jets U.K.
  6. Dizzy  - Cliff Hillis
  7. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' @@Mitch Easter Sound!
  8. I Enjoy Being a Boy (In Love With You)  -  Linus of Hollywood
  9. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
  10. Goody Goody Gumdrops
  11. I Woke Up in Love This Morning  - Doug Powell
  12. Time to Change  - Michael Carpenter
  13. Goin' Home @@Stingray Green
  14. Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.y. D.O.O.)
  15. 1, 2, 3, Red Light
  16. Saturday Night
  17. My Baby Loves Lovin'  -  Einstein's Sister
  18. Little Bit o' Soul  - Walter Clevenger
  19. Get Down  - Marykate O'Neil
  20. May I Take a Giant Step (Into Your Heart)  - Jim Laspesa
  21. Down by the Lazy River
  22. Beautiful Sunday
  23. Superman
  24. Wig-Wam Bam  -  Tammy and the Lords of Misrule
  25. Melody Hill

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Anderson   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Douglas   Percussion,Vocals
Jill Sobule   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Robert Bonfiglio   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Piano,Strings,Drums,Electric Guitar,Maracas,Tambourine,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping,Timpani,Slide Guitar
Tim Boykin   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Michael Carpenter   Vocals,Background Vocals
Tommy Dunbar   Guitar,Trumpet,Vocals
Kent Militzer   Guitar,Vocals
Michael Quercio   Vocals
Wyman Reese   Organ
Marty "Rudie" Reyhons   Drums
Kyle Vincent   Alto Saxophone
Carnie Wilson   Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Chan   Bass,Vocals
Bryan Price   Acoustic Guitar,Bass
Jesse-Diego Suttle   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Pat McGrath   Guitar
Ken Sharp   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Hand Clapping
Michael Simmons   Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Peter Straus   Bass
Mandy   Vocals
Walter Clevenger   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Dorn   Vocals
Rob Cimmarusti   Background Vocals
Nick D'Virgilio   Drums
Paul "Wally" Presson   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
David "Hot Rod" Shuman   Bass
Jacques Wait   Bass
Ira Elliot   Percussion,Drums
Tommy Borscheid   12-string Guitar
Derrick Anderson   Bass,Keyboards,Vocals,12-string Bass Guitar
Jon Rubin   Trombone,Vocals
Terri Sharp   Hand Clapping
Matthew Caws   Guitar,Vocals
Michel Fernandez   Drums
Jeremy Morris   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Laspesa   Background Vocals,Multi Instruments
John Borack   Percussion,Drums
Rob Tucker   Keyboards
Jamie Knight   Bass,Vocals
Christoffer Lundquist   Saxophone
Robbie Rist   Guitar,Vocals
Diablo   Guitar,Vocals
Derek Ritchie   Drums
Cliff Hillis   Synthesizer,Guitar,Vocals,Wurlitzer,Toy Piano
Dave Anthony   Drums
Steve Bancroft   Guitar
Andrew Brock   Bass
Henry Clift   Bass
Dominique English   Background Vocals
Marcos Anderson   Percussion,Drums
Kerry Tucker   Guitar,Hammond Organ,Background Vocals
Elis   Tambourine,Vocals
Marykate O'Neil   Vocals
Cody Jarrett   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie James   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals
Bob Anderson   Guitar,Vocals
Magnus Borjesson   Bass,Piano,Vocals
Don Mogill   Guitar,Vocals
Ken West   Guitar,Vocals
Dave Brow   Vocals
Kerry Chicoine   Bass,Vocals
Dan Boardman   Piano,Drums,Vocals
Kayla Borack   Vocals
Tammy Ferranti   Guitar,Vocals
Ola Främby   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Lansdown   Bass
Martin Lemaire   Percussion
Jeff Orange   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Nero Orange   Guitar,Vocals
Pea Orange   Drums,Vocals
Robin Orange   Bass,Vocals
Mattias Pedersen   Drums,Vocals
Nando Pettinato   Drums
Kit Potamkin   Keyboards
Dan Sarka   Guitar,Vocals
Screenz   Drums
Sabrina Spinali   Flute
Joel Valder   Drums
Steven Volk   Guitar
Pete Weidmann   Bass
Susan West   Guitar,Vocals
Beth Lennon   Background Vocals
Patrick "Bloodbath" McGrath   Vocals
Olof Wallberg   Vocals

Technical Credits

Tommy Roe   Composer
David Mann   Engineer
Jill Sobule   Producer
Roger Cook   Composer
Freddy Weller   Composer
Phil Coulter   Composer
Andy Kim   Composer
Robert Bonfiglio   Producer,Engineer
Ritchie Adams   Composer
David Balfe   Composer
Jeff Barry   Composer
Tim Boykin   Producer
Russell Brown   Composer
Billy Carl   Composer
Michael Carpenter   Producer,Engineer
Nicky Chinn   Composer
Ritchie Cordell   Composer
Mitch Easter   Contributor
Bob Feldman   Composer
Berry Gordy   Composer
Peter Green   Composer
Roger Greenaway   Composer
Jerry Kasenetz   Composer
Jeff Katz   Composer
Irwin Levine   Composer
Joey Levine   Composer
Billy Meshel   Composer
Alphonso Mizell   Composer
Gilbert O'Sullivan   Composer
Alan Osmond   Composer
Freddie Perren   Composer
Deke Richards   Composer
Jeff Thomas   Introduction
Chris Von Sneidern   Producer
Chris Welch   Composer
Reid Whitelaw   Composer
Gary Zekley   Composer
Doug Powell   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Michael Simmons   Producer,Engineer,Inspiration
Marc Bellack   Composer
Wonderboy   Producer
Carter-Lewis   Composer
Walter Clevenger   Producer
Mike Chapman   Composer
Dave Schultz   Mastering
Andersons   Producer
Chris Dorn   Producer
Steve Refling   Engineer
Mark Barkan   Composer
Rob Cimmarusti   Producer,Engineer
Tony Macaulay   Composer
Jacques Wait   Engineer
William Martin   Composer
Geoff Stevens   Composer
Raymond Bloodworth   Composer
Mitchell Bottler   Composer
Elliot Chiprut   Composer
Jim Laspesa   Producer
John Borack   Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Introduction
Dave Nachodsky   Mastering
Christoffer Lundquist   Producer,Engineer
Einstein's Sister   Producer
Gerald Goldstein   Composer
Oranges   Producer
Cliff Hillis   Producer
Randy Deurr   Engineer
Jim Bacchi   Producer
Cody Jarrett   Producer
Bob Anderson   Engineer
Dan O. Farris   Engineer
Dave Brow   Producer
John Chominsky   Engineer
Mike "Palm Tree" Johnson   Engineer
Roy Lansdown   Programming,Producer
Beagle Lundquist   Producer
Bruce Wilkin   Producer
Arthur Resnick   Composer
Jeremy James   Producer
Barry Mason   Composer
Linus of Hollywood   Producer,Engineer

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